ITT: EDs you never skip

ITT: EDs you never skip

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The one from Kuzu no Honkai.
Heikousen, I believe

>skipping op/eds

>not skipping op/eds
ruins the marathon flow

>not watching them once and skipping them afterwards if you don't like them

reason from hxh. the ending from the greed island arc

FALILV is life

And here's a few of OPs because I didn't realise you said EDs at first.

You should skip most of them after one or two listens unless they're really good. Why listen to it again and again unless you really enjoy it?

>the ending from the greed island arc

The way they flow the ending from the end of the episode to the credits is the best part of that arc. I've never seen another show do that. It's really cool


Didn't mean to post this twice. Meant to post the Concrete Revolutio ED.

Junji Ito Collection's is a recent one for me.

Man I wish more of Claymore got adapted

I'd forgotten how fucking good this opening was.

I can listen forever.

+Real Folk Blues
+Shiki no Uta

Darling in the Franxx

I like it too user

I was about to post this.

Is this anime any good? I only ever see people talk about the ED.

It's above average.

I doubt anyone else has skipped these either


I skip everything but Pop Team Epic OP and Tatami Galaxy ED.

>Tatami Galaxy ED
Hell yeah
I was legit pissed when they switched it.
Gintama kills it with it's endings


Gurren Lagann was top tier with its ED's

Owari no Seraph
Death Parade


I watched Gungrave for the first time last summer. I never thought I was going to like it so much.

Kagerou by Buck Tick.

Not even close to best HxH ED

why hasn't this been posted

>not ED2

is this a jap kate bush?


>EDs I always skip

pleb-tier list:

>skip OP/ED
>watching on daylight