post your best oppai anime
to me it's eiken


God, Kirika is a goddess. I wanna nut in her huge titties.

>thic thighs
oh my god
i'm gonna cummmmm

I bet the girls could kill with these. Man Eiken was bad

It was bad. It was so fucking bad. But I'd love to see a new season of it. Give it to Xebec. Kirika was ahead of her time.

Eiken was way too ahead of it's time, that's why everyone reviled it except the few who knew better, with their dicks.

Even my dick can't say yes to those bodies

Garnet's another of my fapfus. I'm glad she still gets a few pieces a year. Anime breasts have been getting bigger and bigger over times, Eiken would do much better nowadays.


Yeah, something like Lucoa would have been outrageous and not even 10 years ago, furthered because it's from the anime company who was making Sad Girls in the Snow. Now I think people just kind of accept it, mainstream.

Eiken would have a chance, now. A new season will have to live on in my dreams instead.

eiken remake tv anime when?

The goddess deserves it! She was ahead of her time and trapped in a sinking ship.

Just some small design tweaks to make her more 2010s would be all that's needed. She's already super thicc.

Dragonaut was another show with wasted designs, ahead of its time.

Kirika and Garnet, two purple haired tit goddesses. Just the best.

How was this not the first reply?

Kirika was the only redeeming element of the anime

Chiharu was pretty stacked too.

>Dragonaut was another show with wasted designs, ahead of its time.
I liked the designs but the story was, well, fucking shit.


dont forget this

Lucoa is great.

she is my goddess

I've just watched Eiken, and it's actually kind of shit. It's very bland.
Mind you, the first time I've heard of it was back in 2004, when I was browsing some website called "Yuka Takeuchi fan". It also had some Eiken screenshots.

She is.

>it's actually kind of shit
Everyone knows it's shit, the titties were the only thing that stuck out. And Kirika, easily the most popular character.

Eiken is the worst oppai anime by virtue of actually being depressingly boring. The tits are a good lure, but the actual show is so garbage it even prevents you from enjoying the tits.

Just stick to the gifs of it.

They're good gifs.

Still waiting for our yearly batch of chapters.
The wait is suffering.

so is it actually any interesting oppai
anime out there?


Qwaser is fascinating because it tries ever so hard to actually not be an anime about sucking titties.
It pushes so hard for your basic shonenshit plot about people with specialized powers.

Yeah but she also has the most agonizing boobs in existence. For some reason rather than set the whole "boobs are sensitive in the sexual sense" concept that would be found in most hentai/ecchi, this one makes it clear that she's actually in pain every time they're grabbed. She's also alone in this as Kirika and the pink haired girl had invincible, aggressive boobs that caused pain to others.

This would have been hotter if they didn't go with the fish reproduction joke with mermaids. Of the few doujins that exist like two are dedicated to tit jobs and then taking the semen and rubbing it on eggs.

Doesn't this interest you?

I never followed the manga, but last I recall, some anons were saying that it devolved into politics or some shit? Anyone know if that's still the case?

God, Manyuu was such wasted potential. The OVAs are godly, but the show itself was so mediocre. Is it really that hard to license an anime/manga about oppai/lactation, but with a SoL twist instead of this shounen-esque bullshit inspired by LNs? Cool Kyou does something similar to this in Chichichi, but with paizuri as the main focus (and really not enough emphasis on why people read the fucking thing in the first place). Is something like what I'm describing, basically 90% lactating oppai and 10% SoL, considered pornography by Japan or what? SnQ and Manyuu are the closest things this demographic has gotten to what I'm describing.

Isn't it just discount FMA without the tiddies anyway? Something about being able to manipulate a single element, but it completely ruins that concept by making characters who manipulate uncommon elements.

Like I think I heard the main villain can manipulate gold. That's a fucking retarded power, where are you going to find gold to be useful in fights? Throw coins around?

Eiken, Manyuu Hikenchu and Valkyrie Drive were disgusting. A good oppai anime needs restraint and variety.

not big enough

Please remember to spoiler nipples.

Without the show being basically an entire ecchi series the plot of manyuu is basic feudal shit. I will say it does not strike a happy medium. As a porn concept, it's hot as fuck but as it starts to take itself seriously then it basically becomes a feudal drama but with a bunch of forced boob magic shit that doesn't really make any sense.

Like they built and entire silly boob worshiping culture with all these Shintoism elements repurposed around boobs but also try very hard to make it so the boobs are more or less valued not because men find it attractive but because there is some sort of mystical element to it that is important to women (Also the subtle implication the bigger the boobs the more sensitive and sexually fulfilling they are).

It's just too silly to keep pushing as a long running series especially since the author forgot he was making an ecchi manga and started focusing on the political drama of the manyuu family, using boob and boob magic as a metaphor for wealth or something.

Get fucked, Highschool DxD is fucking shit. Oh wow, Issei is in another wacky situation grabbing some girl's tit while she tells him to fuck her, only for it to end up in nothing! Boosto!

Fuck off, you dumb cunt.

Shit show, not big enough.

Yeah, I think that's the major problem around shows like Manyuu, Seikon, and Valkyrie Drive. They're x first, and an oppai ecchi second.

Like I said, my ideal wank material would be something like, 4-5 minute episodes about some dude sucking/playing with some girl's lactating tits, and to spice it up, just make 4 or 5 girls with different tits/nipple sizes/areolae, and add in your generic faceless dudes. Hell, throw in a bald, fat, faceless old man just to spice it up!
I know Kaneko can make something this simple work, but I don't know why it hasn't happened yet. Hell, we've been getting this hentai mini-series as of late, and if there's an audience for that, there's definitely an audience for something like this.

Post more.

>kyonyuu fantasy writer makes an isekai light novel
>the girls tits aren't that big
Talk about dissapointing.

>good anime
Nice joke.

All the girls have copy paste nipples

Who are you talking about?

Sort of. Only there's no pretentious bullshit or boring drama.
Just sex and action.


Kagami Hiroyuki

Waiting for Eiken to get a reboot one day

Oh the author of Kyonyuu Fantasy nice. Maybe they had restrictions on breast size or something? Personally I love huge sizes.

What do you think of oppai lolis?

>Oh the author of Kyonyuu Fantasy nice
I said that in my first post.


they always do outside of hentai

Yeah I get it now, thought you meant as in genre and not the title of that visual novel.


Too bad she never shows up again.

They're shit. Shortstacks are good though.



I've spilt so much to Nene.


I miss smug tits.

I forgot about her, wonder if she has any cool fan art.



The best thing about oppai anime is is the variation in breast sizes and shapes, and with nipples.

Man I remembered how hot it was seeing that "flower areola" trait used in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid on that one girl. Nipple diversity is a thing more shows need.

Some areolas do that irl, especially if a girl is pregnant and her breasts are swelling up and getting pregnant. Shows you what Kaneko & co. are willing to do to shake things up.



Silicone sure was popular here in the past.


She was the only reason I watched the show


I've jerked off to that shot of Kirika looking down over 100 times.

Literally almost every girl was stacked beyond measure

Same. She's perfect.

Is Garnet peak brown?

A goddess.

Not really an oppai anime but Haruka Gracia had a nice pair of mega knockers.

Shame she got nerfed halfway when they changed directors.


I want to give her all I got.

Centorea love



I really love me some crazy jiggling jello breasts. Just can't get enough of them.


Still popular in my heart.

>God, Manyuu was such wasted potential. The OVAs are godly, but the show itself was so mediocre.
This cannot be stated enough.

Same goes for pretty much every ecchi anime though.

How I wish for an oppai focused anime with character designs by Uno Makoto, directed by Hikaru Kaneko, and animated by Hoods.

Manyuu was particularly disappointing though. Compare it to Qwaser and there's nothing in Manyuu that stands out. Now the Kagefusa OVA on the other hand.

that would end mankind as we know it if that happened user

Qwaser was shit though.