Toji no Miko

>those bedroom eyes
What the hell does Mai put in the cookies?

Her semen.

boredom from being a boring character in the most boring show this season

Is this a good show if you like lolis?

>another girl has been infected with the yuri flu
This pandemic is getting a little bit out of control.

But this isn't Slow Start


Murderous lolis.

>two cour show
>seven episodes in and so far every episode has raised new questions and brought main plot developments

Lads, this show is good.

From emotionless autist to raging turbodyke in one episode. Mai doesn't understand the power she holds.

>Eternally flat Hiyori
This is my wish. Please let it be true.

>ran away from home
>stab people for fun
I want to know her past.

She was abused by her mother.


So the pairing are
>Kanamin x Hiyoyon
>Ellen x Kaoru
>Nene x tits
>Maki x Suzuka
>Yukari x Yomi


There's Maki x Suzuka, as well.

Die to death

Fuck I'm blind.

>Yume also isn't a "perfect" product
WHY ;_;

What a dynamite body.

How can they get away with this being written so well?

She was w/ the Ayanokouji principal in the brief flashback, right? I wonder what their deal is.


What's going to happen to this cake?

And Mai is cute, too.

Is Yume even in the loop about any of this? I get the impression Yukari just took her along for her fighting power and occasionally throws her scraps of attention to keep her quiet, but doesn't seem to have taken her into her inner circle like the older three.

I could actually see her being horrified when she finds out and that being what triggers her to change sides or at least pull a Chris and go neutral.

>How can they get away with this being written so well?

Yukari-sama will break her asshole.




Now every time Yumefags get uppity we can remind them that their girl could drop dead at any moment.

yomi needs more screentime


Water is wet.

Yomi needs a hug from Yukari-sama.

Yomi needs to git gud.

Why is Kaoru bullying her comrade-in-arms?

When will Ellen get her breasts cut off?

>gets more screentime
>only to suffer more
She needs to take a backseat until someone who will treat her right shows up.


Hiyoyo started it.

Suzuka too.



Soon, but only in her utushi form.

D-did tulpa-chan just call Kanami a boy?


Sexycute Mihono-sama will save Yume and Yomi, just you wait.

>Sexycute Mihono
Nice OC you've got there. You should avoid using the same name as an existing character.

>Mihono appears in Yukari's flashback

Fuck off, Mihono.

My wife Mai-chan is so cute

You are all just jealous Mihono-sama will be getting ALL the tojis in her harem.

Just comparing, but close enough.



There's not even lolis in this show, you two big retards.
The character designs are anything but for people who like lolis.
Answer is: no.

No boy should be allowed to have such thick thighs.



Kaoru is a loli.

>small 12 years old little girls
>not lolis
It's like Sagiri on Eromanga-sensei all over again. Yes, they are still loli user, no matter if you don't like them.

>that look on her face
There's no way they didn't want that misinterpreted.

Yomi and Yume should try being friends. Their names are similar and they're both going to die before adulthood, so they should hit it off.

But she's one of the oldest of the main cast.

Sayaka, Yume and all tiny, cute and young enough to be loli.

Age isn't what determines what a loli is.

Kaoru is a stunted dwarf.

nene knows what's best


So? They are still tiny and young 12 years old little girls, you are a still lolicon for feeling attracted to them, no matter what.

First off, no, most of them are not 12, and second, they look nothing like a loli, you fucking "I don't even know what lolis are but hey, let's pretend I do because it's funny japanese thing" idiot.

She's a JK in my heart and you can't stop me.

You are fucking retarded.
They look like average teenagers, aside from one or two who are a little smaller, but still faaar from being lolis.
You pretending new faggot.

Why does Yukari-sama have a yuri harem of middle aged women? Fuck it must be miserable to have all of these old expired cake lusting over your dried up pussy.

Can't beat the cookie, man.

>most of them
What the fuck are you going on about? I'm talking about Sayaka and Yume. You should try watching the show, Sayaka is literally 12 years old, that's actually her age.

It's like I said, it's Sagiri all over again, same exact reaction on people calling her a loli, just because it's a loli that doesn't fit your tastes.

She built that harem when they were still young, and now she can't get rid of them.

What sort of power is she hiding?

Personally those two could beat the cookie for me.

>dried up pussy
Her Aradama infested cunny is pretty moist.

Not like anyone else is going to lust over it.


They literally are back stabbing each other to get some wrinkled up musty old pussy. Fuck it must smell like a saw mill in that building.

Your fantasies are silly.

Sagiri has a round face and actualy tiny body.
These girls, even Yume, who is actually shorter than an adult woman (most of them aren't) has a very non-loli face, more mature than your average anime JK, and her body really doesn't give us anything to call her loli by.
It's just not that kind of artstyle. The only girl who is actually petite, and her face looks young as well is Kaoru, who is 15.
So no, this show is not good for anyone who likes lolis, at least he won't find much in that regards.

Sayaka and Yume are lolis.
>Taking LolisRDead's bait
Stop it, Sup Forums.

This shit is turning into another Symphogear but with lesbians.

Fuck off ;_;

This meme is stale.

>be Yomi
>continually get abused by everyone in every episode
When will the suffering end?


When Yukari-sama's plan comes into fruition.

When the game is out and (You) can save her.

When Yukari-sama puts her down.

>who's this beaver?
>my feet hurt
>i hope renpu-kaichou isn't too angry
>i wish i was at mai's house eating her cookies

This is more like a YuYuYu with lesbians in my opinion. We just haven't gotten to the suffering yet.