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From a post from last thread, here are some things that may point to something big.
- Hako Kuroi's name is Japanese for "Black Box"
- Urashima Taro, the character Urashiki is based on, turned old and died by opening a box (That is usually depicted as a black box) he was told to never open.
- In some versions of Urashima's story, the box is named "Katami No Hako".
- One of Hako's team-mates are named "Hoki Taketori". "Taketori" is Japanese for Bamboo Cutter.
- There is a famous Japanese Fairy Tale called "Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", an alternative name for it is "The Tale of Princess Kaguya".
- Kaguya Otsutsuki, who was called the "Rabbit Goddess" by some, was inspired by that tale and the "Moon Rabbit" myth.
- The "Moon Rabbit", in Chinese mythology, is usually depicted as a companion of the Moon Goddess Chang'e.
- Whenever Hako's on-screen, she's usually carrying a rabbit doll with her.

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Interesting theory. But I think it is too much to expect from a team who has been so far background material. Considering that is what exactly happened during the Ghost Arc though, I would be surprised. Also, are you implying that Hako contains Kayuga's essence or something similar, considering the connotations of the term "Black Box", and that her doll has similarities to Black Zetsu, like the fact that they are both constantly smiling?


Is Hako an Outer of Kara?

Gekko is an outer Kara member. God killer tats included.

I'd shit my pants if they planned this.

it's some good writing. I'm impressed if they pull it off. Maybe Kishimoto has a bigger role in this arc.

I find her design interesting. It's such a shame they are leaving a lot of background character undeveloped. I can't wait for Hako's time to shine.

I would forgive this entire arc if the Byakuga Gang are revealed to be nothing more than goons of Kara. Gekko's grand plan is probably something that is supposed to work in Kara's benefit, if he is an Outer. Maybe we'll get a brief, insidious shot of the Inners when this arc is over.

It's not an exact match as the ones on Kara's bulletin board, but it's strikingly similar in design, especially with the dot in the middle. This arc may not be shit after all.

My guess is she's a puppet user and the bunny is her puppet

I just ordered all 6 of the post war light novels they translated to English. Which should I read first?

Also when are they translating the rest? I wanted to get all 10 but was disapointed. I can't find any news.

Also, during the scene in Ep 37 where all the background students were being rescued, Hako was no where to be seen until the very last shot of that scene. I think there's going to be a flashback later showing that Konahamaru left her tied up where she was knocked out. And that after being rescued by one of the New K12 (most likely Denki, for reasons I'll elaborate on later), Hako starts to develop a crush on whoever rescued her.

I'd be ok with literally anyone but that nerd denki

So kaguya is more powerful than momoshiki right? It took naruto and sasuke a lot longer to beat her and they didn't even beat her they just sealed her. She also had a lot more powers than momoshiki. Momoshiki however was beaten by 2 Boruto rasengans. 1 invisible and 1 father son. I feel like she had nothing to worry about and could have beaten him easily.

I would say so. Kaguya was immortal, while Momoshiki could die. Naruto and Sasuke needed the Six Paths Chibaku Tensei seal to defeat her.

Himawari is best girl

Does this franchise have an ounce of creativity or integrity remaining?

Yes it does. Read OP and also watch ghost arc. No one saw that coming

I want to know more about kakashi's son

Been obvious it's Kaguya and Black Zetsu since they were introduced.

Not really. Especially since doll control is a thing.

That'll be crazy if its true. I hope it is.

I don't think hes gonna turn out to be kakashis son. My guess is he was just a kid who grew up while kakashi was hokage listening to the stories of kakashis life and he idolized him and became a ninja just like his hero kakashi. That's why he wears the facemask and headband like kakashi. That's his idol.

Nah here's what happened. Kakashi fucked that girl he met in his light novel but because he's hokage and she's a prisoner no one could know the bastard existed. Bad PR for a public official you know? So he was brought to the hidden leaf and raised there and now a genin. The truth will probably come out eventually just not yet.

Remember this theory and all the discussing we're doing so in a year we can all laugh when it turns out completely wrong and she's some irrelevant background character and the tattoo on gekko means nothing

This is why we need the sumire and sarada posters. Thread has been on page 7-9 all day.

That's what we thought about sumire

Kayuga is not immoral; the databooks state that she was killed when she was sealed. Though I do agree that Kayuga is much stronger than Momo

Good point

So those threads are for waifufags then.



i'm so glad Naruto ended up with Hinata, a girl who actually always loved and admired him from day 1, instead of Sakura, the girl who was an absolute bitch and treated him like shit until "oh wow wait you're strong now? Hmm maybe I want some of that..." Fuck Sakura. You deserve Sasuke. I hope he beats you.

Sakura never loved Naruto.

that's true. But she only stopped being a bitch to him when he became strong.

Which can be said for most of the village.


Would the Village under Uchiha management be better than under Hiruzen’s and Danzo’s management?

What if Hako has a tattoo seal?

Only if Itachi was the head of management.

Yeah but to bait a switch a back round character nearly 50 episodes in, in another 50 to 60 episodes would be dumb.

But not his wife.

Idk. Fugaku seemed to have reacted pretty competently with the situation that they were dealt with, such as always trying for the peaceful option, and to leave no hard evidence of their meetings. Also, Itachi’s track record of management seems to be pretty poor, considering that he did not do anything useful as a spy for Kohona

It would be so cool if Hako and Gekko are part of Kara. It would create a conspiracy aspect in Boruto where anyone could be an Outer operative. Later in the Kara-centric arc there should be full scale paranoia in Konoha and the other villages that creates mistrust between everyone.

I agree. It would be interesting to see how Naruto and Boruto react to such a situation, considering how much they depend on others


maybe they'd actually do something about the hyuga literally BRANDING their "inferior gened" brothers and sisters. I'm fine with the brand sealing their eyes so they can't be stolen. That makes sense and is a good thing. However using it to melt the brains of the inferior hyuga is fucked. I tried to find the scene on youtube but can't so this is the best I can do. You can't hear but you see what i'm talking about. Just imagine that man screaming in agony.

Yeah, it is horrible. And it is extremely hypocritical of Kohona not to repremand Clan Hyuuga for this behavior, as the Branch-Seal system places amount of power in the hands of a few individuals whose loyalty to the wider Village is always semi-suspect (The Hyuuga have an council of elders that always advises the leader on matters, thereby putting a ton of pressure on Clan leaders to conform to Clan demands, self-chosen seclusion), therefore posing huge security risk to wider Village safety, whereas the Uchiha were prosecuted despite being a decentralized, individualistic clan (less opportunity for coup) and having little security risk (MS is incredibly rare, baseline Sharingan is only good in certain situations like 1v1, Uchiha are loyal in service)

you gotta keep the lesser Hyuga in line lest they forget their place...

Such situations can be resolved by an authority figure stepping in and separating the belligerents. There was no need to inflict severe punishment on Neji back there

So he wouldn't do it again. Stay in your lane and know your role.

Can't be any worse than Danzo

neji was the best fighter of his time. As a member of the side branch. Clearly they're not that superior

Hiruzen let orochimaru walk right past him. Didn't even try to stop him. Just let him escape

future genes collusion comin thru

this looks like cringy fanfiction with too much money behind it

Momo or the new ayy lmao will end up talking to Hako

Ranking all Kage from strongest to weakest. Let the flame wars begin!

1. Naruto
2. Hashirama
3. Minato
4. Tobirama
5. A (Third Raikage)
6. Onoki
7. Gara
8. Hiruzen
9. Yagura
10. A (4th Raikage)
11. Mu
12. Gengetsu Hōzuki
13. Third Kazekage
14. Tsunade
15. Kakashi
16. Chojuro
17. Mei
18. Rasa
19. Durai
20. Kurotsuchi

only listed the relevant ones we actually know anything about. Most of the 1st and 2nd kages are mysteries.

Just wait until she gets her episode

Wait, it just dawned on me.

Aren't ninjas just wizards and mages?

think about it, if you use another language to describe it, chakra and Mana are no different from each other.
It can be said that it's just using different words to describe the same thing.

Literally remove the ninja wank, and this is just a show about Wizards

Stop bumping this shitty thread. No one cares about Boruto.


"~B-Boruto-kun...n-not s-so fast-t.....Hawawa!~"


Why is not Boruto manga weekly again?

>one post every hour
The absolute state of Borutofags.


Boruto is doomed.

We're in filler hell, it's understandable.

Whoops, wrong picture

Danzo dindu nuffin. He was a good boy

>think all this is filler when one of the guys had a tattoo
wew lad

When is somebody going to translate a synopsis of the 5th Boruto novel? It’s been a month

Rather want to see what's written in Novel 3.
Seems like Hawawa got abused by her father.

mages and wizards don't fight and use weapons like this.

I want them to translate the other 4 light novels. It's been years. Just finish them already.

Yes, but I mean we at least have a rough idea of what’s in the novels based on summaries. I can’t find anything about the fifth one at all.

He is cute.

What the fuck are they doing with this franchise? The unbearable amounts of filler and the subpar manga have killed discussion everywhere and the sales are taking a nosedive.

And that's why we have Black Clover.

well duh look at his father. How is this sexy beast not married?!

I like Boruto

Okay, that makes one. Anyone else?

I like it

>The unbearable amounts of filler and the subpar manga
That’s exactly what Shippuden was, everybody’s used to it

Okay, two. Are there any more?

i'm guessing most people in these threads

What is your point?

Boruto? More like BOREruto if you ask me.

Why are you still here?

Wait is tsunade stronger than kakashi? I would have put him above her

>Tsunade not being below Durai.

Ignore his entire autism filed list. It's completely wrong

>onoki that high
>Gara above hiruzen
>tsunade above kakashi
>tsunade that high
>chojuro above mei

Tsunade literally can't die as long as her forehead seal is active. Also even madara acknowledged her as a great kage. Only her and onoki were recognized by him.

Kakashi was powerful but remember when he was hokage he no longer had his sharigon which he relied on heavily. Even he admitted he was weaker and wasn't sure if without the sharigon he was strong enough to be hokage.

Was Sasuke right to stage his revolution at the end using the methods he did, such as the imprisonment of the Bijuus, and attempted murder of Naruto and the Kages?

Who is the best in terms of administration though?

How powerful will these two get? Could they top Madara?

Replace Sarada with Kawaki, then your post will make sense.

No. That was mean.