Buyfag Thread

Fucking soon.

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Now that Ayanami Rei is out.
Fucking when Asuka?! Need!

Its going to be delayed isn't it.

>Falling for the Freeing bunny scam.


where and when

fuck off.

>not liking FREEing bunnies
Someone get this faggot out of here.


Are these official?


Many Shiro figures had awful proportions and that silhouette makes me believe that this one will end up the same

I don't like it. When are they going to release the prize fig already?

Hoping Erina's bunny shows up this weekend.

They can't go wrong with this pose.

I know we were joking around about Berserk figmas at the end of last thread but look what the cat just drug in.

Next wonfes for sure!


In between Popura and China dress Chichi.

it depends on what you actually want. For my taste, the 1st Shiro made by Koto is still the best. Despite it's qc issues

>it depends on what you actually want.

>bunny scam
Aside from identical bodies, what do you mean?

Nice taste.

That Chichi looks like the creepy stalker girl from Dexter's Lab.

I don't think they were quite this tall in the show.

don't give up!

Fuck you

Post bingo

No thanks.

Vote for what?



any chance for a prototype of one of these?

I'm not a bunny man but muh

>but muh
It's the first step to become one.

Not gonna happen user


If you mean this Botan then yes.

Hope best girls release isn't too far off.

Thanks for reminding me, I will insist in the Illya nendo!

I cant think of many accessories they could give her. Honey?

No no no, not again! Not fatefest again!
Please I need some figures other than fate, come on!

Just ignore them.

If she has a proto nendo this early the actual scale announcements will probably happen too.

Or if you make Fate at least make some Rin for fucks sake

Kirei fig when?


TLR, tony taka, Kurehito, and idols still get a shit load.


You're going to get more fateshit and you're going to like it faggot.

How many hours left exactly?

7, stay tuned

I hope so, was kinda disappointed with what KLK ended up getting so if i can get just one solid Oni scale i will be content.

>a super girl with exposed ears
>multicolored nails
>likes BLACK chocolate
>boobs too big


PVC please!

Yeah right, in the last thread at least 7 new fate figures were shown from which like 4 went on preorder today.

I know we hate Discord etc but is there one for Wonfes? It's easier for me to see all the new shit there...


Just browse a coverage blog if you can’t navigate the threads/twitter.

its only the 17th in nipland. almost 4am to be exact. way more than 7hrs since wonfes is on the 18th.


Are there any companties besides GSC that consider recommendations?

Let us pray for ACE.

Around 30 or so.

>two worst girls in DOA

Every year I forget how the twitter thingy works.
Anons, please have mercy.
How do I access it again? I just don't remember the link because I used it last year.

This time for sure, my Ping Pong brother. Fuck even seeing a damn GK would make me happy.

Oooh nevermind friends I just remembered


It's not a Nendo poll. It's a Figma poll.

Yes, i know :^)

Good taste all around

I'm going to post everything here as it goes up on Twitter, and I won't be the only one


I hope Newsashi gets a figure at some point

Daki when

Needs some work but the uniform looks cool.


like clockwork

They literally revived a dead franchise for a couple years before it died again.

why would you need a discord since during WF threads are super fast?.

How does that change anything about what I said?

I don't _need_ it but it's just easier to backtrack etc. I dunno...

>what is the archive?, seriously discord is shit for so much info.

Alright, not too ba-
Well then.

>Yama no Susume
>World Witches
>Flying Witch

A man of taste

We might see Koumajou Reimu. Her announcement was quite a while ago.

Characters besides them won’t get figures because they’re fucking irrelevant. The fact Honoka got one is surprising but Marie has been the face of that franchise for years now.

Chii look absolutely incredible but that Yuu is a bit weird looking and i'm not sure why

Are you asking for recommended manufacturers?

Alter, GSC, and Max Factory are widely considered the top three. There's a large number of others just below them. Too many to name them all, but Amakuni, Orchid Seed, Alphamax, and Native are a few examples.

I'm pretty new to this stuff, where do I keep up with wonderfest and all the stuff being revealed? are there any good sites or twitters to follow for it?
Will we see more of the gabriel dropout nendos this time? please?

I wouldn't mind if they made figures of the characters I wanted.

most shit gets reposted here like 5 times once it goes up on twitter and such..

I hope we get a couple of THICK figures announced

With that length they look more like Belgian comics.

Honestly, the Buyfag threads are pretty good if you keep on top of them. We pull from everything but it's not too organized and the threads go by really fast. We'll go through a half dozen or so threads at least over the course of the show. If you want something more organized Dengeki Hobby ( does a thorough company by company breakdown of everything shown. But it can often take a while to update. If you want to look for stuff yourself try the wonfes tag on twitter or there are some tumblr blogs that are good for news. for example. Also certain manufacturers, most notably GSC will prepare a gallery page with high quality studio shots of everything they have at the show. That will get linked here once it goes up.

is there any other?

The best girl who won the MCbowl

Looks like Aquamarine's couch Nero is painted.


What if I only care about Mika?

Also figure news blog is less useful during Wonfes than it is at other times. But it's still not a bad source.

Two down, many to go (and be crushed by).

>Dat filename and the actual picture
I see what you did there mofo