The best thing about this was Waltz

The best thing about this was Waltz.

Doesn't mean the show wasn't good.

split was better

Also, Hachimitsu best insert song. I wish more anime would use Spitz's songs

I disagree. Waltz makes the show excellent.

and there is this nigger

The worst thing about the show is how it makes art school look like a wise decision.

Why was everyone in love with that retarded 5 year old?

Well that one dude loves that old woman instead of the prime red head pussy.

its not like they all got a job after graduating.

it never did. Takemoto wasnt even offered a carrer until he accidentally found one. The rest are trust funded kids.

I don't remember this. I have to rewatch it.

Morita best boy

That was just Takemoto and Shinobu.

Takemoto I could buy, he was characterised as a protective and loyal Shiba after all. He just wanted to see her happy and protect someone.

Shinobu had the tortured artist angle going with her. It felt forced the entire time, but they seemed to be trying to go for something like True Artistes understanding each other at a deeper level. A lot of their relationship was misapplied respect and admiration, though.

Yamada's character arc always struck me as the best. She was generally likable, being kind on the surface, but also a pretty bad person on a fundamental level, which grew during the show. It was nice to see someone grow in a bad direction due to their own faults and circumstances without being treated as a villian.

>that scene that takemoto btfos shinobu
>i've worked to get where I am, you've just had natural talent

That was the moment I knew Takemoto was the patrician's choice and Shinobu was a little bitch

Damn, I forgot about that. How do all of these art students have such bad taste? Yamada best grill.

Wait, did she end up doing some bad shit? I think I forgot this whole show.

quoted myself instead of because im a retard

I like how not a single character in that picture got together.

She never got over her crush, and instead of trying to move on with her life (which was one of the biggest themes of the show - how to move on when life goes wrong), she got stuck in the past and developed some toxic personality traits. Also displayed a shocking lack of empathy until it was practically slapped into her (the shopping district guys going after her, and Shuu having to carefully explain what was even happening to her).

She was just a weak person, and started dragging down everyone around her until that architecture dude slapped her shit down and took charge.

One of the best things was seeing the guy introduced as the generic directionless, hopeless male MC turn out to be one of the best people in his social circle due to his work ethic, upbringing, and attitude to life. He made hard decisions and ended up building a life for himself with the temple restoration guys, wheres everyone else got stuck in their misery (Yamada), back where they started (blonde girl, I've forgotten half their names), or chasing others (glasses with Rika).

Did anyone watch the Korean soap?

One of the earliest examples of a Sugita character being patrician as fuck

Split > Waltz

Skimming through episodes again and I think I forgot about all this because it pissed me off.

Hagu was weird and boring as shit, but once she got into that accident the show was almost entirely about her instead of the interesting characters. Yamada refused to get over it for no reason, even with that new guy doing everything right. Takemoto had a good arc, but was STILL crying about Hagu right up to the credits. Fuck this shit.


i only liked the Taiwanese version