What was your honest opinion of this show?

A friend of mine is really adamant about me watching this show. Is it better than others in the genre?

Boring af.

it's slow paced, if you can get through the boring parts the great parts are amazing

good character drama but people complain it drags after a certain event. It also takes the isekai takes the consequences seriously. They make the enemies look like they're doing nothing wrong

It is the anti-isekai, and probably the most realistic. Characters are not smartphone jesus, just kids who get thrown into a ruthless world and die.

Pretty good. Also Mary a unquestionable best.

alright I appreciate it. I semi enjoy the isekai style shows. Do you guys have any recommendations for others that are good?

the fight choregraphy is very good. there is a lot of weight in the movements. the characters move like untrained people, and they are. so yeah it's pretty decent at least for that.

Report this shit.

I enjoyed so muchthat I picked up novel

If you like watching anime for entertainment then this isnt the show for you

the best entry in the isekai subgenre is ages. beautiful are, good audio direction, well structured narrative and character development. its one of the few titles that actually deserves a second season but wont ever get one, especially not that the studio that drew the backgrounds went out of business.

It's okay.

Retarded okayness

If you enjoy your isekai being almost entirely of insert songs, maybe.

It's one of the better isekai out there, but tends to forego substance and plot in favor of extended drama (which still makes sense in-universe, as the characters are teenagers who are being pushed to their limits). Wish the mechanics of the world-crossing which brought the protags to the new world got explored more.
Ranta best boy, it's been a while since I've seen an initially unsympathetic character get so much believable developement.

Something about yume and yome

>especially not that the studio that drew the backgrounds went out of business.
Who let this happen? Those panning stills were some of my favorite parts.

It's pretty good because they're all scrubby shitters who work together to defeat even the most basic monsters but some shit happens and it goes complete garbage.

The female designs are delicious though.


Besides Grimgar I've only ever watched Zero no Tsukaima, SAO, Log Horizon, Re:Zero, Overlord, KonoSuba, GATE, and I guess Drifters if that counts as Isekai. I can't really say where Grimgar sits in the Isekai genre but I think looking at Isekai as a genre is pretty dumb anyways. Each of those shows provides you with something different even if most have a binding similarity that it revolves around characters living out a power fantasy. Grimgar is different though as it is a slow burner about a climb up from the bottom and a more realist look at how people might react if they found themselves in a scary fantasy world loosely based on a video game.

Well I can say for certain that Yume is mai yome

the best girl

damn that looks nice and comfy

here she is

but look how beautiful she is.She's perfect

But how can Yume be the best girl when Shihoru exists?

What's up with the recent splurge in Grimgar popularity, anyway? I've seen more threads for it in the last month than I have for the last year. Not unwelcome, but still strange.

No, its the most boring and edgy one. I bet your friend is like an edgy sao fag.

Ranta is best girl lads

>It is the anti-isekai, and probably the most realistic. Characters are not smartphone jesus, just kids who get thrown into a ruthless world and die.
Best description.

>Ranta best boy, it's been a while since I've seen an initially unsympathetic character get so much believable development.
I agree. He initially got on my nerves, but I ended up loving him and his weird conversations and attitude with everyone.

>Do you guys have any recommendations for others that are good?

Overlord. Strange mix of a power fantasy and a tale of "be careful what you wish for". Main character is an undead lich necromancer and it takes place in what initially appears to be a "trapped in the game" world. It's actually a real fantasy world where, for unknown reasons, players and elements of a game appear as otherworldly aberrations, causing all sort of disasters/creating fleeting empires/leaving culture, clueless descendants and powerful objects behind. Its original magic system, Soul Magic, has been partially corrupted and has to co-exist with a version of itself that resembles the magic system of the game, called Tier magic.
It has action, comedy, dark comedy (the MC and his minions are mostly evil or too willing to sacrifice anyone to protect their "family", even if they don't particularly like those tasks). The "light novels" are VAST; they're basically proper books with a considerable amount of world-building and the aspect of how the MC is "slowly digging his own grave" into a role he don't necessarily desire is most clear when compared to the show.
Other good/prominent entries in the genre are: and
- I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (has a good manga, a terrible title and a worse synopsis, but it's a good adventure story once you go past the first 10 chapters and meet the secondary protagonist and wielder of the sword: Fran the Black catkin a.k.a "Adorable ball of Murder and Battlelust").

Episodes 1-4: Yay we're in this magical world let's kill goblins and shit
Episodes 5-12: Oh boy our friend got killed let's cry about it till the last scene of the fucking show.

the company’s director had health problems

Goblins did nothing wrong.

Armpits-kun and Manato should have fucked.

boring. theres a limit to incompetency before saying fuck this im out. obviously you dont want insta supersoldiers after 1 ep but these kids are fucking retarded the whole way through and refuse to learn.

Yume is fucking shit. She's dumb and ugly. Mary is the best.

I'm the best. You can't denay it

you are so cute user

In short, this was the big pull for me to this series. Had a lot of fun doing the collages. The threads were fun as fuck as well, good times.

forgot to quote, this as in the art and backgrounds.

What's the name of the original painting?

Westminster Assembly of Divines

>Ranta best boy, it's been a while since I've seen an initially unsympathetic character get so much believable developement
This user speaks the true. I just want to teach him how to be less tsundere.

Ranta is for wild hate sex, Manato is true waifu material.
>heals you
>provides food and cares for you
>whores himself in the tavern to drunkmen for information
>self loathing

It is the best one in the genre. But since children like find it "boring" or too slow paced it's never as discussed as SAO and the likes.

Too much NTR in it.

I found it bland and didn't care for the video game like mechanics for the attacks and power ups but what I did like was how comfy the poor village was. It had a Sora no Woto kind of feeling towards. Seeing them work together to benefit the group was one of the better points of the anime.

Yume tied with the Assassin cake are my choices for best girls. Fatty Witch is worst.

Post the doujin, you know the one. Where they still can't kill goblins but the 3 girls 'save' everyone.


No, fuck Ranta. He's even more abrasive in the novels. If he was on my team, someone's going to suffer friendly fire, a lot.

Oh boy, you haven't seen anything yet. Haru meets his childhood friend, and she dies. Then the big guy dies. Then Mary dies, and is brought back to life as a kind of conjoined personality.


yume* myb

they're pretty fucking weak for much of the series. It's kind of interesting seeing them struggle and grow from their experiences.

It's more that they level realistically, i.e. every fight is always going to be a threat. You know, like real life, where you risk getting killed no matter how well-trained you are.

>It's more that they level realistically
None of the other groups struggled as much as them. They really are just shit.

Which is fine. It's nice to actually follow people who are bad and have to work at getting good rather than generic black haired jap who everyone looks down on but is secretly op af.

Manato died for your sins!

Better than Phantom World.

Yume is my yome.

The show was mediocre but it did one thing really well. That catharsis when MC accepts Manato's death is legitimately 10/10.

It's good enough to get me to read the novels.

The feel kinda reminds me of stalker, but only in the level of unknown danger. Like these guys are so average that they come very close to dying in most fights. Hell characters die all the time. They could turn a corner and get stomped at any time.

I'm actually kinda expecting a sole survivor situation eventually.

It's okay-ish but Ranta is one of the most annoying fags in the history of anime.


I love the absolute feeling of desperation in every fight whenever they find something remotely out of the norm.
Like, they spend their entire time killing the equivalent of Goblins and Slimers wherever they go and whenever something that actually puts up a fight (even just Orcs) shows up it ends with them literally biting at the monster's necks in desperate attempts of survival.

Does The Twelve Kingdoms count as Isekai once you get past a certain point?

It's not a bad show, bit slow, but I honestly just watched it for Yume, she was about 90% of what I liked about the show.

This is really good in isekai genre,they really build the world and make it realistic,with balanced power

I'm fond of the premise. Isekai, except you're a scrub, and your party mates are also the last picks of gym class. Have fun.


i fucking loved it, especially when mary joins
season 2 when?

It was nice to see a different isekai story, but instead of leaning on one extreme where everyone is the best at everything, the story goes in the exact opposite direction and makes everyone consistently shit.
It's actually impressive how many team members they've managed to lose.

The Grimgar novels are pretty good too, but they lack a bit of world building, all of the info about the world they are in comes directly from Haru who is also an unreliable narrator, you can see this more clearly during vol 7 and 4.

Ranta is for dominance/passive.

Ranta is the reason they are still alive, he got stronger and fought harder while the rest were too passive to get better.

Pretty much everyone got stronger except Yume you filthy Rantafag

it´s good, but logh is better

I meant sao

It's definitely worth a watch, just for how different it feels from other Isekai. I think it handles characters pretty maturely as well. Ranta is a prime example. You may or may not like him but he's quite well-written for someone in his role. The action and music are both pretty great, and if nothing else I really don't think it'll be a waste of your time OP.

A slow burn. A more "realistic" isekai story, i.e. a group of teenagers transported to another world do not suddenly learn how to fight. Nice background art.