Shokugeki no Soma

Chapter is out. Why is Azami so alpha? Does he have any remorse for his wife?

Courage is such a freaking whore.

most likely both virgin

Would you save Rindou from the discord on her heart, Sup Forums?

>Replace two chill dudes who were very fair
>Add in two new whores who are cunts

The fuck is going on

Editor-kun probably realized people reading this are not actually interested in cooking

I'm going to marry Megumi!

>Rindou serves squid with honey or some shit just like what Jouchiro do on some shokugekis and lose on purpose

>remorse for his wife

We have yet to find out what happened to Erina's mother. Hopefully that also ties in with the reveal of Souma's mother so that Souma and Erina can get more serious development.


>tfw Souma and Erina's mother are the same.

Based Takumi will tame the dragon.

Megishima will save her, or Takumi after this battle.

>yfw Rindou knows Azami is planning on killing them all

>Rindou wins and defects for a 3 v 1

Where were you when Rindou won the Takumibowl.

>tfw TakuxRindou is more interesting than TakuxMegu
>Rindou teasing Italian kouhai
>Italian boy seeing through all of Rindou’s emotion
I need doujinshi of this.

Fuck this, I have to endure TsukasaxRindou and Megashima shitposting for one week, I dont think my health care would cover this cancerous shit.

But he isn’t even in this chapter

Yet you endure the same waifu and shipping fagotry every week as well, stop being a bitch.

When Takumi forces a reaction like this out of Rindo, then I'll believe it. Until then, she only wants Tsukasa and Megishima's cock.

user... this theme is squid... Aldini is gonna conquer her with his tentacle dish.

>tfw Takumi’s ideal type is a gentle and elegant lady
>tfw he ends up with Rindou the barbarian instead

They would be one of the most entertaining couples though.

Took him 3 years long to realize that.

Souma's mother and Erina's mother eloped together. That's why they are "dead". They are dead to them.

Me 2

Imagine the endless teasing and Takumi acting all tsudere about it.
Anything is better than Tsukasaxanyone because he is autistic.

>Decora Meltrozo First Class Deepthroater

Tsukasa is:
>way hotter than Takumi and Megashima
>way better at cooking than Takumi and Megashima

Best boy.

Takumi is better at being an actual human than him.

Humans are boring.

Yeah but this time it would be more cancerous than ever with cuckposting mixed in it

Robots are more boring.

Is Azami the first heterosexual character in the series?

Tsukasa isn't a robot.

Is decora black or a brown asian

she gonna get ITALIAN'D

Why can’t Rindou just start up a harem? Not sure about Megishima, but Tsukasa and Takumi are so easy to manipulate she could probably get them to do anything.



Probably American so black.

>implying Rindou doesn't bully Tsukasa's dick every day

Would be more interesting than this arc.

>average them
So which one of the two has the higher frumpiness value and which has the lower?


How do you think he passed the exam.

He’s gay for Jou though.

>Way more autistic

She is a new Swede.

I'm really tired of Azami's bullshit, but at least he brought two hot mean bitches.

>Megumi is frumpy
Harsh words from the author!

The manga you are reading is written by humans.

Courage is shit now Brown that's a 11/10.

>tfw your predictions were all right
Except I was expecting Isshiki instead of Takumi but oh well, and that the change of judges won't happen till the very last round(why the hell it happened in the middle of nowhere?)

>(why the hell it happened in the middle of nowhere?)
to help takumi tame rindou

I want a doujin where Rindou goes on a quest to taste every dick in the school.

It doesn’t matter for Nene because Isshiki will fix her that night. Megumi is forever alone.

>Tsukasa doesn’t even react
Why do people tolerate boring pairings when RindouxTakumi is more interesting.

Azami used to have business in America so those two bitches are probably White and Black Americans.

So Rindou can win, and then withdraw cause she's over it and SomaXErina can compete together

Literally just talking about the pigtails. Stop reaching.

>Rindou is the person with the most discord
>When Nene is literally heads over heels for Isshiki


No one cares about Nene.

Nene is more frumpy. She has the hair, glasses, and uptight attitude.

Not that guy, but that's not true. For one, she's also clearly talking about Nene and Anne's glasses.

Souma, stop.

Tsukasa isn’t emotionless though. He spergs out all the time. He’d probably just be confused and worried if Rindou tried to sleep with him, unless he realizes sex is somehow conductive to his cooking, in which case he’d probably fuck her non-stop.

Yes exactly? She pointed out Megumi/Nene because they both shared things with Old!Anne. The pigtails and glasses.

>headcanon the post

>Yes exactly?
I'm not sure what you are confused about, but you responded to an user by saying she was literally just talking about pigtails. I pointed out that that's not the case. Don't act as if what you said was correct and the correction doesn't apply because that's also incorrect. And no, it doesn't matter how pedantic this is.

>want to try daughter’s cooking
Nobody is gonna stop you from eating her dish after the judges have done their job, dipshit.

I'm not confused. The question mark just didn't translate well over into an conversation online. Anyways she was talking about the pigtails since there's literally nothing else that Megumi and Old!Anne share in appearance, Anne was obviously more unfashionable and geeky. Megumi and Nene got called out because of the things they shared with her old self. In the case of the former, it was the hair and in the case of the latter it was both the hair/glasses.

Charme and Historie actually got saved from the upcoming tentacle rape

>no fun allowed

If we can’t make dumb conjectures then there’s nothing left in these threads but waifufaggotry.

As I have said, Takumi getting flustered is more interesting than the autistic Tsukasa. I think he is a very pretty character but personality needs a lot of development.

So Anne is Homura basically

Souma is going to bully Azami just like his dad did, and in the future they both will bully him together when the families get together to celebrate Souma and Erina`s marriage

Hisako arc soon

user, not even you belives that.

I want Soma, Erina and Hisako to live happily together so badly.

After this we still need a christmas arc, then a X arc and then finally the valentine day arc.

I would rather Souma and Erina to have a cute cat or something.

They can have a cute pet and Hisako.

It has to happen. She's been shown putting too much hope into Souma for so long.

So both the new judges are Azami's sluts right?

Just how wet did she get at that moment?

They are trying but obviously still can't beat Saiba-senpai.

Where the fuck is Erina's mom?


If you don't want her to be the shittiest mom ever, dead.

>that asexpectedfromthemanthatwillmarrymygranddaughter grin

ded or coma

only the negress is a judge, blond slut is around for foodgasms

Maybe she divorced Azami?

Divorced Azami, married Saiba, died.

What the fuck was the point of this series not going full harem at the end and having Rokka win?

>not going full harem
This was never a harem series.

It was always a harem.

Is there any manga that dropped from most comfy (Moon banquet festival) to shit (introduction azami) so quick?

Golem Hearts
Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There

Where was the drop in berserk?

So with the new judges in place, who's gonna win, boipucci al forno or best girl?

azami was a mistake