Houshin Engi

They are jumping right into the Sennin War. Well, it's not like people didn't predict this. Chou Koumei's sisters are in the preview, not sure if he himself will be in the anime, but his arc is definitely cut.

On the bright side, this episode didn't open with a flashforward, and if they're starting this war this early perhaps the pacing will drastically improve.

No episode next week.

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>No episode next week.
You mean we have to go a week without our Dakki-chan fix?! FUUUUUUUUUUUU-

They're going to run a special instead. Taikoubou, Fugen, Dakki and Bunchuu's seiyuu will be in it. I don't know how you'd be able to watch it, though.

Where my three other Houshin bros at? Don't die already.

is this adaptation god's punishment?

It's really strange. Everything about it suggests it should be a good adaptation. Looks nice, has star cast, lots of promotion and merch coming out. When the first key visual was posted on twitter it got 50k retweets in no time. They had this in the bag and somehow blew it.

Is episode length determined by budget? If so getting all these A-list seiyuu might be the cause of it only being 2 cour.

That microphone in the son's discourse felt so fucking out of context.

I was really excited for this adaptation but fuck it's unimaginably bad, completely killed any interest I had on it and even a little of the image I had of the manga. There's just nothing to discuss about in these threads because it's all so fucking terrible, the story is incredibly fucked beyond repair.

>Dakki on Sennin War arc

There's a guy wearing jeans and another guy wearing a tracksuit and this is what threw you off?

Is the 1999 anime any better? I've heard it's bad, but is it at least comprehensible. I've already read the manga, but I'm trying to show this to my brother (he refuses to read manga) and he can't follow whats going on and I'm getting tired of explaining everything that's skipped over.

I wonder why it's so hard to follow? Even trying to look at it as objectively as possible I didn't think the anime was that hard to understand. They get the gist across I think.

Anyway the old anime is probably good enough to make someone interested, the beginning pacing is better but it also cuts out and rearranges things, or changes them. It aired Sat mornings or something so the gore and shit is gone, and Tenka chews a stick instead of a cigarette. The biggest problem with it is the anime original stuff is unbelievably bad and ruins characters like Dakki and Genshi.

>Sennin War

I got bad news for you user.

>End card
>Ki Shou and sons
>No Raishinshi


I'm like 5 episodes in what the fuck is happening?
It's like every episode of this show is the last episodes of this Charlotte show nobody remembers.

>Where my three other Houshin bros at? Don't die already.
At this point I rather read the source materical, the Chinese novel, I mean.

>Hey we want you to stop Dakki and her minions, here's a list of them
>Okay, I bet I can outsmart her off the bat and free all those minions lol
>Whoops Dakki kicked my shit in
>That's okay I'll just gather allies and join Seiki and help the humans overthrow the Yin
>Bunchuu: Not on my watch. Muh yin etc
>Bunchuu incites war amongst Sennin to stop them from helping Seiki overthrow the Yin

Basically, read the manga.

I probably won't since this doesn't look that interesting to me even if it was well made, i'm just in for the ride at this point.

I got it as far as you describe it, but the way they present this information in the show is extremely weird.
The first episodes really felt liek an entire arc, especially those 5 seconds of trauma after all those people got killed and i don't remember the part where he "gathered" allies since everyone just shows up to him.

Anyway, i'm actually having a lot of fun with it, just kinda wondering if that's an adaptation thing and if you guys actually enjoy this or its source unironically

>I probably won't since this doesn't look that interesting to me
> i'm actually having a lot of fun with it

Get a hold of yourself.
95% of people still watching are doing so because they read the source material, which is pretty great, they're just butchering it with this adaptation.

i'm watching it with friends and it's a blast.
Doesn't mean that i don't think you could somewhat enjoy it for the plot but without knowing anything it's actually the funniest shit.

I mean this shoes alone made me laugh more then most comedy shows did.

Really don't want to be a dick here, but i think it's one of those shows that is bad enough to make fun of it while still being interesting enough to be at least somewhat invested, that's actually what i'm looking for when watching anime with other people.

>just kinda wondering if that's an adaptation thing and if you guys actually enjoy this or its source unironically

It's the adaptation that's weird. The manga was popular in Japan when it ran in the 90s, pretty much anyone who had read it will tell you it's good. And not in the "well it's entertaining" way, it's genuinely well-written. The anime is cutting out a lot of content and rearranging events, JP fans who are far more in number are actually pretty pissed about it.

Also if it's fun you're having the manga has a lot more of that. There's a lot of humor that's getting cut.

Making fun over some random show with friends isn't really the same kind of fun as reading somethign alone, but i admit that i didn't expect this kind of meta humor, pretty solid.

I don't get what they're doing jumping all the way to the Sennin War if we're only on episode 6. That's plenty of episodes to tell the entirety of the war fairly well.. They should've just done an OVA of the war. We're on Volume 13 in only 6 episodes, that's pretty impressive.

Guess they knew if they had to focus on some plot thread for the anime it should be the Sennin War, but at the same time they can't really end the show on that and probably weren't guaranteed a second season so they're starting early and going to the end.

at this point it could be but I doubt it. They could end it with the war.

Isn't it pretty much guaranteed? They showed that scene with Tenka which is from after the war, and in this ep they showed that shot of Dakki finding Jyoka.

I don't know, they could end it with the Tenka thing. They can do whatever the fuck they want at this point, they seem willing to do anything really.

Best girl next ep.

Dude, Charlotte's last ep was a fucking riot. If Houshin Engi 2.0 was that batshit and joke worthy it'd be worth watching regardless of what it managed to adapt. They almost got there with the suicides but they're losing to the 1999 anime in terms of scenes I can summarise while using the phrase 'the flying hippo'.

The 1999 series also liberally uses the Mortal Kombat theme over Dakki partying.


So who was hotter, 99 Dakki or 2018?

>this glorious bastard apparently skipped over entirely
Are the japs pissed off (more so than usual) about this? I mean, I didn't expect the whole arc, but I didn't expect it to be skipped entirely


>Are the japs pissed off (more so than usual) about this?
I wonder how are they going to introduce his sisters.

So does the 99 anime diverge from the manga or just doesn't adapt it all?

I was a fool to get hyped for this. I honestly thought it was going to be amazing with how much effort they were putting into this.

I have a hard on for 90s style.

I gave up on it being faithful as soon as they announced the episode count. I'm still getting a little enjoyment out of seeing it animated, though.

Will the new version get any ryona?

It adapts some things but then diverges. Even so the things it does adapt are changed around a bit. It also cut things out, there was no taibon or fight with Ou Kijin. Tenka is also introduced through some anime original character and he plays a guitar?

They found the episode titles earlier in the week and were talking about it being cut, a lot of them are pretty mad yeah.

There's actually even some petition going around asking for an explanation about what happened with the anime and for this sort of treatment of anime adaptations to stop.


Wait, what the fuck, I just realized something.

Taikoubou doesn't find out about the "overthrow Yin" part of the Houshin Plan until later, but the anime mentions it from the start. So why does anime Taikoubou go after Dakki if he was literally just told the people would rebel without a new leader ready? That seems like a huge fucking oversight.

Who'd do such a thing to such a beauty?

>That seems like a huge fucking oversight.
Seems like a good description for this anime in general

first time here but man this series is going WAY too fast, I saw the first anime and read the manga way back so I don't really remember the names well, but I remember the whole hamburger scene was much much better in the first series, you could see how the son was playing a different instrument and the reason Dakki couldn't seduce him was because of his depression and him concentrating on his dad so much that she couldn't get through, in this series it was very tasteless the way he died.

overall, I also liked how Shinkohyo kinda explained what was happening to the viewers and his beast, which was much better and setting the scene for the viewer before we got to see what was happening.

well at least they will probably cover the part the first anime didn't though, with the amount of things they are cutting I suppose it won't be much good.

watch the first series, the pacing is MUCH MUCH better and better explained, though admitedly some parts do drag on. then near the end, switch to the manga.

Have y'all read his other manga?

So we all know what's wrong with the anime, but how about the things we actually like about it?

I think the direction in some parts is really good and it looks nice.

I've been meaning to, I've only read one volume of his short stories. They were pretty interesting.