Tanaka the Wizard

Chapter 10 is out.


















I can't tell if she's afraid, disgusted, aroused, or just broken.

"Let's take it slow in the hot water in the meantime." Is it useless? "

" No! Good, I will be rude next to you! Bath! "

 Punctured with the shabby and hot water, opposite to the magical aristocrat Lolivitch who sits at a distance where each other's shoulder comes in contact when coming to the side immediately. I touched it. I touch it perfectly to your arms as well as your shoulder. Kelvin feels the loli temperature directly on the skin.

 I get soaked around the back spine.

 Then, after a few moments that followed this, voice came from another place.

"Wow, I also excuse myself"

 behind me, my foot came down from the edge of the bath leaning back. My thighs came down. I understand. It is understood at first glance. Teacher's editor's thigh history, chirality and time overlap Because it is a mania of over a dozen hours in total.

 The signs of thighs who moved the distance enough to touch the cheeks were good.

 The teacher understands how to use the right thigh. It's gone.

"Tsu ......"

Is that Fahren next to him too?

all, at the same time!

I can't understand shit with that broken english.

Yes, not pictured is the big breasted married teacher Nanuzi, who Tanaka just saved from execution.

I can barely decipher whats going on, but Translations are slow as fuck so this is the best one can get aside from learning Japanese.

Who's the black eye chick?
The Alchimist from Tanaka's house?

The elf is the Alchemist, the other one is the loli dragon

And the one in the bath with Tanaka is that one loli in the school who had a treeshome with the knight and the magician?

yes, thats Ester the Lolibitch

Is she with Tanaka now or something? Did she drop her knight/got drop by him?
With how we know her in the manga I have no idea how they could have ended in the same bath without Tanaka being attacked.

Chapter 11 is out.

When they went to hunt dragons, She caught Allen with Sophie, apparently this wasnt the first time they were fucking behind her back, Tanaka was trying to put them back together, but then they got attacked by dragons and Tanaka saved her a bunch of times, also Ester got a full view of Flaccid Tanaka who apparently is packing a horsecock.

After saving her for a 4th time, she fell in love with him and dumped Allen, she made Allen take her to Tanakas house so she could confess to him.

Tanaka doesnt want her and is trying to put them both together.

Holy shit that was fast

Well shit.

All of the above, really. She's drawn to power, but it terrifies her. She hasn't yet discovered her fetish, though.

So basically Tanaka has now 3 loli who want his cock?
Lucky bastard.
What happened to the female Knight and Sophia-chan?


Mercedes is still around doing her thing, thanks to Tanaka shes gotten a shit ton of promotions, so she might be sexually harrasing some female subordinates. Sophia is doing her thing as head of the Mage knights, she also indulges in orgies from time to time.

Oh I was speaking of the sophia maid from chapter 10 heh. Also I just read chapter 11, I like her personality.

 I want to gniggini the loli tongue by thrusting the index finger and thumb in the half opening mouth.

 An appreciation of the teacher 's expression that the tongue is gniguni and dislikes while being angry.

"I, I'd like to feel more comfortable with your cock!"

"Mr. Esther, how do you feel about this place right now on

 a trekking street " Meanwhile the neighboring Lori Vitz is also completely emotional.

 It seems that just losing priority has priority.

 I would like to learn the sense of teacher's natural erotics.

 However, to say so, the hot water that you soak with them is comfortable. Very comfortable. Furthermore, from the middle range fans of magical nobles fans sexy appeal flies. I wonder what Harlem is saying like this.

 As I thought, motivation grew fiercely.

 I am still deceiving now.

 As I thought about the suit, the magical nobleman muttered suddenly.

"By the way, I'd like to visit you one at a time, what happened to that dragon?"

 I suppose I missed the fashionable osan as well. As long as this is appealed from opposite sex and even closer to himself, blond hair Lolies and itchy fellows like me will become together, after all it will be somewhat obedient.



"Well ... I have not heard from you for about a couple of days after I left the capital to look for you." "Looking for me , are you?"

"As I told you, It was variously troublesome, including "

" ... ... what "

 guess, it was totally different.

 Loli Dragon, were you on your way?

Wait a minute, didn't Sophie just fall for Tanaka in the latest WN?

Well, Christina just killed the Big breasted Milf teacher.....

And people ask why Tanaka doesnt want to follow up a relationship with her.

>reading Tanaka manga.
>excited for Tanaka threads.
You did this to me Sup Forums

It's because Tanaka himself is much better than Rudeus, Naofumi, and Satou.

>Be a Proud Ancient Dragon
>Plan out a flight of dragons for a couple of decades
>finally have enough bretheren to burn down the continent.
>get ganked by a human
>The human is the most powerful creature youve ever met, even more so than any other dragon
>He beat you down but he didnt claim you as his
>follow him around trying to get a revenge fight so he can submit to you
>meet his other human friends, they dont know wher he is
>Find out he went to war
>find out he was killed
>Get revenge
>find out he as alive so revenge was useless.
>Try to be with him to know him better
>he leaves you with some weirdo human
>Finally meet him again
>He is building a town with magic
>Show him up using your better magic
>finally feeling happy cause he is looking up to you
>come back after a hard day of work to take a nice bath in the town you helped make
>get slapped by some random human bitch
>slap back, but because humans are fragile she explodes into chunks of meat.
>Get depressed cause the human said he would not talk to you anymore if you were too violent
>Be sad that he might resent you.

Smile status: Not Protected

Who cares about dragonloli anyway tanaka won't fuck her.

Jesus Christ, can she get any more best girl?

she has absurdly high mileage and requires no gas

And Tanaka throw her off to other guy

Tanaka is too alpha for sex

How many chapters until the 3p scene?

Well, Tanaka seems like a bro, but kind of dumb. Doesn't make her any less best girl.

oh it gets even better the following is what happens in I found it in a slum area in the North District.

What is it, absolutely, this Lovely Dragon.  Calling "Mr. Christina"

name, its shoulder trembled with Bikri. And, in a state of terrible scenes, I raised my face and turned my eyes to here.
The expression was not a mistake of looking and it seemed to be depressed. It was an unusual look that was mixed with fear and sorrow.

It is not the first time.
For Koitsu, was there anything that was important so far?

"Would you run out of me! What? Or have you come here to kill me! What?
" Mr. Christina"

"It will be nice! You, your dust is as good as our power, so that you will never be able to recover this place again, completely destroy us! Sell a quarrel to the old dragon, you should regret it in the other world! "

It rises to a hurry and it shows off terribly.
It is a dangerous sign.

"I am not selling it separately, since that's not for sale at the moment"
"If ... ... then, what is it! "
"I came to pick you up, there are still many other jobs, so do not rotten in such a place, will you do the city planning with me? As mayor" Mayor

... " , Right? "

Well, I do not like it, I think that such a topic was raised in the bathroom."

 If you think of its success, it is a choice that is by no means illegal.

 A human being is a growing creature with a role or title. I think that it is the same even if it is surely a dragon. I believe her behavior that she showed to Mr. Nanuzzi is never a coincidence or a whim. maybe.

"... ............"

"What's wrong?" I

 was stared at by the Rory Dragon.

 For the convenience of height difference, he is a guy who is a good follower.

 A golden eyes shining violently in the black black world.


"... ... you, with meNumberMatingDo you want to become? "  Rori Dragon despises me confidently than

I hate when they take out exclusive illustrations and you can never see them. At least this reaffirms that mda starou has a lot of shit hidden out there

He is the best i love what he think of when he found out there is slaves in this world

English isn't my first language so it actually hurt me to read this.
Could you make a quick tl;dr?

Is it true that Tanaka gets raped by the harem in the future and he cries about it because he didn't want to risk getting AIDS and that he doesn't remember?

Explain to me how tanaka is not a beta loser or a cuck.

The same way you're not a beta loser or a cuck when you see your pretty classmates at school getting groped by the football team's jocks.

Don't worry, English is my first language, and was my best subject in school. That mess was painful for even me to read.

>he didn't want to risk getting AID
But he has the best heal in the world, he can probably cure STDs in one sec?

Its kinda of a recurring theme with the girls.

Who here doesn't want Ester to get with Tanaka? I don't.

Was wondering if OP was gonna dump chapter 11 but I might aswell answer your question.

Thanks user.