Space Dandy

People told me this show was shit. What is wrong with you fuckers?

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Its just not for everyone. I love it though

*cricket noises*



The show is worth it for the visuals alone.
Guess i could see why some people would dislike the humor and characters, a bit sad that you have to go through 4 episodes that are mostly comedy before an episode with another tone.

Thought it would be shit halfway through the first episode, the second half proved me wrong and I enjoyed every episode afterwards.

It can be a bit uneven, but that's to be expected with all the different artist working on different episodes

Yeah the intro probably turned a lot of people off. It gives off the impression that it's just bullshit lowbrow humor instead of a series where pretty much every episode is massively different. There's so many genres in it that it's ridiculous.

Will this show ever be outdandied?

Sup Forums loved Space Dandy though?

>Sup Forums loved Space Dandy though?
That's revisionism and you know it.

>this whole final sequence

Stay dandy, baby...

Can't out dandy the dandiest dandy, baby

Why didn’t it get more love?

Space Dandy is the best, full stop

It was too pure for this world.


Don't listen to dipshits that wanna be contrarian because Sup Forums liked it. Space Dandy was pretty good.

Too western for japs


This. If it wasn't Kill la Kill it was shit for most people on Sup Forums. Those Dandy threads were still fun despite the hate it got.

>t. no-brain, no-class knuckle-dragger who knows nothing of the fairer sex

People used to shit on it because it was made for western audiences instead of the glorious Nippon. I remember it even airing first on adult swim instead of any Japanese broadcast it was.

Sorry but this scene converted me

It's a long story. Among other things, it being a show by Cowboy Bebop's director made people think it was going to be something it wasn't going to be.
It wasn't that appealing to the Japanese audiences, so it more or less flopped.
As far as Sup Forums goes, it was attracting a lot of crossboarders at first, so that soured threads for a while (just as an example, Sup Forums loved it, and they often had more lively threads than Sup Forums's about it).
Also, the peculiar arrangement with the dub and Adult Swim was something easy to shitpost about.
That being said, now that some time has passed, I think people have started to like it more, they don't judge it as harshly outside of that context.

>caring about Sup Forums's collective taste
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>tfw there'll never be another season

reminds me I never finished season 2

This show has one of the best OSTs. Same guy worked on the OST for Devilman Crybaby.

This show is fucking magical.

Soundtrack was phenomenal.

It was a perfect ending for what the show was to balance it out so it’s okay

>he never finished season 2
Where did you drop it off?

When will TRIGGERfags stop screeching about every show that rivals a TRIGGER show in popularity?

>Outdandy Dandy
Not a chance

Sup Forums has shit tastes as usual.
Can you really trust the average opinion in a place that allows several dbz threads and unironically enjoys idol shit?

Dandy is great because you can tell it's creators had fun making it.
Like flcl, excel saga and puni puni poemi it's just goofy fun for all involved, not the story of the century.
It's popularity makes elitist/contrarian/hipster/4chin fit-ins scared of it.


Space Dandy made me feel dandy. I don't care who watches it, shit was great from start to finish.

Got a friend to watch it and after the episode where they get turned into zombies I managed to convince them that they end up like that for the rest of the season

>Sup Forums's tears make for a fine soup stock, baby...

To be fair, i don't know how else they shouldhave started.
Even the serious episodes are build on they goofy main cast, basically this universe itself is pretty goofy in a fun entertaining way.

Writing something that can change the mood between slapstick comedy and serious drama is probably one of the hardest things to pull of, at least in my opinion and Dandy made it look easy.

If they would've started with an episode like world without sadness, there's no way anyone would be able to pull of this whole episodic structure since people would come to expect it and comedy episodes (or even half comedy hald serious episodes like There's Music in Darkness) would feel like tireing filler.


Dandy was enjoyable
I was hoping for something much "better" but got something fun and enjoyable instead.

A bit like the lazy bastard child of Excel saga and Bebop with Panty and Stocking and Deadleaves as aunts that just sits on the sofa all day and smokes pot but everyone likes enough not to kick out

Never listen to Sup Forumsnons opinion on anime they all have shit taste.

It's a genetic adventure anime that isn't shonen so must anime fans don't give a shit

Sup Forums hates fun

What were you expecting?




I got my normie brother to watch it and we both liked it a lot. It's fun.

This week's rerun is the George Romero episode.

They should've started with Adelie's episode.

Sup Forums hates fun plain and simple. I got called Reddit fag once for using a Dandy reaction image. I wasn't even posting about the show. Jist goes to show you the hatred is blind and meme based.Whenever normie friends see it on my shelf they ask what it is I say it's Johnny Bravo in space. Turned a few said normies onto it. Shinichiro took a prior work of his and remixed it. Took all the serious backstory/drama out and put an earnest whimsical nature in. The emotion was still there but very much unlike the drama of Bebop. Don't mean to bloviate here, but I think that takes a lot of talent. To disassemble something you built and edit it to have notes of the original design while still standing on its own thematically

People shit on it because the Dub is actually really good, and it aired on toonami first so it's "normie"

>fucking trains

I didn't cry

I am shocked there isn't like 10x more porn of Honey.

I don't remember, so Im starting from the beginning right now. Just finished the "Alt Dandy" and "Time River" episode

i'm still mad

>I am shocked there isn't like 10x more porn of Honey.

She's basically walking porn anyway, so I don't think it really matters user.

Don't worry user. There is an endless amount of Meow porn because Furry Weaboos are the biggest degenerates in existence.
I wish there was more of any of the girls from Dandy.


Who the hell broke into my house and started cutting onions when I was watching this


Most people who hate it are either shitposters or didn't try to watch it beyond a few episodes. I can't blame the latter, because I also thought it was kinda boring at first and was only watching it for the animation.Thankfully it picks up halfway into the first cour and the entire second cour is full of god tier episodes.

I pity the poor sheep that didn't get to experience such joys.


never noticed the warning up there, nice stuff

Watching this series for the first time, currently on episode 5. I always watch subbed, but should I be watching dubbed for this

Try watching both versions, pick witch one you like,then continue

One of the most bizarre anime i watched. You never knew what the next episode was about.

Also, i dont know about you guys but, at the start, i really did not like dandy but at the end, he kinda grew on me and i liked that he was actually nuanced.

It was a great show and I miss it.

>tfw dandy was unable to make it to his date with scarlet
I will never not be mad

Expect for the loli episode, the first cour is awful, i forced myself to watch it when it aired. The only reason i continued with the second cour was so i could shitpost about it but for my surprise it was a wonderful ride leagues above of what the first one originally delivered

>not liking Zombie Dandy
>not liking Racy Dandy
>not liking Planty Dandy
>not liking Groundhog's Dandy
>not liking QT x Coffeemaker episode

Sup Forums has shit taste. Dandy was 10/10. I have fewer than 10 anime I'd call a dimepiece and Dandy is certainly one of them. That visual direction was incredible. Some of the background art, you can tell the love the animators put into this. Plant episode for instance. Hate using memes but kino is the only suitable word for it. One of the most beautiful anime to exist.

Plushie-brain-switch loli train ep was top tier.

>tfw always get shivers whenever jap Dr. Gel goes "BEEEEEEEEA"
This is exactly why I never touched the dub and why I won't touch it.


best episode

Shinichirō Watanabe is a fucking hack who got lucky with two shows