Made in Abyss

"When the fuck will Chapter 45 come out?" Edition

Why are MiAfags such underage crossboarders, the manga is nice, why do you have to ruin it?

what you mean? 4 days.

rate my dinner

Fuck off

Once the Splatoon servers are down.



I love this picture.

What seems underage about the general MiA fan to you? Who's ruining anything?
Well im sure its against a rule or something somewhere but considering MiA threads happen almost everyday and reach bump limit almost every single thread its kind of hard not to have 'editions' or re-occurring discussions etc.
I dont like celery, or ketchup so irredeemable/10.

you know you can find recipes online that show you how to make more cohesive meals

>Replying to 3 people at once.
>Facebook memes.
>Defending "Edition"
>Not knowing the problem with it.

And that are only 2 posts, I have not been in a one of those cesspool generals, so I would find dozens more reasons.

Sup Forums has been mainstream for a long long time now if you haven't noticed

Whats wrong with liking talking to people user? Ive been doing it my whole life and its been kind of fun. I wouldnt know anything about facebook memes, I dont have one so I cant really defend that. Sorry, I like the image. Its not really an edition though is it? I think its pretty clear OP is just having fun.

Im sorry youre not having fun user, maybe these threads just arent for you. But im sure youll find something you enjoy.
I dont think that affects nearly enough of Sup Forums for it to be a noticeable problem. Unless you only hang out on the bigger boards.

woah what the fuck i thought i was on Sup Forums but i was actually on /vg/?

You have to be female, there is no way somebody with a working brain would type like this.

it looks raw, HEAT IT UP

Ok. But my sex aside, I do hope you find something you like here user. I really do have a good time with it, and see no reason why you should be upset.

Shut the fuck up or I will dedicate my next 6 months of NEETdom to shitpost in your disgusting generals.

I really wouldnt mind that at all, despite your insults and general negative disposition I like having you around user. The more the merrier!

>people shitposting to incite more shitposting
Into the Abyss with ye