Net-juu no Susume

Wasn't she supposed to start the cake revolution? She was just some flavor of the month hussy that cut her hair short, what went wrong?

mori mori a cute

The cake revolution started years ago, learn some anime nigga

Do not lewd mori mori.

>that cut her hair short, what went wrong?
you just answered your own question.

Where's her underwear?

>cut her hair short,

>cake revolution

>that bush

Sakurai is a lucky man

>what went wrong?
>cut her hair short
That happened

not flabby enough


Don't worry, she has a boyfriend now. She'll put on mounds of fat after she gets married.

One of the best H-manga ever.

Fluffy, chubby wifes are the best. Especially the devoted ones.

>pubic hair


best girl

Says the virgin neckbeard.

So all of Sup Forums?

I'm pretty sure the majority of Sup Forums would love to rub their nose in the soft tuft that is constantly soaked in their waifus secretions when she's aroused and is basically just a sweet tasting, aromatic patch of hair right above her private parts.


Where's her underwear?

I took it.

Why would she wear any? She only leaves the house to buy stuff at the grocery sotre, nobody there is going to notice her disgusting shorts.

>that moister from her bushy vagina

I literally can't stop my erection.

Well said.

Does anybody translate the manga? After learning the show's director was an actual nazi its kind of hard to go back and watch it as much as I adored it

"Oh no the director doesn't believe in the holohoax now the show is ruined forever!"
I know we still like to keep hope that Japs won't back down but with the Olympics coming up I hope the director can still find work.

Mother's Basements video on it was cancer.
>Don't buy shit from people you disagree with because it gives them a platform for their opinions, and we can't give people we disagree with a platform for their opinions!
>Take it from me, the guy who uses his platform to tell you why your favorite anime is shit
Like Sowell famously said: liberals claim to be in favor of free exchange of opinions, but always reply shocked and indignant when they discover there are other opinions.

>suddenly polbait
>suddenly pol comes in to defend?!?

Hold on, is this thing actually not a stupid meme? Why would a japanese man believe in a jewish conspiracy? There's no fucking jews in Japan! There's no history there. There's no emotional investment. It would just be a weird conspiracy theory there. Like the moon landing. You couldn't possibly get upset about it. There aren't enough believers to threaten anything.
This is the stupidest thing I've heard all week.

You know what is right.

>not wanting to bury your face in that bush
get out

>Why would a japanese man believe in a jewish conspiracy? There's no fucking jews in Japan!
He made comments about the current state of America, basically calling it a slave to Judea or something like that.

Also, you clearly don't know about that "the Jews fear the samurai" guy.

But that's just a normal liberal point of view? Why would an anime youtuber (I assume that's what Mothers Basement is, I think I've heard people complain about them before), come out against him?

She cut her hair medium.

why was it so popular among women

It wasn't

whats a cake



Not hairy enough

>cake revolution
The filthy baba virgin that cucks a 10/10 guy who shares the same interests as her while outearning her?

That's a shitcake right there

Distended stomach pudge beneath the navel is digusting.

Because he’s a little Canadian dweeb. He once whined for twenty minutes about being told to kill himself by the comments, talking about illegal harassment. What a little bitch

Cakes are worthless women. Lolis are the prime phase.

I'd beg to differ but OPs example was like picking the shit up off the ground instead of the flower





Well, what did you see when you used Google Image search or WAIT (what anime is this)?

>tfw no jelly-belly mori-mori-chan to play games with and feed snacks to

They ruined her and turned her into a generic cumdumpster


Shaved and literally perfect.

The director doesn't like Jewish propaganda? Time to buy the BDs.

Hard to imagine being this boring


wtf this is gross dude

this is alright



A single woman over marital age which is about 30
Usually they have a pretty big complex about it

>about 30
its 25

Still don't know why they spent money to animate a series that's on indefinite, quite possibly permanent, hiatus.

>about 30

How do you fuck this up? They're called CHRISTMAS cakes. They're Christmas cakes because they're 25 or over.



She's closer to starting a fascist revolution than a cake one.


>you will never make a lonely cake witch happy

>she has a boyfriend now. She'll put on mounds of fat after she gets married.
good fuckin luck with that

japanese women are thinner then several impoverished nations on average

out now

>sweet tasting, aromatic patch
Well, if you are into rotten fish aroma.