Would you buy this android?

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Elsio recapitulinyo I hatoo.


was that a fucking recap or I've just downloaded something weird?

Recap, episode 6 is next week
only download it if you want to see the next ep preview.

Is this series any good? The OP is great.

No, is pure garbage, i'm just here watching how bad it will be at the end

will we get to the end? it's sixth week and we've got a recap

I'm listening to recap just to hear the OST in the background.
>flamenco starts playing

No idea, i'm here for the lulz

It's two cour and there's going to be another recap at end of march and most likely have another recap or two next season.

>hey Director, it seems viewers don't know what is this show talking about
>find, type it on screen to tell them what MC is thinking in each scene during recap episode

Did anyone make a webm of this scene yet?

So any addition for this recap?

Just something like

Gonna need a timestamp.

it's basically AMV

I'm not sure. Does her model have a feature allowing her to sexually pleasure men? But even if she does she probably will bully me in the bed.
I would buy Lacia though.

but she's a tool to beat human competition, so you at least wouldn't be cucked human

I still don't understand why exactly she was helping Kengo. Was it all just to try and coerce him into becoming her partner? Did she want the political HiE dead for some reason as well? Why was she so set on Kengo?


Friendly reminder

volume 1 BD box cover

Thought would be Lacia.

best robot

I'll anal log hack them.


Is the recap episode have next ep preview?

bump also not this user but I have the same question

Yes, IT chad is main focus now.

So is Chad fucking his sister or not? I don't why but they give me that vibe. They're not like MC and his sister where it's merely platonic or Glasses and his where it's just one sided.

>So is Chad fucking his sister or not?
I hope he do it.


Little late but here you go.
Also why do you even want webm of this scene?

its not quite that
this episode was purely to rub it in audiences faces that they dont even have the brain capacity to rememeber what happened in five episodes
this shows actually pretty sick if you read the book and know whats up lol

Fuck androids

>you will never be sucked into a robo loli's hungry little snatch

I don't even know what this show is about. why did what's his name join the terrorists?

I got the impression that their androids they get represent their family relations as well.
Lacia is kind and caring, and the MC and his sister have a normal functional relationship.
Kouka is unhinged and chaotic, and the terrorist and his sister seem to have a dysfunctional relationship but it is still there.
The third android that the IT chad gets seems apathetic in the OP and the vibe you got from his sister was that their relationship wasn't even there, but that is obviously subject to change.

watch the recap brainlet it was made for you!

Does that mean she will be my waifu?

Why do all the androids look like characters form neptunia?

He tells you in ep 5 even.
He thinks everyone has become to complacent with the machines and practically given up their free will and believe them to a fault.

it seemed like the red robot girl was bullying him into it though

You see him accessing the anti-body network even before meeting Kouka, so he was an accomplice in all the HIE murders you see in the start.
He also hates that all his fellow terrorists were blindly following Kouka when it was obvious she was a HIE.

That IS the goal is it not?

Better or worse than guilty crown?


>trunks arm has too many muscles
is this what retard strength looks like?

This "kill the machines" terrorist group was kind of weird. It was as if a group of white supremacists had a nigger for boss.

I want to fuck and do terrorist stuff with Kouka!

Maybe she was analogue hacking them so they never really questioned it.

She probably doesn't have the appropriate hole for fucking.

>obvious she was HLE
Who questions a cute girl when hopped up on adrenaline and combat drugs?

Then make one.