Is this the epitome of Anime as an artistic form?

Is this the epitome of Anime as an artistic form?

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Not even close.

Post a good movie, at least.

Is the epitome of anime as a normalfag form

For tumblr plebs, sure

KnN is far from being the epitome of normalfagottry though, you still have DB, nurutu or even classics like eva or cowboy bebop.

It's pretty straightforward, but its the epitome of the directors artistic talent

No but this is


Is that the equivalent of pic related? It's the epitome of video games as an artistic form, too.


The movie has a fun premise if you can look past how dumb the mains act for plot convenience.

I know this is bait, but come on, it's literally just a generic star-crossed lovers story with supernatural bullshit because it's anime

not sure you step outside much. When I hear anyone in real life talk about anime, it's naruto or dbz or pokemon or shit like sailor moon or attack on titan. On the internet Eva seems very well known and loved but irl normalfags won't watch it

you serious? that would be DS1 fool. Bonus points if is your first souls game. You wander through hell (given you didn't cheat and look up where to go and what to do online), and get furious at how often you get obliterated by mobs, the environment and bosses. Then you get to this pair of boobs as divine music plays and they reward you, change the game, give you direction, and fill you with life. even if they are just an illusion they are a very helpful and lovely illusion

I've played every Soulborne game and BB(with dlc) is the superior one by far.
It's the thinking man choice.

I have never played BB because I can't. Just because you like it more doesn't make it better fool

DS is better you beastly 30fps idiot

Now that's a really dumb post

Kys yourself

>kys yourself
haha never heard that one before. it's funny because ys stands for yourself so it's redundant!

from an animation point of view. yes. as a story, its good, but just that.
lain sucks at execution

Eva is pretty fucking popular outside the internet, Robbie Williams was a huge reifag for example.

Robin Williams was by no means a normalfag. Do you have evidence of its popularity outside the internet aside from robin williams?


Just wrong, Shadow of the colossus is the only game I'll use as an example of vidya as an artform

You probably enjoy watching paint dry

no, it's just an overrated anime movie for normalfags

shadow of the colossus? More like snoring of the 15 fps

No. That would be Tenshi no Tamago.

go ask Sup Forums, video games are fucking shit

Finally a true patrician

>Bonus points for Dark Souls 1 as first Souls game
>Not Demon's Souls

years later you'll realize your taste was shit, you liked it for all the wrong reasons, and thought it's childish feel-good ending was brilliant just because you were lonely and needed something to give you hope

Why are you posting that overrated homing missile?

>no trope subversion

It was still technically impressive even if the story was eh

>this retarded camera
>that slow ass turning
>auto lock
People really enjoy playing this? Fucking console losers.