Jojo SC part 1

Does it get way better?part 1 and 2 was a fucking blast and felt like a proper adventure but i really dont like part 3 "villain of the week" format and it also feels like Polnareff is the main character rather than Jotaro,at least his stand is cool i guess.
So basically do they keep the same format on the rest of the anime/manga? Only reason i have gone through the entire part 1 of season 3 is because season 1 and 2 was so good but i dont think i can stand 24 more episodes literally who villains.

It gets even worse. Part 4 is riddled with awful throwaway characters and the main villain is as threatening as a speck of dust.

Really? why did they have to ruin the perfect balance between bizarriness and interisting plot that part 2 achieved with this shitty format?

Part 3 is the weakest part up until they get to egypt. The series just gets better from there.

Why do you think it gets better ? no spoilers if possible

First half of part 3 is absolute trash. The villains are boring and don't matter, the heroes are boring and don't matter, there's no variation at all, it's just some random boring shonen.
Second half has interesting plots and the characters actually become characters, more or less. Stands also start to become interesting.

Part 4 is a complete twist from the style of the series thus far and has a lot of likeable characters and interesting fights. The villain is also a big departure from everything else in the series.

Part 5 does weird things with some characters but has the most likeable *big* cast of characters in the series. I heard bad things about the english-translated scans, though.

Part 6's premise is really fun, the villain is cool and the setting is enough to make you want to read it. And it gets really bizarre in a trademark Araki way.

Part 7 is full of holes but is heavily carried by the setting and the best two protagonists in the series. It also looks pretty nice. This is my favorite part.

No. It's better to think of the pokemon parts as entirely different world.

Ok i think i will keep going then,thanks for the answer

>Part 7 is full of holes

What do you mean

Tusk Act 2 and 3

3rd jojo is a joke. 4th is a bit better, but to be honest it's best to think the show ended after the first 2

>main villain is as threatening as a speck of dust.
>can turn people to ash with a single tap and rewind time to protect his identity
>not threatening
He is a bit of an idiot towards the end, shouting his name out like that but otherwise, I don't see it

Yeah it feels like Jotaro is just a empty shell that is there only to solve some problems that the rest of the cast caused at the end of the episode

Part 5 also has many of the series absolute best fights
>Beach Boy and The Grateful Dead
>White Album
>Green Day
>Notorious B.I.G
>Sex Pistols
But it has the shittiest final fight in the entire series to make up for it. Its begining is also kinda shitty at least untill Gio meets up with Team Bruno

Don't listen to , he's retarded.

Anyways the general consensus is that part 3 is the worst part. In my opinion every part (except 3) is better than the one before it

5 and 6 suck

>it also feels like Polnareff is the main character rather than Jotaro
But Polnareff IS the main character

Part 4 has a similar format but in a small town. I think it sort of loosens up for parts 5 and 6 but I don't think it really makes them better. Part 7 is fairly different and so is part 8.

Watched Part 3 episode 1 last night. I dunno if its the right word, but the cinematography is fantastic. Definitely starts off on a strong note.

6 definitely doesn't suck It's one of the best parts overall.

Oh yeah i absolutely agree,this is also something that made me wanna continue,the visuals are way better,the first and second episode got me really excited but as i progressed it was pure disappointment

Part 3 really is one of the weakest in the series. Parts 5 and 7 very adventure heavy and are a lot better than part 3. Part 7 is also somewhat of an alternate retelling of parts 1 and 2.


I love all of you.

It never changes back from the episodic villains format, but the fights get a lot better later on.

>Stand is covered in GATC DNA code
>Steals what makes you special
Araki is a fucking genius.

Most of SC isn't really important. Just watch the best parts, which are D'arby the Gambler and D'arby the Gamer, then the final fight with DIO, then you can move onto DIU. Then read parts 5 and 7 of the manga, 6 is trash.

Nah just drop the series now you clearly don't like Jojo. Stands of the week are the heart of Jojo, not FOTNS lite fung fu.

I don't know why people think this first half of part 3 had really threatening villains with J geil and death 13. Egypt had way more joke villains, with magnet tits, and the guy that turns people into babies.

>Just watch the best parts, which are D'arby the Gambler and D'arby the Gamer
Really? The Gamer fight is one of the dullest to me. If the Gambler fight didn't exist it would get some points for originality. But as it is it's just a huge step down. The only good parts are the reveal and the funny beatdown at the end.

Because the villain being threatening doesn't make the fight good?

4 is unironically better than 3. 3 is only popular because it was the only one animated for the longest time.

Dio was a terrible villain. Ultimately he was just a coward.

Part 3 is worth it for the OVA version of the Darby fight. Tense as hell

The baby fight is one of the worst fights in the series, I don't want to see little boy Polnereff dick Araki. Also it had the most obnoxious Jotaro wank moment ever.

OP is legit a fag, these are horrible opinions

How is that terrible?

Personally I didn't enjoy Part 7 at the beginning, and had to power through it. But the Villain really makes up for it., and I'm glad I finished it.

Better thread.

Watch the OVA instead is more stream lined. Part 4 is OK still follows a villian of the week structure but is way better.

I'm at sugar Mountain and the villain hasn't done much

The last third of SC is elder god tier.

>characters having personality flaws makes them bad characters

Imagine how much better that episode/chapter would have been if we weren't shown the villain of the week from the start, if reverting to a baby didn't preserve stupid shit like the haircuts, and if the narrative followed from the gang's perspective. Sure the mystery would be pretty obvious after a short while but it would have still been more compelling than Araki's schlocky writing.

Sugar Mountain was my favorite arc of the entire part.

>skipping Pet shop

Pet shop fight is shit desu