Would you let a loli consume alcohol?

Would you let a loli consume alcohol?

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megumin a cute

stop calling her a loli she hates it


I hate her too

That's some really frothy head.

It seems to me Megumin is more interested in male seed.

That was a funny scene. I think she wanted to be recognized as a woman by Kazuma.


You have to bully the girl you like

Only under my direct supervision

That's how you drink beer. You would know that if you weren't a retarded Amerimutt. This is why you tards are always puking your guts out. You don't violently pour the beer to get the carbonation out and get the full flavor of it in the head. You pour like women trying to not get a foam head and then when you eat something/move around it foams up in your stomach and makes you throw up.



Stopped reading there

I was insinuating that it was semen, you shitpost master.

>beer has a sound to it, just like a taste
The rest is all good shit, but wtf does this even mean?

Underage wizard girls are a blessing from God

Would you let your loli indulge in her exhibitionistic fantasies?

I want to lick Megumin's love honey dripping from her thighs

Why would I care, it's not uncommon to see teens/kids drinking in japan on occasion.

Your whole life goes "poof" if you start drinking in childhood

>europoors enjoy flat beer and are such pussies they can't handle some carbonation in their wittle babby stomachs and then has to scream at americans because he got triggered and reminded of his own inferiority

Yes, but only if she's ok with peeing in my mouth later.


That's a lot of cum for such a tiny girl.

Does this work?


Only if it had my semen mixed in.

>give her a sip
>5 minutes later
Remember to keep your explosion lolis sober

>rips off kazuma's towel
>get in the bath
>wearing towels again

Megumin got the best doujinshi


Aqua is better


>letting a loli wear clothes
Why would you do this?

isn't it better to just drink whiskey? or vodka?

I don't understand you beer people


Found it
read it
Its kinda shit

The vanilla magumin one where suspenders guy was just projecting was better in every way

Megumin is a feeling a little tipsy! You aren't going to take advantage of that, right?

>Sup Forums

She's a big girl

I wish season 2 wasnt so focused on darkness and her bottom of the barrel fanservice jokes

Yes, but only a sip to let her know how bad it tastes. Although that's probably a bad idea, she's the type that would drink it just to seem more like an adult.

I saw it as cum

Holy shit eurofags are getting more autistic by the month

I want to do sex slave play with Megumin, I feel like she'd be into it. Why else would she wear a dog collar?

The superior waifu

>dog megumin
>no collar


whatever it takes to get her mouth around my dick

go away useless goddess

It's just for fashion. Darkness would be into slave play, Megumin seems more like a switch type, and would be excited to try all kinds of positions. I don't know about Aqua, I think she's just asexual.


Nah Aqua wants to get bruised.

her and Megumin are both brat subs


>not teasing a loli who dislikes being reminded that she's a loli
That's half the fun.

aqua and kazuma are soul mates

Only if she likes you back on some level.

i will pat her and hug her

I would take advantage of Megumin's vulnerability by grabbing her fluffy head and shoving my nose deep into her fragrant hair and then taking a big sniff!

Sexualize the chuunis

>wearing towels in the bath

>p-pls pay attention to me!

"cultured" beer drinker

you guys are insufferable when I travel. You're always the dude sitting dead center of the pub, asking people what they are having then rolling you're eyes when it's anything not out of a bottle and over 11 quid, then spend the night sitting staring at your phone.

I for one approve of JC outdoor nudity.

Some nips do this shit because they can't into the concept of self grooming

My favorite activity!

She fits in a 4th graders gym cloths.


>t. snow nigger
Just drink wine like a man. Beer raises estrogen levels.

If it's American beer she wouldn't be able to taste the difference.

I also don't get beer.
If I want a light bitter drink I just get kvass and if I want to get drunk I go for the 40% and up

If you're a piss kind of guy, make sure you try piss + megumin on one of the boorus, there is an usually large amount of related art.

>that leg spread and puffy vulva

I saw this one story where an user got his niece or cousin slightly intoxicated on funny tasting apple juice which was really apple cider and it was really hot. Wish I saved it.

I would fuck the ever living shit out of them both at the same time.


Please stop making europeans look retarded

It's not gonna get you laid, but it's fun.

If they're the good type of loli, yeah.

Sup Forums would use GHB and sleeping pills.

Reminder that loli + microbikini is the best combination known to mankind.


Either go full nude or just give them something not retarded-looking to wear.

Who is the sexiest JC?

You sound like a raging homosexual.

You sound like a horny teenager.

JC? It's all about the JS.

But the carbon dioxide is the good part. Who the hell gets stomach aches from carbonated drinks?

Did Volume 13 get translated yet? I cant wait till Megumin shippers get trolled.

What the fuck is that thing on the bed.

Probably her cat.

One of the possessed dolls.

Chomusuke is not white.

It looks like one of the ghost dolls from when the mansion was haunted peeking over the mattress.

I would give her pot.


They do a good enough job of that on their own.

Megumin is a lady though

I want to get her pregnant.

I want to get her pregnant too!

Two dicks, one hole. We should give her ovulation medication before to she releases more than one egg.