ITT: shows where the dub is unironically better

ITT: shows where the dub is unironically better

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the obvious one.

Dragon Ball
Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan
One Piece
Steins Gate

List goes on and on


Spice and wolf
Kill la kill
cromartie high school

No such thing. burger dub (and any kind of dubbing besides the original language) are beyond garbage.

Dubs cannot be good and dubbing should be phased out. It is an insult to the original work.

Garzey's Wing's dub is a national treasure

Bebop dub is good tier.

Watch Evangelion in Spanish and I dare you to say that again. Look for the Locomotion dub.

no, it's not. It;s just your nostalgia bias kicking in.

Nope, just rewatched it last week. Movie included.

Real Spanish or disgusting, subhuman goblin Spanish?


You guys are addicted to chirping chinese girls talking and you know it.

Mad Bull 34

To be fair, pretty much only Kyon was superior in this dub. I mean, he was absolutely fantastic and made the dub, but you can't say the dub as a whole was better for one character, even a central one.

American VA:
>Morbidly obese barrel-chested 40 year old soccer aunt pretending to be a 13 year old girl
Japanese VA:
>cute japanese girl doing cute things
Male American VA
>gangly pasty-faced neckbeard tryhard
Male Japanese VA

thanks for playing.

Golden Boy dub is better than original

Americans are so deluded.

Source? You better provide several.

Oh, please. The Franxx dub is horrific.

I think that a lot of Americans like dubs, but I for one cant stand 99% of dubs (even the ones that are meant to be good quality) mainly because I really dislike American accents and how they'll translate them, plus I think the nips do a better job with the voices anyway

Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell

Golden Boy sounds like one of those youtube fandubs

Only the shows where I watched the dub before I started watching subbed anime.

Have you watched Ghost Stories?


I'm neither american nor a native english speaker, but I'll be fucked if I willingly expose myself to Spanish. It's a language of hysterical superstitious peasants. There are only two languages I truly hate - Italian and Spanish. Italian is little monkeys squealing in the treetops and Spanish is above mentioned.

I'm addicted to a genuine experience of the media of this or that culture. Dubbing is an insult, only fit for kids too young to read. And that's to what this boils down to. American's just don't like to read.

I'll repeat that I'm not a native English speaker, and English really doesn't suit anime at all. Not in the slightest. It just sounds crude and primitive in comparison to the godtier skill of japanese VA's. They made this into an art. American (or otherwise) VA's aren't in the same league as japanese VA's. They simply can't put emotion into it.

But who cares in the end? Dubbing should be phased out, it is an insulting practice.

It depends on which one I listen to first, I will usually grow attached to the voices of the characters I hear and when it’s different it feels weird. For example in danganronpa (the series where I realized this) I much prefer the Japanese voices for the characters because I watched the anime subbed, but I prefer the English voices for the characters in the second game because I played the game with the English VAs.

I want to watch a British dub full of their silly accents. Does such a thing exist?

Season one of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Had accents. I don't think they were genuine though.

Scene #356, Lalatina's entry

>"Oy guv'nah, bugger me up ye olde shitter!"

>[Translator's note] - She's saying "Hi everyone!"

It's obscene. British English is terrible and incomprehensible when heard IRL. It sounds even cruder than my backwater slavic tongue, and that's saying something.

Noone has said anything yet?
The dub was good but hearing Japanese cuties swear in English makes the sub so much better

There is a british dub of Arietty and it's 100% spot on.
Likely because it's based off The Borrowers, which is british in origin.

Not that I expect you to know about that; after all it's pretty obscure

Pic unrelated.

Dub: Raspy but cute voice, great at shouting orders, commanding yet with also a sense of vulnerability, decent crying performance, good for comedic lines.
Sub: Basic Japanese female voice, sensitive and yielding.
Dub: Amanda Winn Lee can do a higher-pitched breathy voice, but also has a deeper sound from deep in her throat giving her performance more depth and feeling.
Sub: Generic little girl voice #7,623
Dub: Fantastic performance from Tiffany Grant who genuinely loves the character, cartoonish sounding and over-the-top at times, but also expressive and emotive when she needs to be.
Sub: Super high-pitched, shrill, annoying girl voice that does not sound realistic at all and makes your ears bleed.
Dub: Really corny and cartoonish, but gets better over time. About halfway through the show, the character has a lot of emotive scenes that are at least adequately performed.
Sub: A voice so weak and frail that it sounds feminine most of the time, especially when screaming.
Dub: Strong and powerful voice of a smart scientist woman with a successful career in a position of leadership, a bold performance that matches her smart-ass, kinda bitchy personality.
Sub: Soft-spoken and low voice, lacking confidence and pride.
Dub: Cold and distant, but with an intelligent and cunning sound, like he has something to hide.
Sub: Generic deep male voice #5
You are welcome, m8

>the borrowers is obscure

This is the epitome of bad taste.

Ghost Stories, In the beginning a medilcre anime, when dub became a great comedy

>he posted it again

It's copypasta.

This, Eva in Spanish (from Spain) is top tier.


>tfw one of the only major countries to not get their own dubs
feels pretty dire

I'm actually a different guy, I just thought the other guy did a pretty good job at summing it up.

The English version of Kintaro from Golden Boy is one of the greatest performances by a human being across all works of art.

>american title
have no clue what the fuck are you talking about

dubbing is for
1. kids who can't read
2. illiterates who, of course can't read
3. degenerates who are too lazy to read and allergic to any non-burger language

That Misato, hnnnng

It was written back in the 50's.

>they didn't dub pen pen

0/10 shit dub

dragon ball z, the original dragon ball is ok until piccolo JR



or for hyper-active kids who can't sit the fuck still, but genuinely want to break into a new genre of entertainment
i.e. any kids with adhd

face it, at one point in time you too were retarded shit-flinging hyperactive children, who might not have found this genre if not for Toonami, Adult Swim, G4, or even the fucking SciFi channel

I seriously doubt anybody could have been persuaded into the genre from witnessing the ForKids/Fox abominations

is the entire show this hilarious, or are all the best parts on youtube?

OK so you're a retard but more importantly it's kinda funny that Amanda Winn purchased the rights for end of Evangelion
I don't want to use the term ironic but Rei taking control of 3rd impact was pretty important in that movie and then Rei's VA snatching control of the distribution is poetic to say the least

Hellsing Ultimate.

Death Note
Black Lagoon
Fullmetal Alchemist




Cowboy Bebop
Yu Yu Hakusho
Shaman King


golden boy

Gekkou no kaidan. Have you seen it?

Fuck off.

Not the original GITS.

>totally ignoring people who got introduced by other people or who just navigated the interwebs enough.

>Unironicaly liking Spike Spencer’s performance as Shinji.

What the fuck is this the epitome of bad taste?

The only dubs that are good are these

Wait there is a dub for darling in the franxx ? Since when ?

I usually despise dubs, but Space Dandy's is amazing. I would 100% recommend the dub over sub in that show's case.

I liked the whole show, it's free on youtube

Big O

I liked jap qt more so I watched sub

Even the english in the Japanese version is better than the dub.

I watched the LWA Dub and it was pretty comfy
I'd rather avoid reading subs for a show like that so I can watch it more casually.

oh frig, yes. Space Dandy was a marvel.

since funimation started doing simuldubs for everything

Yes, even the original GitS, because the casts were the same as for SAC, etc.

Hajimete no Gal
Danganronpa 3
Yu Yu Hakusho
Every 80's/90's OVA

>ESL being this assmad over english language
Holy autism!

Hellsing should be the most obvious one
Crispin Freeman is a fucking hack

The script was good but the voice acting was definitely not superior in any shape way or form

>anyone better than Sugita as Kyon
Please kill yourself.

I would like to have the haircut of Hiro. Plus, in this image Hiro is taking his responsibilities?

Little baby oni when?

I thought he sounded fine, his voice comes to mind when I think of a pathetic doormat. His performance got much better after the first half.

No such thing

Gotta disagree.

Canadian dubs are usually much better than American ones.

Black Lagoon and Hellsing Ultimate are best enjoyed in English and anyone who says otherwise is an enormous faggot who enjoys listening to mangled engrish when every character on screen is supposed to be fluent.

Nothing, English dubs are B tier garbgage

>not liking the mangled engrish AMENS from Wakamoto in Hellsing
Where do you retards with shit taste come from?

Hmm this is actually fun to watch.

It's the other side of the autism coin.

Yeah nah, your a faggot.

On the other hand, any character voiced by Scott Mcneil is god-tier.

He sounds like an Ork warboss

Deadass the dub script significantly modifies characters, and fae's english va is shit tier tbqh.

Furthermore wakamoto is in the og dub, it's a sin to dub over his voice. I don't make the rules, the Gods of anime decided that shit.