Maedchen Maerchen

I have never seen any girl be so determined to friendzone someone. I know that friendzoning people is something that all girls have an innate talent for, but Hazuki seemed unnaturally determined to make sure that the prince didn't get the girl at all costs. Am I the only one who thought she kind of seemed like a bitch this episode? Let the prince find love, you complete cunt.

I love her




>Am I the only one who thought she kind of seemed like a bitch this episode?

She can't even talk to the guy to give him closure? She just says "fuck off, faggot, bye" and runs away without caring about the pain she puts him through? She leads him on the whole night by acting lovestruck, then goes "naw, I don't really have feelings for you, I'm out"?

Was Hazuki so determined to create some female empowerment fantasy that she doesn't realize she comes off as a selfish bitch?

Please stop.


Stop what? I want justice for the prince. Why should a nice man who did nothing wrong to Hazuki, who did nothing but give her the date that she herself asked for, be villainized and shit upon? Hazuki is free to change her mind, but the 'didn't look back' doesn't sit well on me. "Teehee, I can hurt people who were good to me and not care one bit! Aren't I such a strong womyn?"



>this is going up my butt tonight

It's one of those moments when you can clearly tell that you're watching an LN adaptation.

The prince isn't real

What do you mean, user-kun?

But who's to say Hazuki wouldn't treat a real person the same way? She might ghost Shizuka one day if she falls out of love, and based on her treatment of the prince, she will do so guilt-free.

That whole monologue was unadulterated LN-grade cringe is what I mean.

I identify with Hazuki.

How so? Are you an SJW feminazi who hates men?

Go back.

Me too.

She doesn't need a prince because all she wants is a princess

I just want to watch Hazuki have a regular day, where she does everyday stuff.

I just want to watch Hazuki have an incestuous day, where she does gay stuff with her family.

This was my favorite face in this ep.

Hazuki VERY much came across as a Tumblr feminist this episode. I'm sorry if you're too much in love with the girl to see the truth.

Only if you're the type of person obsessed with tumblr feminists so you see them everywhere. The point of Hazuki's rant was that the story doesn't apply to her, so she made up a new one.
In Cinderalla, the heroine runs away from her old life to join the prince. But Hazuki doesn't feel the need to do that since her step-family is nice to her, among other reasons.

Look, the real problem is that Prince. Meeting them for one night, then shoving their feet into a glass slipper?

His dad ought to be ashamed at raising such a loser. I'm surprised some assassin didn't come in and put his cock in a Venus Flytrap.

>among other reasons.
cuz shes gaaaay

>runs across the whole city wearing nothing but a light dress
>in the middle of winter
Häzuki is fucking härdcore.

But she has to leave for midnight because it's late

With no shoes too.

what this face convey?


What a silly pose.

Best fairy tale.

Even these brave pumpkins are afraid of this thug.

What do the pumpkins actually do

You don't want to know.

That whole scene was essentially pissing on self-insert fags. Especially since the author was planning on adding one before he croaked.

Me on the top with green hands.

Fuck hetshitters, that's all.

>author was planning on adding one before he croaked
What was he going to add, a male MC?

hadzuki a stronk maedchen don't need no prince

Hötzuki likes Shizuka.

i really want to like this show but the QUALITY is just so off putting. normally cute girls can carry a stupid plot or shit writing, but if you can't even afford to pay 2nd rate Koreans to draw your shit properly then what's the fucking point of even animating the series in the first place

I want to watch Hazuki take a dump.

Did anyone make renders of the chibis from the last episodes preview?

Author planned to have male MC that would encourage Hazuki but then thought that would actually be out of character so he decided to go with the whole story thing instead.

He actually realized yuri ending is better.

W..will Luna Nova be participating in the Hexnet tournament?

This shit writes here that you're fucking gross

Why would anyone invite those dorks?

Something that require so much BUDGET to draw that they decided to skip entirely in anime adaption


Sadohara won!

She's cute, I want to brush her hair.

>elite Japanese warrior princess

What did she mean by this?

Please don't bully Shizuka.

Couldn't have done it without her.

How can you say you love her if you won't even smell her shit?

Her shit isn't part of her. Why do you thnk her body put that away?

Qazan's amazing when she strips too.

It used to be part of her, and that's good enough. There's nothing more intimate and private than watching someone take a dump.

>It used to be part of her, and that's good enough.
Where do you people get this stupid stuff? Would you suck one of the many dicks that were inside Lynne if she were hot or cute?

Jesus christ Hazuki looks alpha here.


She deserved to have broken her neck for cucking the prince out of a romance.



The prince is a faggot.

Just wait till she cucks Shizuka too. Hazuki seems like the sort of MC that hops from pussy to pussy. And if there's one thing this show has plenty of is a fuck ton of pussy.

Hazuki was going to get close with the Chinese but seems like anime won't adopt this part

>Hazuki was going to get close with the Chinese


>Hazuki was going to get close with the Chinese but seems like anime won't adopt this part
So I take it Hazuki and Shizuka aren't that close in the LN?

But Lynne is both hot and cute.

Shizuka is jealous about and the situation escalated to a full on fight between Hazuki and Shizuka

Sorry lesbian school only, we don't want the sluts from that school.

Forced drama, I see. I hope they won't adapt that shit.

nah, Hazuki is like...

This is heartbreaking


ßüllÿ Häzükï

>Using ß as B

is like what?

Hazuki loves teasing all the horny boys with her lewd body.

Hazuki is Sexi

I am not too sure how I would describe it but at least Shizuka seems to exploring her own emotion and act based on it while Hazuki is just trying and failing to be simple minded on related incident.

It still sounds like forced drama and the anime is better of without it.

Is H*zuki the puffiest?

I would say characters forced it themselves

It looks like a B to me

Shizuka pushing Hazuki away to protect her makes sense because it's consistent with her Origin story and led nicely to Hazuki deciding to make her own story. This thing you're talking about sounds unnecessary and forced drama shit. Drama for the sake of drama. Again, the anime's better off without it.

Is she really so cruel as to do such a thing? Hazuki is supposed to be a sweet bookworm, not a succubus!

Hazuki doesn't know any boys.