What habits have you picked up from anime and manga?

What habits have you picked up from anime and manga?



I love sucking dicks now.


Saying "hooooo" to express disbelief.

This finger touching when nervous bullshit. My sister has told me before that I look absolutely stupid doing it.
Also I know these are video game characters and I know that one of them is from a western game but you get my point.

I pray to itadakimasu before every meal.
I take off my shoes when entering a household.

i am now a hero of justice

also a lolicon

That thing that the faggot do in tokyo ghoul
I didnt even like that shit of anime

>people wear shoes in their homes
I refuse to believe this


Americans do it's weird

I started clicking my tongue more often after watching Magical Girl Raising Project.

Too much One Piece and Naruto in my pre-teens made me want to become the best in the world at a thing

I think that's the only one that stuck.

The finger cracking? I haven't watched that anime but I've heard about that.
You crack them one by one, right?

Cracking my fingers like Kaneki. Hate it but cant stop.

This. It seems so illogical to me.
>getting your floor dirty
>more uncomfortable than just socks
>no actual benefit
Why would anyone do this?

I'm pretty convinced it's just something that's made up for the laughs. Just like the penis inspection day thing.
It just doesn't make sense to wear shoes indoors.

Murrikans drive everywhere by car so their shoes aren't as dirty
And no, it's a real thing

That's because you're acting like a little girl, dude

But why do they do it? Is there a benefit to wearing shoes inside?

If you didn't bring your shoes inside how else would you place them in the microwave overnight

I internally say "Naive." when I outmaneuver other people in games/arguments/whatever.

Do you guys wear shoes when going to other people's homes ?
Considering you have no slipper there ?

Sometimes its really cold in the house

>Be American
>always ask people if I need to take my shoes off
>make people take theirs off
>people think this is weird
>point out that it's much cleaner especially if you have carpet
>people think I'm a weirdo
It's the most annoying thing trying to explain to some people this so I just stopped going outside.


>what is heating
>what are thicker socks/wool socks

Lifting my glasses with the middle finger.

I'm not American but from the Caribbean, and parents tell their kids to not take their shoes off bc bacteria and cold floor and bc the floor is dirty or whatever. Currently I'm in Mexico and I still wear my shoes inside but just because the floor gets really cold.

I say “it cant be helped” more often then i want to admit

Murrikan houses are made of thin wood and are often fuckhuge

I bow my head a little when I'm saying thank you or when I'm greeting my neighbors.
I also sit on my legs if I need to be closer to the floor for some reason.

I've started doing that thing where as a response to a blunt/harsh remark I will say "Did you really have to put it so bluntly...?" or "You actually said it..." awkwardly, actually works IRL, usually gets a laugh.

I also started thinking YOSHI in my head whenever appropriate but I usually translate it to alright/OK/nice if I say it out loud. It's actually extended to sou ka, sou da, sasuga, yappari, wakatta zo as well because all I do is watch anime these days, send help.

It's not a habit, but I once trip over nothing while walking, and I just can't stop smiling, because I found myself kinda moe.

yosh yosh
slap chicks

What if I am a little girl?What of I want to be a little girl?

Rub a dub dub, Thanks for the grub

From what I've seen only poor/lower class people wear outdoor shoes in their houses. Normal people change into house shoes, slippers or just do socks/bare feet. Every house I've been in where they wear street shoes indoors has been a complete mess.

Glasses pushing it's fucking subconscious at this point.

Eh? Which country is that? Everyone I know takes their shoes off when they're in a house, my parents would kill you if you walked through our house with your dirty shoes

Unironically this

dammit forgot to mak it a reply to op

I do it so I don't have to take them off and put them on again, I don't give a fuck if my floors are dirty.

Not necessarily a habit but I usually try to release my pent-up ADHDtism in private by making various expressions/poses imitating anime, so I don't get the urge when I'm around people

I masturbate to unconscious people at the hospital.

The bacteria/cold reason is used here too but if your shoes are dirty you should have the decency of cleaning them before entering a house.

being a faggot

This, but unironically

fuck. I didn't even realize.

I catch myself doing gendo-pose if ever there is a table in front of me and nothing to with my hands. I also have an uncontrolable urge to answer all phone calls with 'moshi moshi,[my name] desu"

This, holy fuck. I don't even like Tokyo Ghoul. It just feels so natural

>This thread
I seriously hope you guys don't do this

You guys are fucking autistic.

What do you think Sup Forums stands for again?

Everyone who wears glasses does this, retard.

This is in Dominican Republic.

we are the Sup Forumsutists

On my first day of High School I gave Sasuke’s edgy “Kill a certain someone” speech during Ice Breakers because I thought people would find me badass

Cute! Aww....


oh no

Being horrifically awkward when talking with girls

Try and emulate the chad characters in anime. They're usually NOT the self-insert gayboy MC.

I gained "Kuku" "KaKa" "KeKe" laugh.

I am partly recovering from it. Now it's mostly only kekkeke. I get away with a bit for being part asian but everyone still thinks I am retarded.


Saying "eeeehhhh!?" every time I'm shocked or impressed.

kaka was retarded when she did it. irl it's way past retarded.

No country for high class women.

Alright I thought everybody ITT was autistic but I guess I do this sometimes too.

and although I never do this, 'hai' just sounds like such an appropriate affirmation. It sounds like it means exactly what it means.

when stirring food I hum Chiyo-Chans cooking song

underrated post

>uh, well hello to you too!

Yeah it would never work because of that. But answering 'hai' instead of 'yeah' or 'sure' just sounds right.


Nothing to be ashamed of here.


I'm American and literally nobody wears their shoes inside.

These are the posts that make me come back to this board.

You are probably devil worshiping communist.

Why the fuck would you post this it's disgusting.

When I take my first sip of beer, I go UWAAAHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIi

I also fuck my sister

jerking off to drawings


I have never been in a house that leaves their shoes on, what part of America are you talking about?



Southwest here. Nobody takes their shoes off but me because we all live in enormous flat ranch houses.

>tfw the new kid starts sealing AR15-no-jutsu

This has been how I crack my fingers since I watched Tokyo Ghoul

It sounds like Aye to most people so they don't think about it with me.

I'd rather see a "what habits have you dropped because of anime" thread


That's how I've always cracked my fingers. Thumb to crack each finger then use the index to crack the thumb

And you never did lol. I love it.

"Itetetetetete" instead of "ow" or "ouch"

I pray this is a boi. Haha it would make me feel like the Nippon did their job right

Pic related
This And "kuso" when something goes wrong