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Goku Blanco confirmed

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What retard at toei thought it was a good idea to have Toppo transform into a God of Destruction?

Looks more goku platinum

I just found it strange that the previous one doesn't have to like "step down" or give up his thing as a GoD.
I mean the kaioshin and the GoD are sides of the same coin, so to speak.
So what's up with that

That's because Toppo just learnt the "sekrit techniques" of the GoDs, or at least that's how I took it.



I-It was cool b-because Vegeta defeated him! Go Vegeta!
>literally a GoD
>0 eliminations

Do you love Vados

that hair color is clearly not white

Super sucked. But I got something out of it. I saved all of cuckpups drawings of his shitty OC and fap to them every night. Super is now ending but my faps will continue on.



>Next DB movie after this year will be jiren searching for the guy who killed his senpai

Toyotaro is a lazy cuck who blames february only having 28 days for his inability to finish his work


Toriyama doesn't come up with everything that happens in Super. What don't people understand about this?

Super is basically GT 2.0 for Toei.

Based Toyo

Is Tarble canon?

>Goku has a single digit IQ
>O My Rage powerup
>O My Spirit Sword
>powerup inflation
>Zamasu fuses with the Universe for no reason
>Vegeta is a super jobber and gets cucked weekly
>Boring for the most part
>Frieza does nothing
>Back Tingles
>17 and Kale are Blue level, then they're not.
>Toppo is a jobber
>Dyspo jobbed to a plant
>Jiren has no personality
>Fake tension and no hype
>Tournament is 90% fodder
>UI is a transformation with unexplained powerup and plot hole mechanics (must sell more merchandise)
>GoD is some kind of transformation, hakai is a shitty ki blast you can tank and punch through

>Goku is competent and smart, but not too smart and still keeps his Z personality
>Trunks is helpful, and not retarded with his powerup
>Healing powers were foreshadowed
>Zamasu multiplies which makes sense given his regeneration
>Vegeta is on par with Goku, fulfilling his rival role
>Hype and interesting moments like HAKAI, Toppo one shotting SSB Goku, and Vegeta unlocking God form
>Good fight choreography
>17 is around SS3 level like he should be
>Toppo is beyond mastered SSB level, an actual threat
>Dyspo didn't job his first appearance
>Jiren has a clearly defined set of goals and values
>Tension and no shitty humor or holding back
>UI is a technique that is 100% in line with how it was initially described
>God ki works the same for all godly beings, nothing special about GoD's. Hakai works as it should and can't be tanked.

>SSB is genuinely powerful and remains powerful throughout arcs. It has downsides that need to be mastered first
>CSSB isn't achieved until end of Zamasu arc.
>SSB is completely mastered the moment its achieved, instantly becomes a useless jobber form afterwards.
>Goku needs SSBKK to beat Hit and its the measuring stick for all future opponents, making Vegeta look worthless in comparison until he gets a pity asspull form at the very end of the show (like in GT)

Hakai in manga should not exist. Goku never saw this move.

>gohan cucked out of blanco by goku

>no cell, leave kakarot to me!

You forgot:


>not canon

>Caulifla cucked out of existence by gohan

mssb is a jobber form too.

Goku lost to Toppo
Vegeta got one shot by beerus

There's already more foreshadowing about GoD Toppo in the manga than there ever was in the anime.
The chances of Toppo turning into a GoD during the tournament being in the outline is pretty good.


It's better without the text.

He was when the BoG movie came out. But in Super they scrubbed him out of existence, so I doubt he still is. He was practically prototype Cabba.

It was implied he saw it offpanel.

>There's already more foreshadowing about GoD Toppo in the manga than there ever was in the anime.
>The chances of Toppo turning into a GoD during the tournament being in the outline is pretty good.
Not really? In fact it's pretty explicit about the fact he can use Godly ki without having to transform while the anime implies he doesn't have any until he transforms. Being a God of Destruction isn't at all implied to require a transformation of some king until Toppo does so in the anime, while Toppo can probably do a Hakai without transforming in the manga like Goku could.


>toyocucks think gokek hearing the word destroy means it's ok for him to pull it out of his ass now


Hahahahaha so much for the "canon" version


I can't believe Toei managed to turn even fucking GoD into a transformation to sell more merchanidse

Fuck, ok, you Toyochads win once again.

Toppo apparently "gave up justice." Maybe because he used god powers he would now slotted for being the next god instead of a candidate? Or it's just that he couldn't win with his own power so he threw a bitch fit and tried to beat everyone in godmode and somehow got pummeled by Geets. Who knows the show is fucking terrible at making its concepts work.

GT gave us SSJ4 and Gogeta

Super gave us .. *crickets* wow it's fucking nothing.

Trunks should have worn this shirt instead of that shitty jacket in Super

Not doing this again furryspic


Only Toei thinks GoDs are special snowflakes with an exclusive type of ki and shit, in the manga (that Tori checks and corrects every month) GoDs are just strong mortals with god ki who are linked to Kaioshin. Ki-wise Toppo has been a GoD since its introduction, Toei just take that from him to introduce it later as a transformation. "GoD Toppo" transformation will never happen in the manga because the guy is already the GoD (in training) Toppo.

At least you got something, I'm just here left wanting, so fap away you disgusting degenerate and never look back.

>Toppo was a GoD candidate for who knows how long
>literally was TRAINED to become a GoD
>actually becomes one

Toeishills will defend this

Fusion Reborn gave us Gogeta, this statement is like saying DBS gave us Vegito

Who's that purple faggot?

>he and Vegeta lived with Beerus for a year
>Beerus spams Hakai so much he even Hakai'd an egg in BoG
>as soon Goku uses it, Vegeta says it's the technique that Beerus uses
>he literally talked about Hakai with Beerus several chapters before

>"Goku never saw this move"

What are the chances that Vegeta dies next episode?

Some new shitter from Xenoverse 2 in the new DLC coming out sometime.

keep dreaming Cell

Fuu, Miira and Towa's son.

Toeispics need everything explained onscreen. That's why they couldn't grasp Kale's character in the manga because there was no exposition for brainlets.

Don't bother with Toeipoodles, they have negative IQ


He's from DBO. Xenoverse and SDBH only reintroduced him as a grown up demond rather than a baby

If transfroming into a GoD can make you ripped why is Champa A fat fuck?

Because you can't transform yourself into a GoD and Toei is fucking retarded.

So the new spic canon is that el hermano was the evil doer

In that case how does jiren even defeat el hermano? Even el grande padre and gohan calvo couldn't defeat him

Goku was never smart. Flawlessly imitating new moves was just an ability he had since Dragonball.

Rata is female. He would be "rato" which is male



I feel like Goku vs Jiren Round I was Toei filler just to bring in the Audience by advertising the Special. He will achieve the form in a different manner in the Manga, most likely not in the middle of the Tournament either.

Technically Fu never appeared in DBO. He was only concept art basically, that ended up getting aged up and rehashed for DBXV and SDBH

Did you know 97% of dragonball super viewing audience is male?

Omen is literally the "SS false" of full UI, makes sense if it's filler. Still I think Goku will go Omen in the manga too, but only once, not twice.

>3.5 ratings

Has there ever a more embarrassing blunder than this?


Manga jiren meditating makes perfect sense since he doesn't want blood on his hands

anime jiren meditating makes no sense

>anime jiren meditating makes no sense

My interpretation was that he doesn't care if his teammates get knocked out since he can just win everything by himself.

How is Bulma's new voice?


>dead show
>dead thread

Yes, the writing staff themselves and the fact that DVD and Blu-Ray sales were so awful they decided to can the entire shitshow altogether

Be a god of destruction on a non-death tournament is the most retarded movement EVER. Nigga, you can't kill... Toppo was really lucky don't killing Freezer


He lost his gains, just like Gohan.

post your favorite DB girl

you forgot:

you're a faggot

Just because you head canon that something happened offscreen doesn't mean it's true.
I can head canon that Beerus used UI off screen so it got foreshadowed in the manga too.



>SSB drains your stamina really quickly. Goku and Vegeta agree on saving it for the strongest fighters
>Goku proceeds to use it within the first minute to defeat a guy he could've defeated with regular super saiyan
>Goku and Vegeta turn Blue to fire a massive final kamehameha at enemies they were already dominating as super saiyans

Defend THIS

I bet in the manga they will only turn SSB once Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren are the only fighters remaining from other universes

>the of dragon ball online with the human race is literally that the saiyans fucked around so much that everyone has a prevent of saiyan in them
>the smallest amount allows them to go super saiyan
Dragon ball has a surprising amount of Sup Forums fuel when observed from the outside


breddy gud

have another

Where is this from

>inferring things logically is headcanon now

You've reached peak damage control, Toeimutt.

>we will see a fucking blanco form come to canon in our lifetimes
what sweet hell


Mira and Towa's son messing around with time, Trunks on jail, two Goku Xeno and two Vegeta Xeno. Mai is there too.

and you are in there too Mai


>that millisecond of blurry shirtless UI Goku

Can't wait for goku to use MSSB 10 times in the tournament


Thankfully based Toyo won't let that happen since MSSB actually hurts Goku and Vegeta so they can't keep it up for too long


So does U6 have female equivalents of Buu and Cell?
>U6 Buu is constantly fit and only eats veggies
>U6 Cell is the reason why Earth got fucking destroyed in the first place

I love how thick and meaty young Chi-Chi is.