Ok, choose wisely your company for this night!

Ok, choose wisely your company for this night!
Left or Right?

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Flower of thanatos

But wont you miss Hisui's and Kohaku's individualities?


But she is not in Thanatos world.

(You) is the culprit.


Wait a minute, there is something very off about them.


Nonsense. Stop thinking about it

Neither is OPs picture.

Correct answer.

But Kohaku. If you changed your mind she's just dress up and act like her sister for you.

Patrician tier evening company.

Who's that?

Ok, if Hisui and Kohaku mindmerge as Flowers of Thanatos, what would their final personality be like? Scenario itself don't gave good detail on that beside both talking in synchro. Any idea?

Literally who?


But will you be OK, with result.

Rape both.


Kind of sucks that you only get a chance to have the dream on the near side routes of which there are only 2. By the time I found that out I had already overwritten my near side saves.

Where the fuck is the remake.

Uuum, I'm not sure you're giving me a fair choice, user.
There's something weird about their eyes.

Never, just like every year hope for something in TM Ace.

The KT scene where Shiki doggy style fucks Kohaku is so hot, even though I'm pretty sure it's the origin of the "mollusk" meme.
You'd think she'd be totally frigid in bed like Fujino from KnK, but she sure can fake it well.

Even if you knew that they technically won't be "Kohaku" and "Hisui" anymore?

Of course, they'll live on as Hisuikoha or Kohahisui.

What's up with all the Tsukihime threads recently?I've also seen that Melty Blood has become a meme in the FGC. what's making this happen?

Nothing weird. Everything is absolutely fine.

People are reminiscing about the times Type-moon made good stories and characters.

Which just returns us to question what personalities of Hisuikoha and Kohahisui be like.

I miss Tsukihime.
You can't have a normal TM thread starting with Fate without it being invaded by newfags and GO shit, so Tsuki threads are the way to go.

I dunno user, phone up that mushroom and ask.

both because why settle for one when you get a threesome with minimal effort

Seeing Tsukihime images always makes me mad since Nasu is nothing but a giant hack now


You're not supposed to post prime Takeuchi-drawn meido pussy on a blue board.

How many Ciel fans are just gurofags who were really turned on by her backstory? (both as Roa, and as a guinea pig for the Church)
On Pixiv, she seems to be the one who gets the most "weird" fanart by far.

Well, at very least is safe to say that their fused minds could be flexible enough for a lot of fun. Just imagine:

>Two Hisuis for day.
>Two Kohakus for day.
>"Kohaku" with Hisui's personality, "Hisui" with Kohaku's personality for day
>completely identical synchro for day
>and much more

So many posibilities how spend time with them in that state. Just say what would be your choice?

But that threesome will have consequences.

Important question, what will be Hisuikoha's and Kohahisui's cooking be like?

Just give me Arc and Ciel doing paizuri sandwich. Nothing more is needed.

That desperately needed to be a scene in KT.
It would go beyond paizuri, of course. I wonder which one Shiki would fuck first when given the choice, both of their bodies ready, right in front of him.

Didn't mean to spoiler that, but I suppose Ciel is too sexy for unprepared eyes.

Too bad that only time when Takeuchi ever draw paizuri scene was with disguised Kohaku.

>That desperately needed to be a scene in KT.
Any chance for that being included in remake, if they keep ero scenes?

They won't. If they did, I guess we could hope for some extra dreams, courtesy of Len.

Imouto big power level.

Not even chance for some good expansion in Ciel Good route?

Let's hope for a somewhat lewd, very romantic "rivalry" for that ending in the Remake.
If it's successful,, we won't be lacking in doujins and fanart. I'm sure Arc and Ciel's lewd bodies will inspire many dirty minds.


Well, Takeuchi himself directly confirmed that they both are same cup size, which mean, that they are definitely perfect for sandwich. That ending definitely need include something. At worst at least symmdocking or Shiki being squeezed between their tits.

>you failed to protect Satsuki
>you will never protect Satsuki

Here's a better version

Well, most likely seems some mixture of their original personalities. But that raises one more question. If they are now basically two persons with same individuality and only their eye colors would remains as their last distinguishing sigh of who was who (their inevitable messing with contact lenses aside for now), how would you use that? Would you play more with Hisuikoha or Kohahisui? Or you stopped carring about their individualities that don't exist anymore anyway and follow their wish of equal love?

Tsuki remake when?

People know this is a metaphor right?

Lef... Wait a second!

It's metaphorically non metaphorical.


Wait...Those eyes...

I honestly don't even want the Remake anymore. I know it'll just disappoint

Uh, well if we go by the story, I should choose right. Left - yellow eyes, that is - will probably end up trying to kill me, and I won't fall for the same switch that Shiki did.

This user solved it.

I choose Arc.

>if they keep ero scenes?
Oh dear.

You're a sneaky little bastard I'll give you that much.


Those hips are sinful.

>>if they keep ero scenes?
>Oh dear.
Officially undecided! That's it!


Kohaku. I don't think I'll ever forget my first run-through of her route. The very few times her "mask" cracked in front of Shiki, it always gave me a bunch of complicated feelings whenever it happened.

What would happen if Takeuchi seen this?

Hisui was who I preferred in Melty, so I'll go with her.

She's perfect.

Childhood is wanting to fuck Kohaku
Adulthood is realizing a comfy tea afternoon with Hisui it's the patrician choice.

At least she's a happy vigilante hero in Melty


Man, back then it sure was fun reading the Nrvnqsr forums in expectation for new translations of anything.

Now I don't really care about TM. Good for them for making money with GO I guess.

Just somebody say me how to say "Make it happen, please!" in japanese and I will send it on his email.


There's no way her body is a sin, she's a good Church girl!

She canonically smells like shit

Smelling like curry is not smelling like shit, you poor soul who's never tasted curry.

Stupid sexy vamp.

This is my wife Caster and my daughterwife Len.

How did you kidnap a cute kid from another town and maker her your daughter, Kuzuki?
Why would you want to marry a cat too?


Oh no! It's Arc's cooking!


Right. This doesn't trick me.
Kohaku is still on the right, she's just wearing contacts. Kohaku's in-game spite doesn't have pupils.