Worst dubs

What are the worst dubs you've heard and why? Michiko: They just took the first black actress they found

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the "first black actress they found" sounds like a decent fit

If you think dubs don't fit any series you're an ultraweeb

I don't know, I've never heard a dub.

The worst

Her voice is way too low to fit the character

No one watches foreign films dubbed except little children, why would you watch anime that way?

There are a couple of reasons. For me:
1. I just watch it on the side while doing something else
2. It takes place in a western setting

Michiko is supposed to be Spanish brown. The dub actor Monica Rial is Spanish not black.

Ok, I guess I made a mistake but the voice still does not fit the character.

Madoka Magica's dub has nearly the entire cast from K-On's.
And the actors use the same voices too.

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objectively wrong

Jojo by far

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You never watched anime on TV growing up? Or are you jap?

What are you saying, bitch?

I can't tell what's sarcasm and what's trolling anymore...

That you are a cancerous phoneposter and should fuck off.

How is phoneposting cancerous, dumbass?

all of them

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Why? Just because you are posting via computer doesn't make you better than me. Stop finding any reason to feel superior, it only reveals your insecurity
>dubs are inherently bad

Her VA is white

I gave you 2 good reasons. Do you have trouble understanding or is your head so far up glorious nippon's ass that you just can't read properly?

>defending dubs

>dubs are inherently bad
exactly, mr.american, nobody cares about your shitty language in a chinese cartoon.

Anything dubbed in my native language that isn't a Ghibli movie.

>good reasons
>it's good because I don't have to watch it while I watch it
The setting argument could possibly work if you were autistic enough, but obviously most dubfags will only follow that principle when it can be used to defend their epik dubbed animes.

>being a Sup Forums user and posting this post in english

I'll instead name some of the best dub
>Black Lagoon
>Samurai Champloo
>Cowboy Bebop
>Tekken: The Animated Feature


If I'm watching a mediocre anime what's wrong with doing something else at the same time? And if english voice acting is decent and it fits the shows setting why wouldn't I watch it in english?

Does anyone but us understand how bad it is? Obviously they understand it's bad but do they understand HOW bad?

Okei katoin just ehkä ne tajuaa

I haven't watched any dubbed show for 12 years so I dunno.

The Infinite Stratos dub. The accents on the foreign girls is simply astonishing.

>Watching something in your native language is autistic
>Arguing how you can only watch subs or you're a scrub is not

Ok kid

That's a good argument.
Our friends at r*eddit dot com would surely like to hear more about it, would you mind telling them about it?

good argument
take your banter to Sup Forums you swime

>no capitalization or punctuation

All dubs are shit and shouldn't be watched.

Including the japanese dub
Fuck anime

>hating on JYB's British accent

You are so wrong

Everything else is a downgrade though


>reddit argument

The last stand of the desperate. Do you have an actual point?

>reddit spacing

One of the girls in GTO

I swear to fucking god it was a male voice actor. The memory haunts me to this day.

>english speakers chose to be raised in an english-speaking country

>ITT: The Absolute State of Sup Forums

>born in the wrong country

The newer Akira dub isn't that good. It's just passable at best. Haven't heard the older one.

>When we did it my theory was that all cartoons are dubbed so they're all dubbed so why subtitle them?
>Especially when you have a cartoon that's so pretty to look at anyway, or it could be gruesome, but still it's an attractive medium to look at.
>So why sully it with words that you're reading and not really watching the show?
>And since they're all dubbed anyway, dub it, localize it for your audience.
>And that was basically the guiding principle of Streamline, was localization so it would get to the broadest mass audience.
>And I don't think that since we stopped doing it people have taken that philosophy to heart and understood what it was.

who cares, idiot

Joseph as an older numbuh one was hilarious.
All those corny accents were.

Picked the fuck up!

Is it as bad as this?

I find shit like these really cute for whatever reason. The girls' completely amateur voices are so endearing and they warm my heart.


This dub was shit because they got Monica Rial of all fucking people to voice Michiko. If there was a list of worst dub actors with a horrendous voice, she would be #1. That nasily squally ass bitch. She ain't even black. She looks like a chunky white bitch who put on a forced hispanic accent for the role. She legit ruins every show she's in.

>He's a japan elitest

Mio = Homura
Azunyan = Madoka
Ritsu = Kyubey
Mugi = Hitomi
Sawako = Kazuko
Ui = Nagisa

Why spic dubs are so good?

It's funny.


How about great dubs instead?

I tried BnHA's dub once and couldn't last 30 seconds.

Not every female sounds like a 12 year old

>when you hear your waifu being dubbed

These dubs fucko ^^

>Being this autistic

>dragon ball
>defends dubs

You clearly haven't heard the best dubs.


Objectively perfect

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>watching a show about brazil dubbed in english instead of portugese

What if I told you her VA is Monica Rial, the iconic actress who's done girls like Kagome and Bulma. If anything, sounding like a ghetto black girl is a testament to her incredible range.

This is going to happen to my husbando soon, and god am I dreading it. Mainly because his dorky attempts at English just won't be the same.

You do realize that just about all anime is dubbed right? Even in Japanese.