She's literally perfection embodied. Prove me wrong

She's literally perfection embodied. Prove me wrong.

>beaten in perfection by her own girlfriend, in her own show

She is not blonde so no.

the best thing to come out of that show

Excellent taste.


I liked her girlfriend more.
But the true perfection is both of them together.

Her girl friend.


Someone post the piss bottle image.

Stupid sexy Wakaba.

Were there ever scans of the second tank of the manga? I need it for research.

Himawari is my spirit animal.

Dem legs.

>Small breasts

You might as well admit you are gay



piss in bottle

Literal perfection, and also saves time.

>smelly neet
>piss bottles
>no cute laugh
>not genki
>not as nice a butt as her friend

Lesbins can't be perfect

Can't compete with perfection.

Breasts >>>>> Butts. Breasts give life; butts give...


>implying you wouldn't bury your face in there and only come out for air two minutes later