Guy's best bro turns into a girl

>guy's best bro turns into a girl
>instead of helping her find a way to change back he soon wants to fuck her brains out
Why does this keep happening?
Shouldn't helping your bro not become a slutty cocksleeve be the first priority?

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Through penis, unity.

Freud’s notion of penis envy: by having his best bro shove his cock inside him, he’s filling his desire of having something he lacks

>takeru will never marry you

Because being turned into a girl and being fucked silly is one of my kinks.

I want to BREED this boy((female)male))

She has a vagina, she's not a guy anymore. Therefore the 'bro code' of helping his 'bro' not become a cock sleeve gets superseded by the 'bitches and whores' code and he must make first priority turning her into a cocksleeve instead.

All girls are naturally cock-hungry whores. Once you become one, you can NEVER go back, so therefore, the only acceptable option with a girl is to mindbreak her into loving it, otherwise she'll end up hating herself for the inevitable lusts she will find overcoming her common sense which means if you are truly a bro, you will not want your friend to experience so you will spare them the discomfort by inserting your penis into them until they train their minds to accept the pleasures their body is made to receive.

Loving, tender sex with your best friend is what defines true bromance.

>Loving, tender sex with your best friend is what defines true bromance.

Tobi, NO!

I can't argue against such airtight logic.

Will we get a genderbender manga as good as boku girl ever again?

Mizuki is still my waifu

Considering gender is literally the only thing keeping me from fucking my best friends brains out and putting a ring on his finger, nope. This makes perfect sense.


same for me but the opposite

Yes please.

potato, potatoe, my fellow retarded postmodernist.

And why is that keeping you from doing it

I'm telling you gender does not exist,
Only sex ( M F)

my peepee doesn't like it and if I can't make children it's wrong and immoral.
Stop forcing this dumb meme. There are still many languages that don't even have separate terms to distinguish the two. Sex is gender and gender is sex.

Nigga we agree
Just use sex so you don't sound like Tumblr

Takeru literally does everything he can to help his bro. He just gets a little selfish near the end and even then accepts that she might become a guy again.

He deserved to win.

>Replying to this retard.

If you're THAT lonely why don't you reply to me instead?

No because sex is a an internationalism that means the act of intercourse in pretty much every language, with a different word present referring to gender.

>he wouldnt fuck his mate right in the pussy if given the chance

>He has mates
Maybe Facebook is more your taste


The many doujin I've read throughout the years taught me that every girl loves dick, so I'd be doing her a favor.

No, because that would be gay. You need to wait until he becomes a girl.

Geez, take a look at this nerd

Well, you are free to have sex with other men if you want.
In fact, that's what you'd prefer, isn't it?

n-no u

Nozomi Nozomi was pretty good too bad it kind of ends when it gets to the good part. Shit was pretty hot and the best part is the MC has a twin.

People are shitty, true bros are hard to come by.

Addendum: there's nothing wrong with fucking your best bud as long as you've got consent, just don't prioritize boning over supporting your friend.

>manga ends right when they get together

>sucks his sister's cock that's actually his cock
hardcore stuff here

there's a doujin where something like this happens; the dude tries to fuck his best friend who rejects him because his sexuality hasn't changed quite yet. they remain best bros

japanese men can't get laid, so they think a boy turning girl would be easier

why doesnt the author release a genuine doujin

It's not only japanese men, it's happening more and more around here, with all the
>But I'm a boy, user-san! :3
This is pathetic

Different reasons. Westerners do it for attention, being transgender is the latest fad so a lot of attention whoring millennials jumped on board with it thinking they would score pity points/get laid. For nips it's just a fetish.

Men and women can't be friends. So, if your bro turns into a woman, she can't be your friend anymore.

I just want to fuck a girl who is interested in video games and modding cars/touge racing.

I would kill a man for an anime adaptation of Boku girl, Mizuki does things to my dick

You can't be friends with a girl, there is always sex in the way. If your best bro becomes a girl, you have all that background relationship, that deep bond that only men can form, in a fuckable package. It only makes sense.

Is it no longer gay to fuck your bro like this?

Not gay if it's a girl.


Is Boku Girl completely translated in english or not?

yes, i think aereus finally got back from the salty convenience store

Honestly it's natural and unavoidable.
t. best friend of three years turned out to be a reverse trap
You can only stave off nature for so long. Having the opposite sex close and chummy to you will cause your behavior to change whether you like it or not.

I wish there were more series like Remix Heart, where the genderbent protagonist mainly interacts with other girls instead of a male best friend.

It's the ideal excuse for those who are beyond bromance to the point of almost gayish but they don't want to become full gay

Also, why the fuck does a guy who suddenly turn into a full genetical girl becomes a cockslut whore? Wouldn't they become a lesbian?

Because he was a fucking faggot to begin with.

All girls love dicks. Even the dykes.

This only makes sense for people who don't have friends who are the opposite sex.

>Looking through the gender bender tag
>90% of it is just crossdressing

Sexual orientation is determined by your brain structure. Homosexuals have brains that resemble those of the opposite sex in some respects. If a man got magically transformed into a woman and ended up with a heterosexual female brain, then it makes sense that she'd start to be attracted to men. (Of course one can imagine such a character ending up with the equivalent of a lesbian brain, so the author can pick whichever option they want.)

What a stupid assumption.

It's the author's fetish.
Luckily it's not always the case and there is occasional /u/ gender bender, but I mean generally this shit is written with a pen in one hand and a dick in the other.

How so?

There are girls out there like that. The problem is that they don't want to fuck you.

What about genderbending stories where the protagonist who got turned into a girl starts to like men that are written by women?

>There are girls out there like that
No, there aren't. At least all the girls I've seen that "like" cars only do it for attention.

Their brains get rewired, its only a matter of time before female programing takes over

Written with a pen in one hand and the other in the pussy in that case.

>that spoilar
Wait, what? How can that possibly happen in real life?

Asian men look like girls anyway and if the girls are good enough at pretending to be male the only way you can tell is if they're honest or if you grab them by the sex bis.
I got NTR'd.

>I got NTR'd.
I'll assume you've been on Sup Forums for more than three years and tell you that you were warned.

A real bro wouldn't deny his genderbent friend the pleasure of being cummed inside.

Been on Sup Forums for a decade now.
I didn't expect to fall in love, I wasn't searching for 3DPD. I thought I had an actual friend who was actually male. It fell in my lap.

>you'll never become a cute girl
>you'll never be able to do girly things without looking like a cringy faggot
>you'll never experience the feeling of being cummed inside

You sound like a sissy faggot. I bet you even consider the idea of crossdressing, you queer.

that is pseudoscience though

>fidget spinner

>Girls with male-ish brains are more likely to look at internet porn than normal women.
I'm having trouble reconciling your text with your image.

Here's a paper that got published in PNAS:

>Ninety subjects [25 heterosexual men (HeM) and women (HeW), and 20 homosexual men (HoM) and women (HoW)] were investigated with magnetic resonance volumetry of cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres. Fifty of them also participated in PET measurements of cerebral blood flow, used for analyses of functional connections from the right and left amygdalae. HeM and HoW showed a rightward cerebral asymmetry, whereas volumes of the cerebral hemispheres were symmetrical in HoM and HeW. No cerebellar asymmetries were found. Homosexual subjects also showed sex-atypical amygdala connections. In HoM, as in HeW, the connections were more widespread from the left amygdala; in HoW and HeM, on the other hand, from the right amygdala. Furthermore, in HoM and HeW the connections were primarily displayed with the contralateral amygdala and the anterior cingulate, in HeM and HoW with the caudate, putamen, and the prefrontal cortex. The present study shows sex-atypical cerebral asymmetry and functional connections in homosexual subjects.

So no, it's not pseudoscience. And I fail to see what porn searches have to do with the subject. Do you think that this is reflective of the entire female population? That figure doesn't even give you the percentages.

1.That's not pseudo science, that's actual science. That's how human brains work.

2.99% of women don't go to pornhub to get off. The women who go to shlick at pornhub are almost always going there to look for what the guys are looking for. Women. The rest of the women are there to create content for male and the occasional female viewer. Yest even the dykes.

The whole "all women are bisexuals" thing is a faggot pandering canard that ignores women's natural sexuality in favor of pushing sexuality that is advantageous to the scumbag elites and feminist dykes and power brokers.

Women in fact are slightly turned on by any sexual anything. They are also turned on by strong feelings of anger and fear and joy and sadness.
This does not define their actual sexuality.
Creeps have denied this and have used this simple fact of reality to manipulate the average woman into thinking the fact that something sexual happened turned them on MUST mean that they want to to have sex with or participate in that sexual act or that it defines their actual sexuality.
Even going so far as to demonize heteronormal sexuality and sexual outlets to do it.

That only proves that dykes like porn as much as men do.

Not him but agreed. Male and female sexuality works differently. Physical arousal isn't linked to mental arousal in women the way it is for men. People who claim that all women are bi are just assuming that what applies to men must also apply to women, which is pretty stupid.

Sounds pretty retarded to me.

If your significant other isn't your best friend, what's the point?

Because plenty of people have friends who are of the opposite sex. Your assumption is literally wrong from the start.

Are you saying its impossible for women to like cars without wanting attention for it? That's a pretty bold claim.

that's called being a subset of the boys love genre

Any body here in love with their best friend?

>Nature is retarded
That's just like your opinion man

Anybody here have a best friend?
I don't.

Your implying that you can't be around the opposite sex for an extended period of time without having sex with them. Nature doesn't even guarantee that everyone would get laid so your point is wrong on at least two counts.

Nope. He's a good friend but I'm not in love with him. Then again I don't have any homosexual feelings so it makes sense really.

There are some genderbending stories written by women that do feel like BL; e.g. Kakumei no Hi. That's not always the case though; Kanojo ni Naru Hi for example didn't really feel like one, while Remix Heart was a shonen series.

I'm outright stating you cannot get extremely close and chummy with the opposite sex for an extended period of time without falling in love with them.
Have this buddy, it might help you out

One for sex/family and the other to hang with?

The only reasons one has bros is because he is too gay to fuck them.

That's an interesting claim to make obviously based on your personally experience. I think you'll find other people can hang around with the opposite sex and not mistake those feelings for love.

And you base that on what?

Maybe if you're not American.

Are all Americans autistic or something?

>you'll never experience the feeling of being cummed inside
Craigslist can help you with that.