Made in Abyss

Ozen is for ____

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beating up our shotas

>Ozen in normal clothes

But only until they submit and start crossdressing to escape the beatings.

Full nelson her huge body.

Being gross

Those are cute though. Imagine her giggling like a little school girl when you explore them with your tongue.


licking little boy buttholes

There's nothing a little moisturizer won't fix.

Imagine pulling back her comb over and licking her bald head

relaxing with in an onsen?

How about some strip poker instead?

But I'm bad at poker

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>sexualizing ozen

Stop. This has gone too far.


Ozen is very sexual.

>no pins in her thighs
One fucking job user.

>Last thread barely lasted 20 minutes
Thread in abyss

I guess people are tired, simply wait for the next chapter

>All this geriatric assaulters
Let the grumpy granny be

I just read it all over the past couple of days. It got better as it went on. I have no interest in watching the anime, so I'm left waiting and wondering when Vol. 7 will release.

I just want to rub my cheek against hers and cuddle her to sleep.

I think it was because the OP had >edition indicative of a general

Forever 17.

>Furries,homosexuals (Nanachi fags)
>Pedophiles (Riko fags)
>Pedophiles, homosexuals (Reg fags)
>Pedophiles, homosexuals, trannies (Maruk fags)
>Gerontophilics (Ozen fags)
Cesspool of degenerates

Did the manga ever reveal the request Jiruo got when he let Ozen rape him in the ass?

>Forgetting about Bestdad and Best Science
You're part of the problem.

There is nothing wrong about liking Best Dad.


What if I like all of them but I'm not aroused by any of them?

Wait Maruruk is a boy? How did I miss that? Where is that demonstrated? Why does he crossdress?

the anime is pretty good though

>Teratophilia (Mitty fags)

Thats what im saying, Bondrewd will take us all to a glorious dawn.
What crime has he committed that was not for the good of all mankind user?
Its more blatant in the anime but yeah, he/she dresses as a girl but is actually a boy. There is no stated reason for this, but Ozen is the one that has him do it. For reasons unknown....


I might be a Riko fag but I don't want to fuck her

Tsukushi is a fucking sicko

I haven't seen the anime. Where exactly does the manga hint at it?

this scene is a bit more explored in the anime.


At the bottom its clear Reg asks her something embarrassing but its never brought up except for the next page where they talk about Ozen being a good master despite being odd. Its understandable that you wouldnt assume he asked about her being a boy but in the anime Reg actually asks if she is a he.
I suggest watching the anime because there is other added stuff thats kind of subtle in the Manga that i liked the anime for.

>Lyza cucked her with Torka
>Leader cucked her with Lyza
Not a surprise poor Mark is so isolated. Probably his vision is actually okay, but Ozen simply scared that her helpless victim will find someone better on surface.



Oh right. I wondered what that was alluding to but I never considered that. I figured Reg said something about "her" chest, given what he did when Riko was unconscious, but that seemed too forward for his character, then I just stopped caring and kept reading because I like the adventure/horror aspects more.

Always forget about that too actually. I really need to re-read the extras and stuff.

When was this?


what's with all the pedo shit? like hanging naked children from the ceiling and old men checking out childrens dicks? the fuck is wrong with people in japan?

Its in the 3rd extra I believe, there are four of them total....if im not mistaken.
Whats with it? Stick around and find out about our innocent and childlike Mangaka user, you may learn a thing or two.

>forgetting best girl Lyza

Kill the meme bug.

>almost never presented to arouse
When will facebergs leave?

in volume 6 there are 3 extra chapters of Reg, Mio and Jirou.!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg

Do not disassemble the fapfap


It will be great the awkward questions

She did it for Riko of course!

>She did it for Riko of course!
he did it for his adventures

>he doesn't sexualize goth moms

She told Ozen she had to do it so her daughter could do what she wanted. Ozen said she was lying and was doing it because she loved the Abyss and needed an excuse. I think she did it so Riko could come down and explore with her because she knew that was what Riko would have wanted.

Which is why Lyza sent Reg to get her. It was all for Riko. I mean after all, everything Lyza went through to have her makes me feel like it would have to be for her. She is a blessing of the abyss, no doubt about it.

is ozen really that thick?

stupid sexy Ozen

oh it sounds nice, just the detail is because Reg made a false grave? And if it was true that Lyza is calling Riko because she did not think it would be a trip without a return? Lyza literally does everything wrong and if she wanted to venture with her daughter she could have done it by staying with her and not leaving her because she believes which is correct

But the message wasn't her handwritting and it's still kind of reckless to invite your 12 year old daughter down to the bottom of a murder hole even if you send up robot-kun to help. This story still needs to be explored if we want to say things with certainty.

Taking care of and teasing.

If you tease an old lady she might just snap and pin you down.

hehe pin

Are those scars or...?

We still dont know about the false grave or its purpose. We think Reg was there but whose to say his memories are good or even complete? I disagree, its a journey that Lyza wanted Riko to do without her, a real adventure. Which clearly Riko was all for, she loved the idea and went into the abyss with that in mind. I dont really see it as much different then army parents getting there kids into army shit, or tight-rope parents doing the same. Its dangerous and could get them killed, but its in the family aint it?
It wasnt her human handwriting, I agree. Weve already learned people change in the abyss, it could still be her message. And thats why I think she sent Reg to help. Again, its not much different then being in a dangerous family business and getting your kids into it. Like teaching your kids about explosives because your in the pyrotechnic business ya know?
leave and read the manga right fucking now.

Those are ticks

Jews in their natural state of parasitizing old women

I think there's still more to this story though because there are still unawsered question even regarding lyza and reg. Such as where did they meet and when? why did reg sidetrack with faputa? what made him leave? who is the other interference unit that she met prior to reg? why did she abandon her white whistle and weapon? what's with the blue necklace, why was it important for Reg to take it with him to the surface?

>Patricians (Lyza)

I agree, a lot to find out. They met below the fifth level, this is pretty clear. Reg met up with fappy for, well I dont know. We need more then one chapter with the moth to know what the fuck is going on there. The units being built are more then likely something to do with layer seven but again, we dont know. She didnt abandon her white whistle. If she did she wouldnt have made it past Idofront. It mustve been brought back up for the grave, for what purpose, we dont know. Blue necklace is probably something needed for layer 7, but again....pick related.

Getting drunk with.

What does getting drunk with Ozen feel like?

If next chapter(s) going to confirm that Reg was named Reg not by Lyza, but by someone else (Faputa, his creator, narehare with naming fetish), I'll stick with an idea that Lyza sent this guy.

I guessing the star compass is something that might be actually useful for the seventh layer being called the "final maelstrom" where you PERHAPS can lose the sensation of up and down. Which is a particularly useful skill if you instantly die when you ascend. altough this is just a speculation obviously

imagine sex with ozen

The getting drunk part is the same, the getting raped part is a bit different.

I do not think so but Lyza proved too contradictory to say that she wanted to take away the right to Riko to go to the abyss and she would do it but she ends up doing the opposite since her adventures were more important than taking care of Riko. being so she would abandon the absimo, this shows that Lyza is simply selfish without thinking about Riko and only thinking about herself, yes, it is true she wanted Riko to do her own adventures but for her Riko condemned to stay forever in the abyss abandoning all those I love on the surface, although it matters the story and showed that for Riko to meet his mother alone will be something not very important.

Being impregnated by grown-up ikemen Maruruk before leaving the kid with him to go die in the abyss

Married life with Ozen Part 1

>Hmm, I felt someone on top of me
>What's this bump in my belly?
>I should lose weight
>Oh dear, it seems like I'm getting weaker
>You wouldn't happen to know what happened, hmm?

>Ah, so it seems you placed a child in my belly
>What a pain, but I'll see it through to the end
>She might be a useful apprentice one day
>But my clothes and armor don't fit anymore. What a pain.
>I suppose I'll have to use you
>If Lyza can do it, then there is no reason I cannot
>You're concerned about our child?
>Our daughter won't be able to survive long in the Abyss if you keep coddling her before she even arrives in this world
>Better to start training her sooner than later

>Hmm? You're wondering where our daughter went?
>She went off to gather some things
>It's a shame she's barely ten and she's already taller than her father
>I don't understand why Lyza cared so much about that little brat
>Our little creation has been helpful, but she was quite the nuisance in the beginning
>I was wondering if I should've thrown her into the Abyss and see if she'd return
>Oh? You seem upset.
>I was not joking. She will not survive long if you keep treating her like a normal child.
>She can never see the surface or live a normal life
>But that she has survived this long is no surprise. She is my daughter after all.
>Fine. I'll stay alive longer to make sure she can turn into a fine diver
>After all, wouldn't it be a bad joke if my own daughter was not the finest White Whistle?

Married life with Ozen Part 2

>Ah, you're awake?
>Your father is still out in the third layer.
>Do not worry about him. He can survive out there.
>You remind me of myself when I was your age
>Hmm? You think you can beat me in a fight?
>I wouldn't joke about that. I might snap you in half.
>Perhaps when you've received your White Whistle

>Hmm? You want a bedtime story?
>I would've thought you were far too old for those
>Very well then, if you keep insisting
>Which one would you like to hear first?
>How I tore a creature in half with my bare hands?
>Or perhaps when I crushed a man's head with my fists?
>You want stories of a princess and her prince?
>Then maybe I shall send you down to the fifth layer to listen to Bondrewd
>I've heard he is quite well with children.
>I would never allow that man to touch one of my own though
>For what awaits you down there will be the last story you ever hear
>Ah, don't cry so easily. No daughter of mine can cry at mere frightening tales.
>Very well, I shall tell you the story of a woman named Lyza the Annihilator.

>You're asking if I love your father?
>I do not love him.
>After all, he needs me more than I need him
>But I do not dislike him.
>Hmm? You're wondering if I love you?
>What silly ideas has that man put in your head?
>I dislike you less than you father.
>You want a yes or no answer? Noisy child.
>You'll earn the right to hear that once you've crossed the fourth layer.
>Perhaps then you will understand how silly love is.
>If you won't relent, then I shall tell you this
>I would like for you to survive.
>I would not want you to perish in the Abyss before it consumes me.

Like this.

I don't think she has any eggs left

Married life with Ozen Part 3

>You're a Red Whistle now
>At the moment, you're no better than the dirt of the Abyss
>Remember that the creatures will see you as nothing but food
>You should feel lucky that I'm even allowing you to do this
>Red Whistles aren't allowed to venture this far
>You're afraid?
>Was it not you who kept complaining to her mother that she wanted to travel with her?
>Always stay close to me then
>It would be an annoyance if I had to bring back your half-eaten body
>Perhaps when you are old enough, we shall find a relic that you can hold as your own

>You found an old picture of me?
>Ah, it seems that this is from many many years ago
>Don't be silly. I am just the same as I was back then
>I grew quite a bit since then but people were quite afraid of me
>How silly it seems that simply getting a White Whistle turned me from a towering monster to a hero
>You're asking how old I am?
>That's quite rude to ask me.
>Am I to assume you prefer younger girls?
>Maybe I should throw you into the Abyss with this picture attached

>You want me to head to the surface with you?
>I do not think that is the best idea
>Your new friends might be frightened by me
>It would bring unwanted attention and perhaps lead less honorable sorts to take you away
>Even if you did tell people, I hardly think anyone would believe that your mother is a White Whistle
>I am not like Lyza where I can pose as a normal human
>After all, who would even find such a woman who is akin to the creatures of the Abyss as a maternal sort?
>You are a unique case as you are peculiar
>What would I do if someone took you?
>Isn't that obvious?
>I would tear and grind them to pieces for taking what is mine
>There are certainly treasures more valuable than you are in the Abyss
>But I suppose I can make do with you for the time being
>Perhaps one day you will become a Diver worth being my most precious treasure

I dont imagine Lyza not caring for Riko immensely. It was one of the more powerful and impactfull parts in the story when she had the miscarriage right after losing Torka as well. For even Ozen to be taken aback by this shows how terrible it was. So for Riko to come back and then be carried back up from the fourth layer by only two people shows how important she is.
And again, considering how terrible of a person Lyza probably was (drunken weirdo who was best known for murdering anyone or anything she didnt like), its incredible she gave Riko the safety and support she did. I mean, if Riko was a normal girl she might not have even tried for it at all, but I think Lyza also knew full well that Riko would one day go to the abyss with no desire to return (being an undead slave to the abyss and all) so maybe Lyza went down there knowing Riko would come whether she did it or not, maybe she cleared a path for her little girl in a way? Motherly love and all....

>Fucking ozen missionary style
>She's so into it she forgets to control herself
>Snaps your spine with her legs

Not worth it.

Turning loveless delvers into adults!

When we get the Remaster in May I'm going to cosplay the fuck out of her.
Not sure if I should use the caestus or dragon bone fist though.

>tfw Ozen get's drunk again
>tfw You will never go back to the surface
>tfw Ozen tells you to lick her sandpaper like pussy
>tfw I'm perfectly fine
>tfw Ozen breaks your back again, when she leglocks you

Just break your pelvis and call it a day.

>tfw no climbing the sixth layer prank

Ozen is what happends when you add a bloodborne boss to a manga. And i love it

You mean Flufzen

I liked this a lot more then i thought I would, thanks user.
Dragon bone, but the stats needed for making her poise canon worthy will be hard to grind if youre not using armor....