Can someone explain this feculence to me. This accident. What in the name of heavenly shit is this festering carrion of an anime you suggested to me? I’ve watched 4 episodes, and my fucking almighty god this is a new level of utter incompetence. How can this be popular?? And don’t fucking say lesbians because that’s not enough. This crap was beyond offensive. It’s like it was intended to be a joke from the beginning. The writing and character developments were clearly impromptu, and so were inconsistent as living hell. I don't understand how people can consume this psychological sewage without suffering from decreased neurological activity. Can someone please help me understand the reason why this exists? I just struggle to comprehend what would possess anyone to even create this incoherent jumble of crass gibberish, let alone what possesses so many Sup Forums subscribers to take any interest in this.

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Mei a shit


This is the only thing you need to know everything else is just superfluous

So is Mei really already pregnant?

If she isn't already she'll soon be

Nah, she still has to take a lot more semen just to be sure.

Its 2 beautiful girls fucking each other, what did you expected?

Of course.

I don't get it, why is Mei so popular?

>The anthology disappeared from the top 100





If there was ever a right moment for it, it was now.

Yuri Hime rapidly rising.
Now at #52.

I can't believe I got meme into watching/reading this

>mfw this letter

Mei better have some grand keikaku we aren't aware of to make up for this nonsense.

Personally I just grabbed a jpg out of my "to watch" imagedump folder that I saved in 2015, and it happened by pure coincidence to be an anime that had premiered a few weeks prior, to be this show, and to have a rather big following. Haven't been into Yuri since 2009. But I'm all fired up to get back into it.

She is that cold elegant beauty that everyone desires.

Nips have shit taste, that's a well known fact

>But I'm all fired up to get back into it after reading a shit manga

That's mal. Mostly Americans use this shit.

That's fucking MAL

Matsuri is gonna drop some favs tomorrow.

Please avoid using that acronym. We strive to distinguish ourselves here from other communities on the internet. It's just too mainstream. Don't be afraid to sound autistic here. Actually, we encourage that.

contd >I learned to deal with my own feelings,
>something I couldn't do before I met you.

It's not great, but the romance itself isn't bad. I'm going to watch the anime and then follow along and keep up in the manga. When the anime ends, I'll probably still be interested enough to make it through the praised vol6, and after that I'll see if I can continue to stomach the weak writing. Might head over to /u/ after I've cooled down from this, and look for some actual quality stuff.

She is tsundere

Thread theme song right here:

it's nothing new

You guys think this demonstrates the influx of a newfag demographic of some sort? Gen Z redditors maybe?

It takes you very little to make you happy, user.

I merely seek to please

Will she do a Pulse ending? Wedding is arriving, Yuzu just graduated and is leaving the country. She goes to the airport but cannot resolve to take the plane. Mei flew from the wedding when she learn Yuzu was going from Shou.

That's a very weird voice. Though the lyrics do fit as well.

>Mei wont marry, kiss or have sex with a man.
I could actually foresee some kind of marriage masterplan from Mei just to pretend in front of society.

She's a coward after all.

>literally Happy End
Just give me a truck or something, holy shit.

Welcome to the autism that is nightcore AMVs

I learned a new word

congrats user, its pretty funny

>Its totally cool Yuzu, I'm technically married, but we can fool around. I even have my husbands consent
>boy you'll be surprised when you find how who he is
>what do you mean that's not good enough?
>why are you yelling?
>Yuzu, please stop being unreasonable

What's a MAL?

In her letter Mei said that seing Yuzu could destroy her resolve.
All she has to do is to see her in volume 10.

sounds hot

Mal is Spanish for evil.

More an issue of Yuri-Hime not wanting to do it.

Didn't some other guy say one of their mangas just ended up in het?

>So, as I tried to juggle one emotion and the other,
>I ended up trying to get away from you.
>Nevertheless, you still kept pushing me...
>until I confessed my true feelings.

It did not end. It was canceled because it went too much hetero and totally ignored the yuri parts. Readers did not like that at all. That is why Yuri-Hime wont allow ANY full hetero in their flagship series.

But wait, there's more!
>newfag detection capabilities
>deters casuals from lurking
>guaranteed replies

So did they just start last year or has it been some months since it's started?

He was referring to yuri danshi it wasn't even het it was just yuri seen from an outside male prospective, it was quite interesting shame it got cancelled

>I don't understand how people can consume this psychological sewage

I don't understand how people can watch something they clearly dislike, and then go on and take time out of their day to complain about it.

Afaik later chapters had a lot of hetero stuff between male and female MC.

That's why i'm not worried about the ending. Yuzu and Mei will end up together.


Is she talking about the christmas eve?

Raping each other*

She going stand there and wait to be rescue.

There's no plan, Mei's just a moron,

>Being this new
surprisingly, not a problem this time

How can yuri be so beautiful in animango but be so awful and horrid in real life?

They definitely will but it feels unsatisfying with Mei having zero character development.

You have all the tools you need to uncover that information. Don't be a lazy, stupid, cancerous newfaggot. Apply yourself

I hate to have to constantly bring this up, but you know the girls in Happy End did technically end up together, don't you?

Harumi is best girl.

Because real life sucks most of the time. That's why we invented fiction, and 2D is the pinnacle of it.

Weren't there only 3 or4 chapters there wasn't anything romantic between them the female MC just got reunited whit her waifu they were spending they're time together wile male MC was fucking about at the school festival and later on in the comiket

He's asking if the jewluminati brainwashing programs are new or have been institutionalized since the late 1800's


I see a chance for Himeko to redeem herself here.
>Himeko, please be my maid of honor
>after what you did to Yuzu? disappearing on all of us? Fuck no!

I know. But Citrus is published in Yurihime magazine, so there's NO way she'll end up marrying the guy.

>I feel like I can be honest...
>...when I think about those kisses
>Those feelings make me happy, even now.

Fiction sucks most of the time too. Hence this manga lol

>biggest yuri by far right now
>one of the biggest recurring threads on Sup Forums
>it's only marginally better than mediocre

Bocus no picos

Saburouta may be a retard and a shit writer but you can easily tell she's type of writer who likes pandering. She noticed fans like Harumin and Matsuri, she has started teasing them more and more. She knows everyone wants a happy ending for Yuzu and Mei and she will deliver. Considering her writing so far, it will end in a very romantic and fluffy note, similar to Pulse where the girls married or like Girl Friends. Anyone who doubts Mei and Yuzu won't end up together is stupid or a troll. Sabu just likes shit Mexican drama for the sake of drama.


not direct source, but taken from here

>I hate to have to constantly bring this up,
Then don't. It's not the same situation.

I can not really remember. Most of my knowledge comes from Sup Forums and /u/ summaries anyway.
But in the end it did got axed. Early chapters were pretty popular but the concept does not work well if you concentrate on the guys so much.

>biggest yuri by far right now
More like biggest ongoing yuri manga right now (in the West). Girl Friends is still #1.

I realised what MAL was after I made the post, still fucking normalfags and their shit taste they're almost worst then the Nips

The never ending story

Because this letter is the greatest shitpost.

>Nips have shit taste
>Nips love Citrus

Truly there exists no form of being more lowly or with more abhorrent preferences than the Japanese otaku

But it is? Not only they are sisters, but it'd also kinda solve all their problems. In a horrible way, sure, but it would.

She'll stay by Mei's side and be her mistress.

>She'll stay by Mei's side and be her mistress.
that would be interesting, but still disgusting that mei is married with a man

I used to be a Meifag, and I just want to let you all know I'm really sorry for my sin.

Go to bed Yuzu

Your penance for forgiveness will require extraordinary measures. You must locate an autistic community of western weebs and identify among them 69 individuals who have not spent a significant amount of time silently observing the community. And to each of these individuals, you must cajole and encourage to embark on their period of silent observation, or, if necessary, to goad and ridicule them for not having done so.

Mei Aihara you filthy NINGEN!!!
The Zero Mei Aihara plan shall begin

>After that...
>I started thinking that I wanted to respond as much as possible
>during the days I spent with you

It's okay. Just always remember Mei is shit.

Put some EFFORT into your shitposting guys. Jesus

Which would have been nice for everybody.

I'll try.

If you put genuine effort into your work it will come through and be visible. It's not usually a choice of spending a limited resource, either. That's an illusion. Because time will pass the same either way.

Hey, it's not shitposting if it's true.