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This fucking drunkard

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is my wife.

>drinks while pregnant
>little defected nadeshikos come out

Just created a new secret society!
come join us

She's going to be the outdoor club supervisor I guarantee it

you readed manga andyou spoil it for us!!!!

Ah yes, Captain Rum

She's married to her brother.

Actually still need to read it and speculation is fun

My wife Aoi is so cute

I thought the same the second they said she was a teacher.

I want Rin and Nadeshiko be together forever as a happy married couple.

I want to beat up nadeshiko

This show gives me a strong desire to light a camp fire.

Why? What makes you want to do this?

Nadeshiko needs a bbc
t. another spic


beautiful bald cunny?

you calling?


bitter maybe

Would Rin let Nadeshiko shave her cunny if she ask for it? does this fetish exist?

>2 bottles of rum
>beers since noon
Self-destructive chan!

really comfy while watching the yurus ama lads



>does this fetish exist?
have you never watched JAVs? It's quite common so I guess there has to be someone who is into it, why else would they keep doing it in porn

I want to squeeze Rin's bun and experience one hundred years of stress relief!

>user squeezes her butt
>my sperm comes out
>user disappointed

Why is that generic work uniform so good? Something about the white shirt, black pants and green apron tickles me pink

Don't you dare try to make my post lewd

That would be painfull for her.


anal aoi



I just noticed the pantyhose. Seriously that's fucking hot.

>Alcoholic teacher
>Cast Shizuka Itou for the role
>Not Asa-nee

Welp, it was a coin-flip, really...

Fuck you.

If your mind isn't trained to pick out pantyhose as soon as they appear then you're doing something wrong.

Rum cake-chan a cute.

It's the truth.


My, my.



We've been watching this show for nerds and dorks, where have you been? There are no bishoujos in Yuru Camp. Absolutely no one can be a model.

This weeks episode was especially comfy.

The coal on the right has a bad attitude. Me.

And here's a tent with a bad attitude.

хватит бухать блять алкашина ёбанная

I want Nadeshiko to sit on my face.

The cutest

Naked scarf is the best thing.

I want all the Yurus to sit on my face.

i want to eat a rum cake

>when you confess to her

I want to lick the forehead.

When the FUCK is my wife going camping with all of the girls and her doggie

When Timololi finally interacts with the Unhappies in-person

Who's your wife? Maybe she'd like to go camping with MY wife, Ena.

her voice is really so cute

is cute

Is she going to become the teacher attachment for their school club?

My Yuru Camp folder is growing stronger.

Ena & Inuyama are perfect together.

Is this a boy or a girl?

It makes me pitch a tent.

>trying to give alcohol to minors
Why wasn't she arrested yet?

Does it matter?

Aki-chan banging old dudes for steaks.

Whichever you want it to be

This is my cute wife! We like to go camping together.


Those thighs are fucking massive. I love it.

I was crying at the end of the episode, don't know why.


Blue yuru allowing pink yuru to use he boat because she realized she was just as retarded as pink was really touching.

>The inn charges 500 yen for the usage of the boat for the short distance.
Bloody Inn

I'm just sad that blue and pink didn't share a boatride together.


>Yuru Camp
>Toji no Miko
>Slow Start
It's a great season to be a leg lover.

Consider deleting this


I really want to suck on Rin's toes...



Press F to pay respects

I watched the first episode of Toji no Miko and loved how thick their thighs were compared to usual moeblob legs. But ultimately couldn't get into the show enough to continue.

>ywn wake her up, gently kiss her lips, bury your nose in her hair and whisper "Ohayo"
Why even live?

Would she look cute without being drunk?

What is the best fingerless gloves to use for camping?

Does this show have good legservice?

>you'll never roll over into her and say "muehuehue"

why even live?

watch it and find out retard

You tell me.

Fear again.

>it matters


>OVA confirmed