My dear Otaku's. Berserk. 1997 or 2016? And why?

My dear Otaku's. Berserk. 1997 or 2016? And why?

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read the manga

Grammar lessons. Also lurking. Fuck off.

read the manga

then go read Blame, Claymore, Gantz or Battle Angel because updates never.

Read the manga until the Mozgus arc ends, then drop it forever and go read Shigurui or something.

1997 gives a good introduction to the series and adapts the best arc
we try to pretend 2016 never happened

No one is going to say 2016, don't be a retard.


Read manga.
1997 was at least decent.
Definitely skip 2016/2017 since most of the fun was being on Sup Forums to watch the trainwreck. Bad music (aside from Hirasawa), bad models, bad animation (both for 3d and 2d where it frequently traces panels which then jarringly transitions back to the off-model models with completely different shading), poor shot composition and cinematography (often choosing to badly use the manga panels as 1:1 storyboards which didn't work), bad sound effects, skips arcs and cuts shit but still has terrible pacing.

Well, Id say watch the Golden Age OVA's, then watch the 97 anime, then read the manga. The full 2016/2017 anime is an ok watch if youre drunk with friends. The laughing might turn to rage and sadness but its probably worth it anyway.

'97. It isn't utterly shit and has a god-tier soundtrack. Works as a nice enough introduction to the series before you do the best thing: read the manga while listening to Susumu Hirasawa's Berserk stuff

The manga is fucking trash after the Golden Age.

Just read the fucking manga. Fuck the people who say
>b-buh watch this and then watch this and then blah blah blah read the manga at this point and do a couple calculus problems
Just read the fucking manga, Black Swordsman is a fine hook if you're not a faggot
>b-but muh twist, b-but Miura himself said the beginning was a little "weird" or something
The Slug Baron chapters are great fuck off

who's trolling who in this thread

>Lost Children

Yeah they are, which is why most people are just saying read the manga, not anything like what your describing.
Besides OP's troll thread? No idea...

>being this retarded
you have to lurk for at least 2 years before posting gtfo newfag

Both are shit but I prefer the 90's anime. As much as I love the Conviction arc I feel like the 2016 version of Berserk was made by someone who had know idea what Berserk was really about and wanted it more catered to a mainstream audience rather than niche.

1997 one was pretty good. It's not like they changed anything. Yes they scrapped couple of chapters

>1997 was 20 years ago
>2016 was 3 years ago

>or 2016?
That's some damn good anime!

heh, read the manga or kill yourself, pleb.

Easily 2016. Don't even kid yourself saying the old busted version is better.
Don't even mention the manga, we were talking about the anime version. Discussing the manga in this thread is a bannable offense for being off-topic.

Yeah manga people should leave us alone to talk about our awful adaptations rather than the only actually good entry in the franchise.

Read the manga, no adaptation has done it justice. If you're going to watch an adaptation watch the 1997 version. The movies are trash, 2016 is trash, 2017 revealed the fact that this production committee doesn't give a fuck about the series and is just trying milk the brand for all the money they can. If anybody who watches the newest series has anything positive to say about it, they have essentially admitted to being a capitalistic slave with standards so low they should be considered non-existent.


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