Will Netflix be bad for anime?

Think about it. What's the one reason you like anime so much? What makes it so special? I'd imagine it's the same for most of us; it's different. It's uniquely Japanese. Netflix aren't altruists, they have put a monetary investment in the industry and want their moneys worth. Shit like Neo Yokio is just the beginning. They'll pander to anyone, even to those that don't even like anime, the ones who view it as "backwards" and "problematic". Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I guess anime is important to me, to all of us, and I don't want to lose it

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LWA was great.

Stop fear-mongering. Nothing’s going to change. Stop asking this question already.

This and Devilman

If it's not made primarily for the japanese domestic audience it's not real anime and can be safely disregarded.

This is my first post on the topic, user, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one concerned

Hopefully even if that happens, people will resist it, and all will be restored. Be hopefull, user

Don't worry about SJWs they aren't a viable source of income. Comics and video games that pander to them always underperform

If Netflix are smart, they'll know what's good for them. Don't worry so much

1. Netflix is just funding shows, not actively intervening and directing them. But let's disregard this and assume that Netflix actually is deep within the creative process
2. The anime market will not change as a whole because the amount of money made from streaming subscriptions will pale compared to that of buying physical media. you importing the BD's of your favorite show from Japan will be worth over 20 times whatever Netflix can offer to the studios, and I'm being quite generous to Netflix here. Not to mention the money that's to be made in merchandise as well. Nothing's going to change because anime studios know where their bread and butter is, worry more about the shift in demands from otaku audiences than Netflix.

Good points, thanks for the clear response

>It's uniquely Japanese
Yep. Sooner or later the West will destroy anime. Enjoy it while you can, friends. Globalization will destroy diversity. That's what it's actually intended to do.

Honestly OP people like you are the real cancer of anime, you think you own the medium and studios can only pander to your specific tastes. You probably only got into anime from some western pandering stuff in the first place like Pokemon.

I don't mean to sound judgmental, but that seems like something I'd read on Sup Forums

Sup Forums is has no shortage of retards but they're still Sup Forums to the core and yet possess some raw validity in their contrarianism.

I don't consider myself a gatekeeper to the medium, it's just that I wish for the elements that make anime so appealing to remain intact

>it's just that I wish for the elements that make anime so appealing to remain intact
what elements are those?

Harem and isekai

they didn't even exist until the 90s

Don't forget shounen battle stuff.

>be Japanese animation studio
>forced to insert cute girls and fanservice into every single title or it won't sell
I can understand why they want to branch out to other audiences, they've backed themselves into a corner by pandering to ronery perverts

It's the little things you know, like out of field power ups, unnecessarily convoluted plot and lore, pantyshots, lgbt characters that have more depth than just being lgbt

If Devilman is the way they want to anime be, the industry is fucked.

LWA and Devilman were fucking shit so I hope Netflix goes away.

America is the great culture killer. Anime is now the target.

This is actually a terrible situation and a terrible problem, and we must counter it.

it will be all worth it if they adapt THAT

>They'll pander to anyone, even to those that don't even like anime, the ones who view it as "backwards" and "problematic".
Even if this does happen (and it fucking won't), who gives a shit? If they release My Gay Black Dads: The Anime: The Series, that doesn't somehow prevent Loli Rape School Season 2 or Fan Service: Tits Time it's Per(vert)sonal from being released.

If Netflix does put out Gaijin Sensibilities Animated, don't watch it, and keep watching My Sister's Girlfriend Can't Possibly Be This Bara or whatever degenerate filth you like. The world keeps on turning, and you can still jerk it to tentacle shotas.

You fucking whiners, you lame rubes constantly complaining about "m-m-muh SJWs are gonna take my games/comics/mongoloid silk screens/etc. away" are so fucking pathetic. The huge, earth-shattering uptick of this hypothetical Netflix-ization of anime is that some anime you don't like is being made for an audience you're not a part of. You'll forgive me if I'm not horrified at this prospect, in no small part because plenty of shit anime is being made at this very moment for audiences you and I don't give a shit about.

>I'd imagine it's the same for most of us; it's different.

>muh special hobby

>literally the worst, blandest, most samey and uninventive genres of anime
>gone forever thanks to netflix
wtf i love pandering to baka gaijins now

Fuck you. Movies are dead. Music is dead. Vidya is dead. Literature is dead. Culture is dead. And now they're coming for anime. We've all seen this happen again and again but no, this time it'll be different, right? Fuck you, eat shit and die.

All the popular output of all this media has always been shit you fucking moron. We only look back fondly on old media because (for the most part) the best examples are the ones that survived. Modern music or games or whatever aren't shit because of SJWs, they're shit because they've always been shit.

Alternate explanation: as the societies that output the bulk of this media increasingly deindustrialize and switch instead to production in the cultural industries, these cultural products are increasingly made with baffling amounts of capital. Because all this media has so much money invested in it, it needs to succeed, and thereby it has to reach as wide an audience as possible: and so, as a result of these market forces, we're left with shitty, bland, samey shit, because they can't afford to alienate the bulk of the population.

The real danger isn't that SJWs will take your precious anime away, it's that some Hollywood shitheads with massive amounts of capital will see anime as a medium worthy of investing in, and they'll try to wrench it from its current position as a niche medium.

Still, even if that happens, we'll have smaller, say, indie projects that aren't shit (the same way that there's plenty of good music, movies, etc. if you actually look for it)

Don't worry. Disney is coming to kill Netflix and take it's thrown

>Netflix aren't altruists, they have put a monetary investment in the industry and want their moneys worth
Someone never heard of production committee. You know, the thing that has been crippling creators imaginary in the last 10 years or so.

Except those power ups all this shit already happen in western shows. Well, except that instead of panty shots you just get tits. And lgbt characters in Japanese are flat as fuck.

No, fuck you.

Hollywood money and influence must not be allowed in anime. I'm point blank refusing to watch Netflix anime just as I do not watch Hollywood movies.

It is better for anime to fucking die than to become a sock puppet of SJW infested, nigger worshipping, faggot laden Hollywood propaganda machine. Anime does not have a problem. Hollywood and liberalism are the problem, and anime is a part of the solution.

You have to be a fucking imbecile to not see that prior to the US election (((they))) noticed that Sup Forums Anons were heavily into anime. This is their revenge. They're trying to weasel their way into the industry to pollute it, to kill it, to normify it.

So fuck you, you are either a paid shill or just a shitty human. Either way I despise you utterly and wish you and everyonbe who is involved in this or supports it, a painful, protracted death lasting at least a year of being bedridden and wallowing in your own shit.

Again, fuck you. Eat shit and die you subversive normie fuck.

The millennial garbage aesthetic of Crybaby was pretty vomit-inducing.

Anime is already creatively bankrupt trash garbage.

I don't like Netflix either and actively boycotting them, but you're a fucking delusional faggot
Get off of Sup Forums and never come back

Here, go and worship your Jews:


I call them as I see them.

Isekai isn't even a thing. It had a brief start with Konosuba and Re Zero but it failed to really take over the medium.


Highly unlikely. Netflix is investing in anime because there is absolutely no way Disney will associate itself with anime.

>Lately my litles sister's fart problem has been getting worse"

>reddit spacing

Because Chinese cartoons are what Disney and Netflix are concerned with
>there is absolutely no way Disney will associate itself with anime.
>pic related

There is no such thing as reddit spacing. It's the original way of posting here, and I should know. I've been here since 2006.

Simply put die from bone cancer.

This is the mentality that made western cartoons unwatchably ugly and crude. Anime aesthetic do not require change. They're excellent already.

>Hollywood money and influence must not be allowed in anime
I mean, I basically said this. Hollywood movies are shit, prestige TV is shit, most popular music is shit, most AAA video games are shit, etc. And this has pretty well always been the case. If you want good media, you're not ever going to have it spoonfed to you. You'll have to look for it yourself. If anime is ever Hollywood-ified: same deal. Skip the popular trash, and look for something that actually appeals to your tastes. There will always be niche media.

Actually, even right now, you have to look for good anime if you're not a complacent fucking moron content with season 10 of the hottest isekai show, I Live In A Cell Phone Now (or one of its three spinoff series) or Harem: The Anime, but it's, like, different species of sharkgirls now.

>become a sock puppet of SJW infested, nigger worshipping, faggot laden Hollywood propaganda machine
Anime is gay as hell my dude. It's probably the most degenerate media that exists today (it's literally, in some small way, keeping people from forming families and having children). Also, is your main gripe with contemporary media that it doesn't pander overwhelmingly to conspiracy theorists and white supremacists? Popular media appeals to people with popular, normal (healthy) views on, say, race or sexuality, and since the vast majority of people don't really give a shit about race or sexuality (barring SJWs and Sup Forums retards) it's not exactly surprising that, say, black characters aren't all mammy or jigaboo archetypes or something.

>subversive normie

animes been fuckin dead for 10 years so nothing changes op

I don't support shitty tweening or ugly animation shortcuts, but there's nothing wrong with novel visual styles, and, yes, these sorts of chances make series more interesting to watch than the vast majority of anime, which is overwhelmingly poorly animated anyway -- you do realize most anime series are still frames with three frames of mouth flapping right? Anime isn't an especially dynamic visual medium to begin with.

Apart from that, animation shortcuts will always be employed when budgets are tight. It's not some incredible scandal that, say, Devilman had some occasionally ugly flash animation.

>Lately my little sister's fart problem has been getting worse

Unironically a lot of anons would probably consider it AOTY

>unironically getting mad that cultural sensibilities from the late 1800s aren't reflected in contemporary media

Netflix can't compete with Disney on live action, so they invest in anime, which is a faster growing market. Disney will never produce anime other than kid-friendly ones.

Nice try, CR PR team

AS long as they give money to anime directors such as Masaaki, no problem for me. And if they start creating new content, just shit on them and focus on what japanese authors do. I can not imagine Netflix killing anime, just because their style is so different that the american corporation will not steal viewers from japan animation

Since it has become obvious that the US anime audience is hideously deformed, I'm putting my hopes in Japan as such. I hope they shrug off this cancer and continue to entertain us.

I also hope that everyone involved with Netflix dies a horrible and painful death. I from my end point blank refuse to watch anything Netflix is involved in. Hollywood as a whole needs to die, and anime is how we kill it.

>Disney will never produce anime other than kid-friendly ones.
Disney owns like a sixth of all global media production companies, and I imagine it'll subsume some of the other big players in the next couple decades. If they ever got into the anime game, more adult series might not come out from Disney's Kid Movies Ltd., but they could come out of the Mankiller Studios (a subsidiary of A&E, a subsidiary of the Disney-ABC television partnership, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney & Fox & Comcast Conglomerate: The Happiest Conglomerate on Earth)

>Netflix can't compete
Anime is still a niche market no matter how you opt to cut it, and CR for better or worse has that market locked.
Literally no normalfag buys Netflix for the anime, they buy it for all the live action shit, like Marvel, or Stranger Things. Once those go away, the won't have shit.
And the community isn't going to buy because, why would we when there are torrents easily available possibly even months before they even get to the fucking thing.
Disney doesn't give a shit about the weeb market, unless they decide to spontaneously buy Ghibli or Trigger one day, which might be possible the way things are going. And on that day Netflix will have truly nowhere to run to.

The only thing Disney produces is shit.

I don't at all disagree. I'm just saying some of that shit is targeted toward adults (or at least manbabies)

>but I guess anime is important to me, to all of us
How proud are you of yourself after typing such a faggy line like that.

This. I wouldn't mind SOME branching out.

Maybe, but i'll still take their shit over CGDCT and novelshit any time of the day.

>hating on Devilman
The drawings were not cute enough for you? It's an amazing anime, with good impact visuals, a nice retelling of the classic story and plenty of shock value that Go Nagai would've loved to no end.
If you want "nice" looking shit there's also Violet Evergarden, various fate shit, Dragon Dentist, fucking Blame There's something for everyone, don't go around talking like Netflix ruined your magic secret club.