The sheeps are people!

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Woah look, it's best meido!

Best weapon ever!

She looks so cool!

>the same crypto-commie who attempts to subvert every thread into Sup Forumsitical discussion is also the one keeping the general going.
Color me surprised.

>The sheeps are people!



EE sounds cute.

>hire a female VA for the trap character
>don't hire a male VA for the reverse trap character

>NW levels = Ygg levels
>Ainz SPLATs 130k+ people, but he isn't evil
>GB is CZ ripping your dick off
>1500 Nazarick Raiders were weak with too much NPC mercs
>Kyouhukou is strongest because Aura and Albedo are afraid of him
>BS can't beat Pleiades
>Sebas is a manslut: falling for first whore he saves
>Chagama saw Peroronchino fap while wearing her clothes
>Workers dindu, Ainz is just a cunt
>EE bug spray %HP damage
>Gazef is stronger than Go Gin
>30 100lvl Golems guard 8GK base
>DDDL 150+lvl and is still training
>Fluder only ages when he casts magic
>Lizards are best volume, user is just jelly of steamy lizard sex
>Gazef can't beat DK even with his gear
>BR wrecked Entoma, Entoma is weak
>Leinas was struck by a [death curse], so monster must be ded
>Peroronchino is leading winged tribes
>Overlord=shounen, Climb=MC
>Elf king is a Player
>Gear does not matter: unarmed Chair is just as strong as armed
>There is nothing wrong with male Valkyries and male Succubi
>Ainz brainwashed CZ to love him more than her own creator
>Scrub with Divine Tier sword can't hurt Ainz
>Demiurge commands NPC in case of enemy attack, so he is commander-type NPC
>Aura and Shalltear failed Ainz by not accepting Quagoa surrender
>All living things are machines
>Ainz grieves SoD deaths every day
>Cocytus is not a pervert
>Climb can get stronger by defeating monsters
>Gazef can't beat Fluder
>"Book of The Dead" Fluder has is just an occult fluff
>Kobolds are canine
>Clementine is < 30 lvl
>Enri's Redcaps under buffRemedios, Gustav and Prince are all doppels
>Vol12 intermission was canon
>Niea bow makes her stronger
>NPC can rebel
>Renner is barely IQ160
>Any WCI counters World Savior completely
>World savior expires in five minutes
>lvl20 clad in Divine easily defeats lvl40 in Legacy gear
>Maruyama is a little girl
>Strongest entity is Player with stat-draining WCI

>Polar bearShalltear8GK=Demon Gods
>Fluder was in 13 Heroes
>13 Heroes fought 8GK
>Pleiades total lvl 327 and BS total lvl ~450, but BS can't beat Pleiades
>[Low Tier Damage Nullification]=noob+Divine tier Sword can't hurt Ainz
>CD is Akemi' rape-child
>GuardiansBDL/SCDL is the strongest DL because other DL fear him
>Blue Rose went to Republic to consult with PDL on a matter of SKAOG
>Nigredo and Pestonya should have been executed for treason
>Ulbert cucked Touch Me
>Gazef died to show Ainz' abilities to Climb and Brain
>Mare betrayed Ainz and MCed Shalltear
>PW Ainz is 75lvl warrior
>WN is canon and generally better
>Chagama caught Peroronchino masturbating while wearing her clothes
>6GG left the ST with full sets of divine gear
>8GK needed to 8v1 last 6GG to defeat him
>Maruyama is a little girl
>Dragon loli is actually a dragon milf, it's not her form
>IRL human can defeat a tiger barehanded
>Rubedo is not the strongest one in Nazarick
>Floor guardians are raid bosses
>Ainz is creating a Socialist Utopia that poses no threat to humanity

You can't say her looks don't make a big impact.

Why is Solution's maid outfit so slutty?

Everyone else is fetishistic but classy.

For marketing itself as an adult dark series, overlord is too light.
All the bad stuff is told as a passing mention or in little detail like he's being cautious.
The vol 12 fanfic sidestory was better than the novel, maruyama needs take some inspiration from that, has anyone send it to him yet?

I've re-read vol 6 and it bothered me a bit how despite Momon being hired by Raeven they never have a single scene where they interact.

It's mentioned in passing because it's funnier that way. Overlord is a comedic series before it is a gratuitous/edgy series.

I wonder if he comes back at some point after fucking off during the great splat

That's not entirely true. While you're right about a lot of the horror/gore being told in passing, there's a bunch of scenes were Matuyama goes into detail about the torture of deaths of people. I distinctly remember most of vol. 7 and the brothel scene were told in great detail.

If you want actual dark then present a serious moral dilemma not some trashy paragraph describing penis going into vagina

>inspiration from the retarded furry porn tier fanfic

>BS can't beat Pleiades
That's true though. Sebas will just destroy them all including ZZ.

>vol 12 fanfic sidestory
What's this? Another translation joke Nigel wrote for fun or something?

Rape and ntr is serious darkness though.
I want him to go through with the situations instead of blue balling and off screening everything.

Is blonde hair and green eyes top tier, even above blonde hair and blue eyes?

Light green eyes are shit, deep green eyes are great.

She's constantly trying to get men caught in her booby trap

but blonde hair with light blue eyes is greater

Red hair with anything is better than that.

If Overlord threads are general, then they do a damned good job at constantly discussing the material in comparison to other generals.

That's not her outfit.

Patrician taste.

Black hair with black sclera and black iris are the best

Why is she such a whore?

I personally find that stuff to be porn-tier most of the time and I don't think Maruyama is a good enough writer to make an impactful rape scene.

If she wants innocent humans, isn't it somewhat counterproductive to have such image?


I'm sure if he put his mind to it he could. But I think that his problem is that he seems to enjoy writing the torture porn so much, that he may forget to make it impactful. I guess we'll see how well he can write that stuff once vol. 13 comes out, if his tweets are any indication of how it will be.

That's because the source material in Overlord is more convoluted than your average nip manga or anime, so this feels more like a weird book club. Doesn't take away from the fact that this is a general and generals shouldn't be a thing on Sup Forums.

I'm really banged up about her death.

No but for real now. Fuck. Why did he kill her?

>/olg/ - Overlord General

she'll come back to life anyway

we all know it'll happen. Maruyama wouldn't make such a hotty only to let her stay dead

What happens if she seduces climb?

Did they even talk about resurrecting her? I cant remember.

Who are you quoting?

>official name is Blue Roses (plural) just like in YP

fan translators BTFO

Yes, the Sorcerer King said it would be difficult and there's no one in the Holy Kingdom who can resurrect.

Undead Holy Queen would be hilarious.

>trusting the same people who translate Ainz as Ains and Tsuare as Tuare

>April the 27th


her name is Ivileye not evileye

how would you fair if you were sucked into the life of your last main character?

Perfectly well.

How will they animate season 4 with the SPLATs and season 6 with this? It's just too gore for TV.

This. I want an entire chapter of Evileye undergoing hellish, endless torture by Demiurge and Entoma, until her mind breaks and she begs for death, only to be ignored and suffer even worse torment. Preferably as Momon/Ainz watches her. Neia would work as well.

Same way they animated Log Horizon S3.

Thats not dark, thats just a edgy teen fantasy.

Bugfags everyone, still sore their shitty waifu got rekt by NWers.

I might die.

And then we had vol 7

Yeah, no. It would serve to prove that Maruyama isn't afraid of hurting popular characters and that no one in the story is safe.

What does that have to do with you being an edgy faggot?


But Maruyama already isn't an edgy writer? It's just that he hasn't stopped beating around the bush yet. Hopefully vol. 13 will change this.

> outfit
Solution is always nude.

That would make her the shittiest of the Pleiades since gear matters a lot.

She only equips gear during battle. Just look at Cocytus being naked all the time, then suddenly wears armor during the Lizardmen fight.

Why is the manga TL so shit?

Yen press.

>people actually want to see EE die a horrible death
>let alone die
I don't understand this.

Is this any fun? Or boring slice of life shit?

It's fun slice of shit.

>boring harem slice of shit
You nearly got it right.

I'm pretty sure that you can't be a virgin and a whore at the same time.

It's actually better than Overlord.

Go bait somewhere else.

What is one thing the all stories about a hero vs. evil empire have in common?
> The hero wins?
No. The most important part of the story is the evil empire exists. Somewhere between "villain of the week" and "good triumphs over evil", there's a sweet spot where tyrants are in charge for years.

Overlord is a story about those tyrants.

>Is this any fun?
If the manga's anything to go by it stops being good by the time they get out of the first dungeon, so about episode 3-4 or so.

She was never confirmed dead, only assumed.

I see /jp/ is leaking again.

> It would serve to prove that Maruyama isn't afraid of hurting popular characters and that no one in the story is safe.
>What is Vol7.

>booby trap
This just dawned on me, truly poetry

No, everyone under ainz's rule is treated nice and fair.
The kingdom with it's royals and nobles that allowed 8 fingers to exist is the real tyranny.

How do you fuck that up?

How new

you a dummy


how do you fuck THAT up?

have a (you)


But that's the beauty of it. All creatures alike learn the joys of being Ainzsama's subjects, and those who reject Him are quick to perish.

The LN often tells the bad stuff in great detail, but the anime avoids it. Take for example the Shalltear's massacre against the bandits. She made one of the bandits lick clean the floor and her shoes, which were dirty with splattered brain, blood and other stuff. There were also a bunch of sex slave women in their hideout. She even turned one of the bandits into a lesser vampire and used him as Bowling ball, leaving a very gory sight on the entrance of the hideout.
None of it was shown in the anime.

in the butt

Also even in the LN the editor seems to prevent Maruyama from going too far, like with the anallord thing.


> You will never be a chair
What's the point of unliving?

Why are solution and Narbel so similar in their monstrous quality? Author couldn't decide on something else?


Bugfags I tell you.

They are literally nothing alike user