ITT: things you hate when you're watching an anime

>OP includes badly pronounced English lyrics out of nowhere

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>he doesn't love DARLING

>hating Engrish
What a faggot.

really gets my grasses on

>fanservice in a non-ecchi show
I'm okay with it, but others aren't, which makes it hard to share, and that's why I'm not okay with it.

Engrish is amazing.

Anime was never meant to be mainsteam, shouldn't be mainstream, and doesn't need help (subversion) from normies like you. Fanservice is always welcome.

>[...] mainstream [...] normies [...]
I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

>G R A S S E S
>G R A S S E S

it doesn't annoy me. i just imagine the japs thinking how cool it is to hear the english, eventho it sounds funny lol

>Anime was never meant to be mainstream
Fuck you, Pre 1980's Anime was directed at a general audience, Anime only really started to be marketed to otaku after Gainax's success.

that's right. why make a product specifically designed to sell not that much?


>Opening is supossed to be in english
>Don't realize it until I read the lyrics

>which makes it hard to share
hahaha, get fucked normalfag

>Beta loser self-insert mc gets harem
Just a reality check that all of you Sup Forumsnon will never get laid let alone harem

>OP includes shit seasonal waifu

everyone in my (((required liberal arts class))) was talking about DitF today

Probably one of the worst offenders

>I'd rather my forgetable Otaku wank fantasies which are killing the industry by pigeonholeing it's audience because those shows "sell"

List of stuff i hate in animes:

-Underage characters (loli) being oversexualized
-Bad english pronunciation
-Info dumps
-Main character having the personality of a brick
-Male MC only good "quality" being nice with girls (glorification and power fantasy of nice guys)
-Harems that don't go anywhere and the guy never chooses
-Overly edgy shit for the sake of it
-"Dere" types that basically are just an excuse for not making a character unique or more deep than a puddle
-Powerlevel bullshit and sudden powerups in shounens
-Having too many asian characters because of Japan's xenophobic views towards people from outside their country
-Stereotypical representations of other countries
-Glorification of their culture to an obnoxious degree
-Openings with running characters

Any animes with no stuff like this?

Don't that make you crazy now?

Based Gainax

Then how come they keep producing them if they are "killing the industry"? just accept it, otaku wank fantasies>whatever shit you like

The fanservice is there to drive away people like you.


But the three shows I watched on Toonami in the 90s were the height of the anime industry!




>He doesn't love Kiss of Death

Goddamn, today OP really was a fag.

It's impossible not to hear this when she says darling. I only want to drink tea.

Is this the bit connnnneee3eeeeee3eccccttttttttt guys?

Please die.
Engrish is shit.

What part of the song do you hate? DARLING UNMEI GA or KISSU OF DESU?