What's your Fav Berserk frame

What's your Fav Berserk frame

Pic related. It's so perfect

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too many to count, ill cheat and post two




Imagine the entirety of Misty Valley animated
With perfect art direction, animation and soundtrack of course, not factoring in budget

This was pretty powerful

Some nights I dream of a budget so huge it could feed thousands of malnourished animators.

The bottom part but with some context


why is the lost children arc the best?

There's a lot of great moments with Guts being evil or super pissed in Misty Valley
I wouldn't mind a faithful adaptation of only that, don't even need to animate the entire manga.

Fantasia/Falcon Arc
>Every bg character has to say "Woah Guts fights like a monster!" every time he whips out his sword

Misty Valley
>Guts interrupts a touching moment between Rosine and Jill by erupting out of a water so he can deliver the killing blow on to a child

Can't compete

That bottom panel screams the influence Devilman had on Berserk.

That's what I was thinking with Slug Baron part where he's about to stab him to death


This always reminds me of him

I guess all the best ones are Lost Children

It is known.

>no donovan yet

check out this epic edit too.
guts is SICK

We found our self an edge lord

Probs a new fag too

That's fucking terrible user
Screams edgy tumblr edit



Guts saving his waifu


Is Berserk the greatest Seinen of all time?

Are you the guy that posted that in the other Berserk-related thread

No, it's not finished.

>implying the hack hasn't finished writing it
>implying the hack isn't just too lazy to finish drawing it

You say that like its a bad thing.
>insert conflicted shamo face


i like this one for some reason

>it isn't finished either

I see a pattern

Fire Punch

Is Lost Children too lewd for animation?

Fuck I laughed

>that translation

>In middle of intense fight
>Naked Loli moth tells protag that she wants to fuck him

How the fuck would normies comprehend this?

Ichi the Killer.

I don't know how anyone would manage it without it being classified with porn.

i prefer the official one sorry

nice get and I dream of a berserk anime thats actually decently animates something beyond the golden age

American normies would blow a fucking gasket.
Especially those "reaction" channels.
Sucks because it's a really good little story of its own.
Guts is the one larger-than-life, classic, tragic mythical warrior.
Puck is kind of like the Greek choir or something, following along, experiencing the story at a comfortable view point. Also he's literally the funniest in LC.
And Jill is the character that goes through her own arc in the story.


How old is Rosine actually? She's four years older than Jill who I have trouble believing is younger than 13. Hardly a loli.


Loli as in the body-type. Jill currently looks like Rosine from the past. So a couple years have passed. Rosine still looks young though but shes does have smol breasts.

Maybe she's like 16 or 17 idk.


Femto is just pure sex.



Good point. I wonder if her appearance has anything to do with the fact that her Apostle form made her stop ageing.

I want to pound femto.


really makes you think



Replace her with schierke

miura really doesnt give a fuck huh?


Imagine this fucking scene animated.
It's fine if Game of Thrones does it, but if it's animated
>It's perverted
I did not expect this the first time I read this

>63 posts
>no rapehorse


Meme answer

Great scene

Real answer

i wish i had puck as a pet


Who did this?

that scene was the most WTF moment of the series. even more than the eclipse

This moment in particular evoked the most disgust in a manga I've ever had. Not even the rest of berserk topped the sheer unease I felt after seeing that, not quite sure why it hit me so hard. God I still hate it so much.

It came out of nowhere, makes sense though. The way it was drawn. Two established characters. Father on innocent teen daughter rape. How pitifully disgusting the King acted and looked when he blames Griffith for everything after his daughter kicks him in the face.


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

It's certainly the most fun, early enough so no NPCs got added to the party and late enough so Guts is an established character and Miura knew what the fuck he was doing with him.

Also it still had the almost comedic edgieness from the first chapters.
Laughed pretty hard at the moment when all those burned fairys turned back into children.

i don't care anymore

That's not Cosby, it's Ainsley.

Check out dis EBIN edid too :DDDDD
Guds is SIGGG :DDD

Berserk can be pretty funny
That part where Farther Mozgus gets super pissed when Casca is saved by Isidro.

Why the fuck do people keep saying that Berserk stops being good after GA when Conviction had the most thrilling fucking climax.
Non-stop excitement the moment Guts finally arrives to Albion.


Yeah i really like when a show introduces some kind of villian team and doesn't waste time between fighting them.
Really liked this arc but i didn't like Mozgus himself that much and i was a bit suprised they didn't do more with this egg guy.
Guess a lot of people only remember many bad characters that got introduced around that time.




I rest easy knowing that with the stylistic changes, no matter how flowery, Guts will never again make that stupid fucking face


if a fan of GAR gattsu, not edgy guts. for me, he's at his best just before he doff the berserker armor and gets all skunky



Everytime I see this face this is the first thing that comes to my mind





I don't have it saved for some reason but I always loved the page where Guts rescues Casca from the cultists and demon goat during the conviction arc.

Someone else already posted it user.

its in here somewhere