Say something bad about your favorite shows

Gurren Lagann is an inferior Getter Robo but I still like it better

HxH is the Rick and Morty of anime

Azumanga Daioh definitly works better as a 4koma

Gurren Lagann needs more transformations, cho tengen toppa gurren lagann isn't large enough, I would like them to go even further beyond.
This is the only bad thing I can think of about gurren lagann and it isn't even that bad.

Evangelion is that one series everyone you hate has seen and looks down on you because you don't enjoy it or because they thinks it's too complex for you to understand when it's just about some kid getting in a robot and fighting monsters next to some cute girls.

Mikasa is boring.

FLCL isn't funny.

I love Monster but I admit that it can get too slow paced or boring, adapting the manga panel per panel didn't always work.

Mushishi bores the shit out of some people. That's the only negative thing I can come up with. For me it is the perfect anime. And I'm talking the dubbed version too. Travis Willingham breaths life into ginko.

More transformations is actually an ugly ass idea. what gurren lagann needed was making the battles in space have the same impact as the battle on earth, seriously the last fight was shit.

joshiraku relies too much on high pace reference humour

Me too op

Beyobd imagination

The episodes focused on the cats are shit

Panchinko arc is fucking unbearable if you don't marathon it

Shorten or remove kotomi's arc.
Everything after the flower field scene should have been made into a movie. It was really baiting for a response for ushio's death.

Gintama, is about to end and I hate it.

I thought that one was Pop Team Epic

How is it inferior? The writing is a lot more witty, the art style is great, unique and the animation is some of the best out there. It also provides overall more of an emotional gutpunch and Simon has a lot better character development thany any character in Getter. It's got both more style and more substance.

The final minutes of the final battle were incredibly forced to put Ed at the forefront.
What, did every single soldier run out of ammo right at the moment Father lost his force field?
Why did every member of the military stand around letting a teenager punch the guy to death instead of shooting him?

Does the manga justify this better?

The inconsistency in Asuka's design thorough the series was eye-jarring. Pic related was so fucking ugly it left a neverending distaste in my mouth.

>This is the only bad thing I can think of about gurren lagann
You're forgetting episode 4

Some chapters of Gintama try to be funny but they aren't.

The pacing can be quite janky at times and the sudden abandonment of any sense of traditional story structure can be downright frustrating at times. It ultimately feels like Anno does have a idea on what the story was supposed to be but improvised on it. Eva felt like it would’ve been better had they go the Hellsing Ultimate route. Hell Gunbuster & Shin Godzilla are proof that Anno simply works better when he has a clear focus and more time.

Definitely Jojo

Nah, JoJo fans are more shitposters whereas HunterXHunter fans are a bunch of pesudointellectuals.

Most JoJo fans don't pretend that their manga is on some higher intellectual plane, they just enjoy the gay poses and retarded abilities

Implying most normie bandwagoners don't think brag about at as being the only anime they watch

In any case that wouldn't make it the Rick N Morty of anime but the Ready Player one of anime

Also my favorite anime, I've actually compiled all the bad of it at one point.

>Episode 4 in general, and not just for the artstyle.
>the completely forgettable crew getting "heartwrenchingly" killed off in Episode 24 when I didn't remember most of their names and almost none of them did anything until that moment. Making it unceremonious instead of giving them all heroic sacrifices would've been more impactful. The only one who mattered (since his wife was semi important), Makken, also had the death that stood out the least.
>Buuta being filled with spiral energy for no reason and having a plot arc related to it that goes no where and he ends up doing nothing.
>Most of the side villains/characters are not very interesting. Yoko is also very uninteresting despite supposedly being a main character.

Honestly can't think of anything else bad about it though. Truly a masterpiece.

Nge is, not hxh

HxH is the Rick and Morty of shonen

Ep.4, that's it.

There's zero conflict and everyone's unrealistically happy all the time.

Cell saga and Buu saga
I like both arcs since they have a lot of great moments in them but they are too flawed compared to Saiyan and Frieza saga
>Cell saga can't decide who should be the villain and the events of progressed thanks to bad writing
>Buu saga introduced transformations like Super Saiyan 3 and Ultimate Gohan but none of them amounted to anything and the Super Saiyan transformations have been cheapened

E7 didn’t need to be 50 episodes long

That was like the only time they fucked Asuka's design though desu

It always infuriated me how Asuka never tried just fucking pulling the spear out

Berserk is dogshit now. The new anime was also dogshit.
Men, I love Berserk.

G Gundam has choppy animation, tons of recycled footage, and a simplistic plot.

>Can't think of anything bad about SSR
Seems like it and I need to mature a bit until I can see flaws.

I guess Flip Flappers felt like a 2 cour show with the 12 episodes in the middle cut out leaving us with a show where the Adventure filled first half builds up but ends abruptly, creating a feeling of unfulfilled purpose, while the second half with lots of condensed plot makes us wonder why didn't they spread it out more evenly in the earlier episodes.
So it was a bit too ambitious for what they had to work with

Seen the boota theory? it's a pretty good one about boota.

Tbh the last battle in movie 2 was superb. It was beautifully animated and directed, with the fist fight, and how all of the drills break except for the original gurren lagann, it almost brought a tear to my eye

Tbh there isn't a single flaw in Zeta Gundam

Fight me, fucker

They didn't need to use classic music to look "cool".
Evangelion original OST already was GOD tier. I can only forgive them of using Bach's song, because Shinji needs to play something already made.

2nd half of Death Note isn't as good as the 1st half.

The first cour is of lesser quality, and it's painfully obvious.


the first couple episodes of fma brotherhood are absolute irredeemable gutter trash, and the fact that they gatekeep the rest of the show and turn newcomers that haven't seen 03 away from an overall fantastic series pisses me the fuck off.

I second this.

I can agree with that.

though I kinda like Issac McDougall.

But user, they have a robot pooping! That's hilarious!


Anyone who's favorite series if TTGL or any of Imaishi's shows are clearly underage and deserve a ban.

The dub isn't very good

One of my favorite series is TTGL, but I do agree that all of Imaishi's other shows are garbage.

And this is why I unironically like the 2003 adaptation better.

Tbf I'm pretty sure Toriyama has said his editors didn't like the Androids being final boss antagonists so Cell was introduced, then they didn't like his Semi-Perfect form cause it looked "like a moron" so Perfect Cell happened. Tori's still no Shakespeare, but quite a bit was because of meddling.

Buu was good if only for the villain. The various Buus (funnily enough not Fat Buu) are some of my favorite DB antagonists and I like a lot of the gags. Forms being tossed around like fucking candy didn't fucking help things, though. Toriyama interview source: my ass

>Anno simply works better when he has a clear focus and more time.

Gee, ya think?

I agree but we don't ever have to worry about any anime exceeding 50 episodes anymore unless its a shounenfag pissing match. Happy?

These windmills look like shit.

t. L-fag

With the exception of Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash. Fucking superb.

Johnny Yong Bosch at his absolute worst. Not that he's good to begin with.

The whole show is shit. Every fucking character has as much personality as a potato and it's boring as shit.
>inb4 2deep4u
nothing literally fucking happens.


Objectively wrong.

I'm sorry, user. It must feel awful to be this wrong.

very true
knives is the worst, thank god he's only in at the end

Too many still frames and speed lines in fight scenes

Not trying to be a contrarian but he doesn't at least try to vary his voice from protag to protag. Even Christopher Sabat and Steve Blum have done better to create some dynamic range.

Monica Rial is a good example of this.

NHK ni youkoso had really bad animation. It's even more apparent the second time i watched it.

What boota theory?

Mawaru Penguindrum's animation is cheap and you have to watch it frame by frame to get it

Tomoyo showed up very infrequently in Clannad After Story; she didn't even show up after they graduated.

E7 tends to be overly dramatic, as well as relies on underdeveloped forced drama to move the plot along.

Is calling something the new rick and morty the new way of saying your favorite anime is shit?

Utena can look cheap at times.

Symphogear's plot is fucking garbage and hasn't handled its cast well since G.

>Every fucking character has as much personality as a potato and it's boring as shit.
Stop projecting so hard.

Honestly, the only thing I really like JYB in is Geass, and FukuJun still does his character better.

I love Brotherhood but I hate what they did to Hughes. In the original anime you get to know the character much better and he does feel like a surrogate father for the brothers, but due to Broterhood rushing everything you barely get to know him, making his death less impactful.

You could skip 7 episodes in a row and not miss a single thing.

Manga Ozen>>>Anime Ozen

I unironically wish I was here as it aired.

This. I actually love the English voice for ginko.

There was something magical in watching Endless Eight as it came out

The special-edition spooky episode kind of sucked, especially compared to the Bebop one.

The final arc is a rushed mess and it takes quite a few episodes until it gets good

Then how is it inferior if you like it better?

Youre boring

Asuka in a bikini is an eyesore, Magma Diver in general is kind of bad. At least it has the best ending to any anime ever made.

youre a fag

As much as I loved it, Ikuni went a bit overboard with ZETTAI UNMEI MOKUSHIROKU

every attempt at comedy falls flat, the author should stick to serious

I cringe to death when they scream their special moves

>it's just about some kid getting in a robot and fighting monsters next to some cute girls
It literally is though.

For a sci-fi universe with interstellar travel too many problems stem from society being very low-tech.


Everything after Bakemonogatari is worse, except for Hitagi End and maayybeee Sodachi Lost and Hitagi Rendezvous.