Garo: Vanishing Line

finally in El Dorado

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Sword seems in a pretty good mood given what happened last week. Also apparently yesterday was Gina's birthday according to the official twitter. It also said the pace will pick up starting this episode and to look forward to Gina's "activities".

I just hope she makes it to the finale alive

which fucking thread are we using

Well I guess this one was made first. Also episode is out. Though it's only 480p, so wait a bit.

It's weird that the opening focuses fairly heavily on Zarubike when he's dead for the moment.

I doubt they'll be changing the opening anytime soon tho.

An outsourced opening like that I don't think comes cheap, especially since Science SARU's the one making them.

Lotta quality this episode.

>gina left
Dammit. Everyone just got together too. Also next weeks episode title seems a bit foreboding.

More Engrish.

Totally not Sword "dead" sister
Just need to know what actually happened to her

He's dead


She is the person who sent the mail to the guy signed as Sword, and now it seems she is inside Sophie smarthphone

I can't believe that he actually survived.
That it was the person that send the message was pretty clear.
But what is it

>That homo bait scene between Sword and Luke

I would guess she is or was Sword's sister

My first thought was watchdog.
But then came the red eyes

more Mei-fang never

I hope Martin's actually a good guy who's only a programmer to destroy El Dorado's work and he was helping that guy. I wonder if the girl is working with Martin and is like Zaruba? And I want to know why the King wants Sophie so much.

>implying Martin isn't King
I do wonder whether Gina manage to get another Zaruba ring made in the Land of Guidance

I'm worried about the next ep being titled 'Farewell.' I was surprised to see how it's only 18/24 eps. Im ready for these last 6 eps.

Well, Im in-between now of Martin being the king since this ep. But maybe he's just fucking with everyone and fooling them into thinking he's helping when really is tricking Sophie into helping him complete El Dorado happy app.

>Watchdog Center called out by name
>Alfonso's VA got to voice a dude that helped out the protags
>that El Dorado social network will probably be used to form the final boss Horror
The El Dorado arc will be fucking awesome.

If this is Lizzie I have to wonder if she pulled some crazy shit like Leons mom before her death.

They've been framing Martin to be King for so long that I'm almost 100% sure he actually isn't.

Metal as fuck.

Long hair was superior

I wish they updated the insert picture of him

Are you gay or something? He is a fucking sex machine now.

I really like him in his cowboy clothes than the street wear

With how hyper competent priests and priestesses are in the anime continuity, Luke would be pretty busted if he were to gain an armor.

what emotion is Swordo's expression trying to convey?

>no mass horror executions when the whole city is probably mostly made of horrors and their stench is probably easily detectable by sword and luke

I know they have been made to be pretty much invincible until now, but realistically it makes no sense to make every horror in the city go after them.

Cute butt.

the displeasure of being cummed inside

They should probably not fight the entire city at once.
Especially with Sophie right next to them

That'd be a big waste of time and energy.


>anime is starting to pick up again
>threads are still dead
Pretty disappointing desu. I know this means no shitposting but Garo deserves more attention.

To be fair this was a pretty slow episode compared to last week's on stop action. On top of that Gina left.

White lady of Perion

I liked it, it was cute

Why is Martin so cute?

>Brother isn't the King


Stupid sexy Dante.

I'm dead

We still don't know that for sure.


Swordo is a national treasure.

I'm gonna put a tinfoil hat for a moment and make a guess that King as a horror doesn't exist. El Dorado was created by a group of humans who thought humanity would be better off this way, and have fabricated King and created a system in which horrors do their bidding because of fear/being able to eat freely. Either there is no King, or he is the system/network itself, or maybe they actually manufactured him to make their illusion more real. Maybe some of the horrors see through this but don't even care as they get to do what they want. I feel like Bishop would have been completely fine with it, and Knight wouldn't care as long as he gets to fight. It would make sense for Sophie to be important for them this way without Martin being the King. Usually shows don't put off revealing the main villain in any way this far into the show. I think the whole "true value of El Dorado" that was talked about in the horror episode would make sense. The true value is humans who have accepted horrors without turning into them and are giving them the world. I probably completely wrong.

What about Queen and her devotion toward King? She also clearly spoke about him in a personal way.

She's fooled? I don't know I'm just guessing. At this point we know for sure that Martin is very important and so is Sophie, so much so that top horrors are going after her. Which leaves us with a few possibilities:
-He is a human vital to King's plan, helping horrors under the condition of his and Sophie's safety
- He is King himself
-The whole thing from my previous post
-Sophie is special for some reason other than her connection to Martin, this would be stupid

I've always followed the assumption King could be tied to Mendoza either directly or indirectly, though I'll likely get proven wrong unless it's shown that Kings ties to the anime's continuity run deep.

>last 6 eps.
Time passes by so fast. I've really grown to like Sword and the cast.


Sword is literally /ourguy/.

Why is MAPPA spending its budget and stretching out its boring original shows to 24 episodes like this and SnB Virgin Soul?

Because it's not their money. They're contracted by the companies that own these properties.

Vanishing Line is probably one of the better anime airing right now faggot. And fuck you for comparing this to the utter shitshow that was Virgin Soul. But to answer your question, MAPPA wasn't really spending their own money for this and VS. Garo is already massive and profitable franchise in Japan while VS and Genesis got it's money from Cygames.

Sophie ruins the show much like Nina did to SnB. My opinion is objective fact - no it actually transcends fact.

>comparing Sophie to Nina
Objectively wrong. Don't you dare speak in my presence again.

Free speech, bitch


why are you such a fucking faggot

Sophie's not getting people killed because she has a crush on one of the antagonists.

Will Sword pay respects?



Any anons here who have stiches of Gina ? can't find any

This honestly is no where near as good as the first Garo,I never saw Crimson Moon so was expecting alot from this and was disappointed.

>can get women
>genuinely kind
Y-yeah, totally