My Hero Academia

This midget runs up to you and starts filming you with heart pupils, what do you do?

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Make clickbait YouTube videos.

that color scheme is faptastic to bad you didn't changed the file name
My video blew up. But people are bullying me in the comments, why am I always getting bullied anywhere I go?

fuck off tumblr

why is she a villain when she clearly wants to be a hero I don't get it

they aren't villains they are barely criminals

Better question, why was Overhaul so disappointing, i.e. shit?

because you seek attention on a site filled with bitter broken people


>Sero:" I bet you can't get momo to gape your asshole Bakugo"
What would Bakugo do

Stick to cute posting, you always whining about something isn't earning you any sympathy



Go to bed. Either that or the mods need to range ban you again.

I think I came to a point because of these threads where I actually enjoy being bullied.

Reminder Eri is for Mirio

>I actually enjoy being bullied
>aka I'm an attention seeking faggot
Remember kids this is why you filter and and ignore tripfags

>stress relieve
hey that coujin is canon now.

>range ban
NO PLEASE. I am sorry I will stop shitposting.

Well I guess I'm a criminal now.

>kaminari cucked again


Just because Bakugou managed to do one thing right you guys shit over all the threads, if you like him that much go jerk off to him, or why not do something productive like, uh, bullying some Tumblerinas that hate Bakugou?

>People that sicken me ; don't deserve my courtesy

Bakugou is such an edgy teen



>never mind

God help me I laughed

This is why Sero is a cunt


I can't stand bakusperg but he was right in that one, coddling the other classes wouldn't make them hate 1A less, so there is no reason to do it. Class 1A didn't got the spotlight by their own choice but because they were attacked by villians several times. Class 1A have the right to take the spotlight by their own accord.

He’s always looking to start shit, he’s great

>I can't stand bakusperg but he was right in that one,
Nope. Hell the reason why most of the classes him them is because of his ass anyways.

>why most of the classes him them

No, it's because they took the spotlight, didn't you hear the two students that Bakugou heard? They heard that 1A was making a live show "all for them(The other classes)" yet they called them cocky. They didn't choose to get attack by villians and they have the right to strive to be the best ones in the culture festival instead of holding back to appease others.

hate them user

God I love Sero

I want to live the lawless life

Wrong dumbass. Most of the classes started hating them because of Bakugou's declaration during the sports festival.


>Sero: " I bet you can't give me a prostate orgasm using your quirk Bakugo"
What would bakugo do

I saw a certain post of yours last thread Ochakofag.
You have amazing taste.

I always look forward to these

the normalfags were salty because the sport festival was all about the hero kids

They're specifically aiming to be vigilantes.

call me when she starts living clothless

Does that mean class 1A need to coddle them? I doubt any kind of apology will make them stop with the hate. So what's your point?

What the fuck went wrong in your life that you semi roleplay and shitpost so pathetically on a fucking anime board?

So hero's aren't supposed to kill. If theres a citizen who has a quirk but isn't part of any hero organization, and they get attacked by some villain and use their quirt to defend themselves, is that still legal? Like to quirks work like firearms/other weapons in that regard?


I’m sure they have some kind of self defense exceptions

she probably showers constantly so she isnt sticky from all the tea. we better get a shower scene

All hail the Shortstack.

>why not do something productive like, uh, bullying some Tumblerinas that hate Bakugou?
we are

That's a midget

>way too many jump cuts
>film La Brava
Fucking youtube.

I don't remember roleplaying? Calm down user, I am just posting ochako pics with random comments I think of on the spot.

Nah self-defense is fine, but when it's usage of quirks for the defense of others it's a bit different, if you were already there when the villian appeared and defended others it's probably legal, but if you did it like Iida and ran around looking for a villian it's vigilantism.

How the hell does she pull down her pants?

Do you imagine they have some special sort of category for people who aren't exactly villanus but have a quirk that is dangerous and they can't directly control? Like say some classic Hulk character, goes through violent uncontrolled transformations at certain times and stuff like that.

>two people calling one thing cocky

Prove it.

They're mad they have to live in dorms now because 1-A made UA the target of villains and because 1-A gets all the attention

Boogie art when?

How would bnha work in the monster hunter universe?

>Sero:"I bet you can't get Tooru to let you suck her off Bakugo"

>Does that mean class 1A need to coddle them?
...they were never going to. Its a fucking cultural festival

whoa wrong page though that is one evil face Bakugo has going on

any bakugo post in this thread




>film La Brava
Hori knows his audience

Jackhammer Sero's hole like a pogo stick

If only you knew how bad things really are.

But infiltrating a school to do....... something... isn't very vigilante-like. It seems like he has chosen the role of criminal with which to become a vigilante.

So I have no idea where his character goes after this.

Yes they were, they decided to try to not take the spotlight too much, to give a chance to the other classes.

You faggots need to stop spamming Deku is a shit mc

Go to Sup Forums if you want le ebin forced maymays

Is this...?

What's his quirk?


Is La Brave pure?

What does it matter? If you feel so strongly refute against it

There are no actual tumblerinas here and you know it.

>do a dance instead of a murder-fest or hometown history presentation

That looks awesome. Are there other pics? Ochako related maybe?


I thought Bakugo was the MC?

>bakugou right
>when his cocky behavior is the reason why other classes started to hate A class
It started with the tournament...

classic pure slut

Ironic you saying that considering the filename of OP.



Gentle better protect her qt smile

>"Who the fuck is this again?"

Goddamn what a badass midget shortstack.
Is her outfit Spanish?

There's a big difference between using tumblr to find art and being involved in the tumblr community.

They were trying to do something to please the other departments


like pottery

Speedreading or something, they talked about the stress of the other classes, and that "because of all the trouble they caused" as in being attacked by villians, they should do their best to please them.