Darling in the FranXX

Episode 6 preview - [eng-sub]

Title: Hiro in the Zero Two

- You belongs to me.
- I love your taste.
- True, weaklings die thus far, but it is only natural, right?
- Besides, You're special so it's all right.
- Believe in me, Darling!

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02 will die

Why do you keep reposting this shitty translation?

>plot armor: the episode
Oh boy, here we go.

In the end for sure

At the end of her natural lifespan, surrounded by her dozens of grandchildren you mean, with hubby grandpa Hiro at her side.

I don’t know if yellow blood cell was meant to be technobabble, but I have seen platelets referred to as yellow blood cells before.

Honestly if you didn't see this cliche coming and his eventual recovery/gaining more power then you are a complete idiot. Not only are both cliches common the set up that she was dangerous makes it incredibly obvious that something would happen. If you really thought him being able to handle her a bit would mean no issue would ever arise you'll be surprised at anything.

Next thing you'll be surprised that the grown ups are evil making a fake society and go "but the show had them on the good guy team who could have guessed!?"

Anyone else tired of her saying darling over and over?

Do you hate this?

1. Kill the protagonist like the moron he is
2. Make 02 the new protagonist

There, it's suddenly interesting.

>Anyone else gay?

No. I can honesty say that is one thing that I will never grow tired of.

Nope, I'm actually interested how far he's going for her.

I’m guessing it is in this case, platelets aren’t technically cells so it’s hard imagining they intend on using that as a metaphor here. More likely it relates to whatever component of the klaxosaurs are residing in the parasite bodies.

Sadly not happening, the whole point of this anime is to have the special male MC become the top for a sexy girl who needs to become his bottom.
Here it's the plot for 24 episodes in very short summary.
MC will survive everything, he will grow up, he will defeat his illness, 02 will fall for him even stronger, the enemies will turn to be either oni race or changed humans, in 2nd cour all of them will unite to throw out the adults and face the real enemies together. And at some point Hiro will get sexually molested by 02 mother/older sister.
The end.

Why are onifags so retarded?

>implying goro wont be the one piloting streliziza

no sweetie

waifu fagging the show
hiro the hero literally did nothing heroic aside from being an okay guy
literally wish fulfillment, literally worse than re:zero and evangelion at the same time


>aside from being an okay guy
Right now he's fighting with crippling disease that hurts like hell to ride with 02.
Also he's saved all his friends twice already.

Jesus fucking Christ, Onifags are disgusting as shit.

The delusion here has gone completely out of control, Onifags are completely out of control and desperate.

Said the mad Ichigofag


he is fighting with a crippling disease because he confessed to her when she is about to leave
he also didn't say anything when his friend was about to get infected
So much for saving his friends, he'll follow the rules above saving his friends,
he'll rely on oni waifubait to do everything of relevance for him. He expresses almost null of his own agency.

015 just stop posting and kys

Remove that tinfoil hat, I'm not a fan of any particular character in this show.
Taking a retarded self insert protagonist and crushing him like the idiot gambler he is would immediately make the show a whole lot more interesting. Especially if the focus suddenly shifted to 02 POV.

But no, you niggers see it just as onifag shit because that's all the show really comes down to right now.

>would immediately make the show a whole lot more interesting
The whole series would come to a halt.
02 would leave the plantation and keep killing her stamens until her death.
The end.

Either you give her someone so incredibly brimming with determination to die with her or she won't ever develop.

Plot armor is retarded. Tell a story about her freeing herself through her own strength and anger.

That's LITERALLY plot armor.

Absolutely not, she can always find another dumb idiot to side with her against the rest of the kids. And we can witness her trying to fool this idiot into freeing her.
It's so much better than shitting out a protagonist with plot armor against her AIDS just because.

>Absolutely not
>she does everything, on her own, and, because she's the sole main character, is never challenged and succeeds while being protected from literally everything until the very end.
You should recheck your definition of plot armor.

You're assuming she's going to remain unchallenged, especially after killing yet another idiot that rode with her. Fucking neck yourself.

>>You're assuming she's going to remain unchallenged
Considering you're forcing her into every episode to the very end because she's the only character in the show? Yes.
Kill yourself.

Wow, beta men who self-insert into female characters are fucking hilarious.

Sup Forums has hit bottom.

Is she the only character in the show? No, she's just the most interesting one by far. And that's coming from somebody that is struggling to enjoy this show.
The current protagonist on the other hand, is pure power fantasy trash.

Not an argument boyo.

I'm not sure its Sup Forums desu, I think it's a lot of crossboarders

It would explain why such a reddit tier character like 002 is so well liked

jesus christ Sup Forums is going to explode

Infection doesn't seem to manifest until later. Hiro rode with 02 before and he didn't have a single mark on him when we saw him in the bath.

>Onishit is my self-insertion character

How did you learn to not be so predictable?

>she's just the most interesting one by far.
Are you joking?
She's pure fucking trash.

02 will die though

He's still a better MC than Subaru solely because he's willing to do things despite the threat of death, Whereas Subaru still pussied out a lot despite knowing about his respawn capabilities.

I'm probably one of the many that don't get her appeal at all. 02 is just a total whore with no human feelings and her design's boring.

>hiro the hero literally did nothing heroic aside from being an okay guy
Why didn't you just watch the episode and find out?

Slut aside, she's the most complex character we have thus far. The motives behind her actions and her behavior are unknown and she's quite straightforward about wanting to get the fuck out of that shithole.

The rest of the cast are just dancing puppets in comparison.

why does Ikuno look at Ichigo when she says that Hiro is compatible with Zero Two?

She is trrying to make her jealous so she can console her.

0 Ni

Hi ro
He ro

No, I'm not gay.

02 Hiro
Zero 2 Hiro
Zero 2 Hero


Oh look, it's a garbage thread I should skip.

Episode when ?

I'll post the full version for you user.


Plantation 13's name: Cerasus

>Prunus cerasus is thought to have originated as a natural hybrid between Prunus avium and Prunus fruticosa in the Iranian Plateau or Eastern Europe where the two species come into contact. Prunus fruticosa is believed to have provided its smaller size and sour tasting fruit. The hybrids then stabilised and interbred to form a new, distinct species.
I found this to be interesting
>unlike most sweet cherry varieties, sour cherries are self fertile or self pollenizing (sometimes inaccurately referred to as self-pollinating). Two implications of this are that seeds generally run true to the cultivar, and that much smaller pollinator populations are needed because pollen only has to be moved within individual flowers. In areas where pollinators are scarce, growers find that stocking beehives in orchards improves yields.



Also, Hiro knew exactly what Ichigo was going to do in the last battle, not to mention that he discovered the location of the klaxosaur’s core too. Hiro is quite different from the other P13 children.

>Put the Darling in the FranXX.

>he discovered the location of the klaxosaur’s core too
They just went through the whole body of the thing BECAUSE they didn't know exactly where it was.

And in doing so discovered the core

brb bros just having some growing pains

Hiro is extremely humble and nice too.

what would Ichigo do if she saw this?

Why are anti-0ni fags so stupid? Do they enjoy getting their asses spread open and fucked by a cactus every Saturday?


Why is Hiro so boring?

Her head would explode.

yeah dude, i love 002 because shes so random, just like me xD

Shitting on Ichigotards feels so good.

Fuck off. Darling is not boring. He's incredible, cute and sexy.

You were posting like he knew where it was while the others didn't, retard. But thanks for backpedalling.

>reduced to inventing a strawman
That ass must hurt really bad huh?

Why are onifags so disgusting?

it only hurts when my bf goes in it xD LOL


I hope you bought lube. Not that it'll help from all the internal bleeding the cactus will cause though.

>You belongs to me.
>you belongs

Wut dis

If they aren't baiting for attention and are serious about it, I can feel nothing but pity towards them. They will get BTFO again tomorrow.

Guys 02 is a good girl. She is understood by nobody, now maybe only Hiro is starting to do it. Besides she is definitely her way of seeing things is a defense that she has raised to defend herself from others but at the same time she is the result of her backstory that has not yet been revealed.

A shit translation that this 'tarded OP keeps reposting for some reason.

can "growing pains" be added to the ichigo meme? I love how retarded it is

I can't take these threads anymore. I was hoping for theorycrafting and plot speculation but instead we have a bunch of shitposters bitching about how Hiro is a beta male, 02 is a reddit mary sue, and a whole lot of ad hominem attacks.

Fuck you guys, I was having a lot of fun debating in these threads until you fucked it up.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

Hello slowpoke. That shit was happening weeks ago. When is the last time you've been in a DITF thread?

When is the fat slob going to get cucked???

Just wait for the episode to air so the shitposters leave, you spaz.

Yesterday, and yes there was always one shit show of a thread running but usually there was either a second, calmer thread going or the shitposters were at a more manageable level.

This thread is mostly shitposting with a dirth of actual discussion. Now I'm going to remove myself lest I contribute more to the problem by bitching about how obnoxios the thread is.

Guys what if piloting is an allegory for sex?

>haha guys isnt it hilarious how i pour tons of honey on all my food xD
>btw im genetically altered to be perfect, o yeah i have pink hair x3

There's nothing left to speculate/debate about until the new episode drops unless you're talking about circlejerking the same theories that have been talked about ad infinitum already.

The sooner the better. He's the only character I unironically hate.

Woudn't be a fucking trigger anime if it went into bad end.

>implying Kokoro could ever give up Futoshi's soda can cock
He's got that bitch on lockdown.

I am betting they won't let him get directly betrayed by Kokoro. If Kokoro ends up with Mitsuru, that means fatty died.

>fat people
>big dicks
Pick only one (1)

>This thread is mostly shitposting with a dirth of actual discussion
The shitposts are made by OP. He's samefagging throughout the thread.