In the next movie, will Madoka regain her powers and punish Homura?

In the next movie, will Madoka regain her powers and punish Homura?

>next movie

Aren't they making a slice of life Madoka series soon?

What are you talking about.
Just wait for them to announce a movie

no, Mami will get the power and the last third of the movie will be softcore porn of her spanking the other four main cast girls. this will be the end of the franchise.

Mami-san is going to kill Homura and save Madoka.

I sincerely hope so.

The movie is cancelled. Forest Village is now in charge of the official post-Rebellion canon.

I need to know the name of her hairstyle and whether this is doable IRL.

Madoka and Homura are both immortal, nobody can stop the AI YO

>Forest Village
>no CITRON and Maitake
For what purpose

The only option is to literally accept the AI YO

And my dick.

The only reason i keep living is to see the ending to this series, please hurry up already.

Is this what they call sticking a finger up there these days?

How would that be a punish?


Madoka just has to use many fingers, and Homura will start to feel it.

Madoka needs to use someone else's fingers. Or maybe even a boy's dick. Homura would hate that.

That's true, but Madoka will eventuall have to learn to punish Homura herself.

Yes, she will be punished to serve as Madoka's wife for eternity.

>Not Mami fucking the loli instead of bothering with the old hags

Fake and gay

No, the next Madoka will be wacky hijinks with the MagiRecos.

Madoka will just grow a huge futa cock and ass-rape Homura.

Mami is not a pedo!

Homura had enough suffering, no bully
Sayaka had enough being a baka
Madoka cried enough
Mami had enough head and boob jokes
Kyoko can take it you can bully her

This, it's like calling your mom a pedo for breastfeeding you. It doesn't work like that.
Mami is a responsible mother (15 year old)

they'll get high off of candles and timetravel 600 years into the past in their sleep

I want to be breastfed by Mami and pretend to be hers.

Homura has a new waifu though. A better one.

>the next movie

I'm laughing my ass off.

I'd dig Madoka getting to hang with La Pucelle.

I'm glad Homura got over Madoka, but Kuro is still inferior to Madoka.

Yes, she sure is going to choke Homura with her sweet tongue and soft hands.

>Forest Village is now in charge of the official post-Rebellion canon.
I wish waifufags didn't exist so studios weren't held back on yuri

I wish yurifags didn't exist so studios didn't feel the need to pander to them.

It's not pandering
It's natural course of anime girls life
Waifufags are fighting against the nature but they have pull so studios can't ignore them
Waifufags are religion of anime

Four years ago?

Yurifags can't have nice things, sorry. Enjoy never being represented in a big anime without being laughing stock.

Sayaka is already Madoka's angel wife, and Madoka doesn't believe in polygamy.

No joke but deep down Homura probably wants to be punished by Madoka. She did demonize herself.

Don't forget the part where she drowns Homura in her love juices.

>It's natural course of anime girls life
>yurifags honestly believe this

How do we stop her?

Find a girl even sadder than she is who can latch onto her the way she latched onto Madoka.

If Aniplex wants it Shaft cuckles will make it.

Am I the only one that thinks Madoka should've just stayed a one-hit wonder with the anime? Everything else after it has been pretty blatant Yuri-pandering and as much as I do enjoy the series despite it, it's hard to look away from the forced Yuri-shit. Don't get me wrong, I like Madoka but it feels like it lost its sense of identity a long time ago. Maybe it's just me. I hope there won't be another movie, and if there is, it's a permanent wrap up to the canon. It just hurts to see it suck-up and pander to Yuri-lovers for ratings, but I guess that's just all SHAFT does now is pander.

Magical Girl Batman?

>next movie

>In the next movie,
I wish

I think you're overblowing the impact of the "yuri-pandering". Just because Homura's confirmed gay doesn't mean the series became yuri pandering.
I think Rebellion adds things to the series, but nearly everything outside of the anime/movies is shit.

Give her what she wants.

All of them will figure out what Homura did and join forces to give that horrible devil the brutal beatdown she deserved.

I wasn't talking about Homura since I always considered her to be the one yuri element but I agree with you. I like what Rebellion contributed aside from Kyoko x Sayaka, but everything else is pretty pandering and shit, along with Kyoko x Sayaka. That's just my opinion.

>punish Homura?
For what? Homura hasn't done anything wrong.


She's gay.

Next movie is about Madoka falling in love with a self insert boy and killing Homura, then marrying the boy. Sayaka also marries Kyousuke and Kyouko dies.

This is the objective best end.

>self insert
Stopped reading there. Absoluty disgusting.

I didn't interpret that scene as yuri, but I see your concern.

Madoka is revealed to be a brocon and /ss/ her brother.

>All of them will figure out what Homura did
Oh wow, can't wait for them to notice that Homura did nothing wrong.

>homura has suffered more than everyone else
>user wants her to suffer more still

You guys are faggots

How much bullying can Homura swallow

We will have vengeance, we will have salvation

Homura barely suffers compared to all the shit she fucks up, besides she brings it on herself. Go ahead and try to "help" her get over Madoka and you will probably get shot.

Sayaka is more bitch than baka, and she has a whole lot of bitchmode material after rebellion

Madoka cries before she knows anything, but when she's god she didn't shed a tear, not even when sending Homura back.

That's not punishment. Making her drink Madoka's piss and then be forced to lick her clean, however, is.

>released concept trailer not too long ago

that's not how shadows work user-kun

Why is Yuri pandering so popular again? It's like a hotdog without the fucking dog.

Two buns are cuter than a hotdog.

Because you touch yourself at night.

More like Madoka will make Homura realize she isn't living her life correctly, and will "save" her.

I miss the shitposter that posted Madoka with dick fucking Homu.

>food analogy
Girls sound, look, smell and are more appealing in general than boys. I sure wonder why people like seeing two of them hug and say nice things to each other.

>t. Touma




>Touma confronts Homura and gives a dramatic speech
>Touma yelling at her shatters Homura's confidence
>imagine breaker causes Homura's curse to be lifted and also cures her gay fling for Madoka, thus becomes part of Kamijou's harem

This is the end we need, but not the one we deserve.

It would make up for Rebellion, I must read that doujin as well

Wish it was fully translated though, but I might as well just learn japanese at this point

have a piece of art I made for you

There isn't any translations even on sadpanda? Lame, probably not even interest because doujins of gacha shit takes precedence.


Tried looking for it, but couldn't find any. Best you can get is the translations on Danbooru but there's barely any near the end

Only decent resolution to the series.

Madoka-chan kawaii

>no balls

That would be gay, and we all know, Homura is as straight as her haircut.

Finally something to jack off to in this thread.

curls? or drills maybe

Vessel of despair Kyubey will be the final boss who kills Homura. If you throw that much negative energy into the guy trying to save the universe, it's not going to be long before he wants to end it.

>wanting to punish a mentally jaded meguca
Fuck no. At this point, Homu truly deserves love and happiness.
Too bad she's busy drawing Idolshit stuff.

>tfw Rebellion sequel never

>At this point, Homu truly deserves love and happiness.
what she really needs is lots of therapy.


>Homura and Madoka get together, reconcile, and through the power of love reset the universe for the last time

>No gods

>No magic

>No incubators, mahou shoujo, wraiths, or witches

>Entropy is pushed back so far into infinity that it shouldn't matter to humanity

>All the girls are together and living normal lives in the present day present time

That's how it needs to end.

It's futanari.

>no witches
>wanting a bad end like this