NGE concepts were mostly stolen from 1970s mecha. Discuss

NGE concepts were mostly stolen from 1970s mecha. Discuss.

it's a tribute

Water is wet. Discuss

You use "they both have cockpits" to illustrate this?

Trolls are getting desperate.

How is that a concept? You meant to imply visually inspired? Because even then they are not that close. There's not many angles you can do from the cockpit.

Now you'll follow up with one of those pics showing all the works that influenced it. But you see when you take inspiration from multiple sources and achieve a different result it's not plagiarism.

The way I see it OP has provided the pit, and he is looking for cocks.

It's not stealing if it Improved on it

as in vaginas?

And now stolen by DarliFra and in the future stolen by some other mecha.


Darling in the Franxx is a discount Godannar.

Gundam stole lightsabers from Star Wars. Hacks.

Everything takes inspiration from past works. Eva just collects them all and assembles nicely

Darling in the Franxx ripoff?

>NGE stole the concepts of "cockpit", "seat" and "handles"
HOLY SHIT how couldn't I see this?
I hate NGE now!!!!

Early mecha stole its concepts from early 1900s aircraft designs.

>tfw early mecha stole its concepts from the Mayans

Mayans stole it from aliens.

aliens stole it from future japanese mecha

Why is plagiarism so rampant in mecha?

It's called good creators remake bad stories.