Dragon Ball Super

What do you hope to see in manga chapter 33?

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Caulifla and Gohan ringed out so that we can have no shitposting for the remainder of the manga ToP.

Why the fuck was the last thread deleted?

because of the stupidity of the mods

Toyotaro had belmod play dead so we couldn't tell if he was stronger than beerus or not which means we don't know if jiren > beerus

New bread found

-In loving memory of Toyotaro-

Kale go ss and ryona cabba.

goku azul vs goku furry

Do you love vados


The "Super" Virgin
>Shitty recolor transformations
>The first two arcs are just rehashs that are worse than the movies they are based on
>Ripoffs shitty fanfiction like Dragon Ball AF
>The original antagonists are from different universes and have nothing to due with the pre-established lore
>Fandom is divided on whether the anime or manga is better
>Has been been dragged on for a painful 131 episodes

The Chad Grand Tour
>Unique looking transformations that tapped be into the long forgotten aspects of the Saiyans
>Has original content right out the gate
>Was the inspiration for shitty fanfiction like Dragon Ball AF
>The villains are from the same universe as the heroes and are direct consequences of actions that have happened in that universe
>Doesn't even know what a manga is
>Was put out of its misery after a respectful 64 episodes

>Goku blue trades punches with ss4
>no kaioken
>no ui
>no bluer


Character interactions, Grand Priest explaining the rules again and the start of the tournament. Probably chapter 34 will have the furryverse erased already

Why Toyo look like a soyboy

He's Japanese

Manga strongest fighters going into tournament

Goku = Toppo = Golden Freeza

He'll do anything to try to save his universe.

Please never stop posting.

Could jiren beat buu?


Even by in-game mechanics it's weaker. DBH and SDBH uses the original idea of saiyan beyond god from the movies (not the one from the anime series) that's: whenever Goku uses god power, he's as strong as he would be in SSG, regarless the form he's actually using. Only SSGSS can surpass this power
Goku: Xeno can use SSG power (somehow) which provides of the same exact power up as the proper SSG form (a power up way superior to SS4's), but that means even in his "SS4 beyond god" form he would be just as strong as SSG. Godku is as strong as him and Blueku is even stronger

He is too cocky. He would try to deflect or tank the candy beam to prove how strong is he without any suspicion of the magical effects.

I don't blame him.

>Golden Freeza
>as strong as Goku
If they were as equal as Goku and Toppo are, Goku would have been killed during their last fight before convince Freeza.
Jiren > UI Omen Goku > LSS2 Kefla > SSB Vegeta > Toppo = SSB Goku > Dyspo > Freeza

I'm talking manga only going into the tournament which is why UI, Kefla and Anilaza aren't considered

how hard is my prince gonna job tomorrow?

>Goku: Xeno can use SSG power (somehow) which provides of the same exact power up as the proper SSG form (a power up way superior to SS4's), but that means even in his "SS4 beyond god" form he would be just as strong as SSG.
That's retarded headcanon though. Why the fuck would he transform if it doesn't make him stronger.

The more likely explanation is, provided with the boost unlocking SSG gave his other forms, SS4 is strong enough to be on par with SSGSS, even if it doesn't really mix god ki and Super Saiyan like SSGSS can.

It always was, it only beat one main villain. It's a jobber form just like Blue.

Probably not as badly as his first 2 fights with Goku Black, but still pretty badly

Does heroes have an actual story, or is it just an excuse for what if fights?


What is wrong with you fujoshis?

Manga Hit is pathetic, manga Kale does the super fast teleport better than him.

Which Kamen Rider Build character is your prince?


>he thinks Kefla and Anilasa will not be in the manga
Nice headcanon


>inb4 Beerus
Beerus can use UI without transforming because he has been training for trillions years, Goku needs a transformation to avoid this much training, just like Beerus, Champa, all GoDs (even Toppo) did proper angel training to become gods but Goku uses a form to become a deity because is easier.

and trunks in jail while future mai has to deal with crazy powerful guys again


trunks and mai can't catch a break

are you retarded. I clearly said GOING INTO the tournament. I can't scale the manga versions of characters who haven't showed up yet

>what? I have to fight some shota? Is this even fair I'll wipe the flo-

Why couldn't he take 1 shota? What's his problem?

>Beerus can use UI without transforming because he has been training for trillions years
But Beerus is known to struggle with it and didn't ever use it on screen.

Anilasa made no sense at all. How does a scientist fusing with a giant robot make a giant Hachiyack?
Either Anikasa is anime only or Dr. paparoni is.

He could probably break out of candy form

>Goten cucks SEETHING that their fujoshit shota will never be relevant again while CHADly keeps getting featured in DB media despite being non canon
Looks like CHADly wins again.

Reminder that Goku and Vegeta's base forms are nothing special unlike the anime counterparts.

Manga Base Goku CANNOT defeat ssj3 gotenks let alone in one shot

It's exactly how it works, you can visit the official website and check it yourself. SS gives a +2000 boost to the character, SS2 gives a +3000, SS3 gives +4000, SS4 gives a +5000, SSG gives +8000 and SSB gives +9000.
When Goku or Goku: Xeno uses god power he gets the same boost as SSG (+8000), so that's his limit unless he goes SSB or UI.

>Why the fuck would he transform if it doesn't make him stronger.
Marketing. I'ts DBH user, they are just trying to sell cards. The same bullshit happens to regular Goku, there's a card for SS Goku going SS3 Goku and using god power (a +8000 boost), but there also cards of base Goku going SS and using god power (same boost). Why? Because money.

>provided with the boost unlocking SSG gave his other forms, SS4 is strong enough to be on par with SSGSS
Except that's how beyond god was in the series and DBH uses movies' logic. In the series Goku's base form was boosted permanently and each transformation multiplied the new power Goku got to the point if his SS is already SSG tier, SS2 and SS3 are even stronger. In the movie and the card game, using god power gives Goku the power of SSG form, and only Blue surpass that, is that simple.

posts characters beaten by goten ( goku second son, the one that looks like him a lot)

I'm 100% positive the manga won't have anything close to being as good as this

Post MVPs

Moments been soured by all the shit after it.

To be fair, that wasn't really broly.

>didn't ever use it on screen.
Do you even manga?

>Anilasa made no sense
You know this is fucking DB, right? You know even the original Hatchiyack was supposed to be mechanical only?

MVP of the entire series.

that was one of the best kamehamehas of the entire anime. it will be hard to surpass it but toyo can always surprise us.

what are the dates for the remaining episodes?

If he died in the ToP, where's his soul? Shouldn't it be hanging around somewhere?

Daily reminder that Gohan is a rape baby.

Ok but what if Broly condensed the true power of LSS like Kale did? Would he be a threat for SS Goku?

This is literally the only good part of this fight. Toyocucks overrate it far too much


>dead show
>dead thread

>but the anime in the other hand


Keep deluding

>one of the best kamehamehas of the entire anime.
Was it?
I prefer the one vs Mzamasu

don't worry, goku-san! leave jiren-sama to me!!

Today, I shall remind them

Toyo will fix him by making him Nigrisshi's transformation

Try again toyomutt. That was far better than the manga
>bu bu muh headcanon power levels
Nobody gives a shit

Why did Toei forget how to draw?
long hair Videl>>>>>>>>>>>>>

remind you to buy a rope

>power levels

considering this is effectively spic art, it's not the worst

>SS2 Trunks stronger than SSGSS Vegetto defeats Biobroly SS Blanco

>goten so weak that Goku had to come down and help gohan with his beam struggle against the overwhelming power of CHADly
How do we stop this madman?

Pic unrelated, I assume?

Freezer Dorado terminaciĆ³n defeat Jiren?

>Just turn your brain off bro!
Fuck no, all the other transformations had some kind of logic to them.
E.g. Kid with Monkey tail turns into a monkey, Bug absorbing artificial humans becomes bug-man hybrid, big fat childish bubblegum creature turns into a small childish bubblegum creature.
Anilaza doesn't remotely look like what came before.


Regardless, UI isn't much of a transformation, rather just a different type of energy that overclocks Goku's body, though that may change when mastered UI is shown or when the manga introduces it.

Hakai isn't GoD exclusive, Pedro.

>b-but Toei confirmed...
They confirmed they give no shit about Toriyama's vision, they confirmed they do whatever they want with the anime

I prefer this one.

>fifth form will never be canon

>Toeidogs are still trying despite getting BTFO every month
It's so sad.


This. That super strong Gold is tacky as hell, but it at least looks better without the damn purple skin. Ideally it should only be the lighter gold for the whole body.

It comes out of nowhere, without any sort of foreshadowing and I bet you if the anime had done that instead, you would be shitting on it while saying "B-based Toyo will fix it."


>CHOSEN successor of Toriyama
>actually follows THE OUTLINE
>Toriyama literally checks the manga and does adjustments here and there in designs, dialogue, characterization for example; NOTHING gets into the final manga version without his approval
>doesn't even bother crediting TOEI in their work because TOEI is nothing to them
>vastly superior characterization, just look at Goku or Jiren or Kale as an example
>powerlevels are more consistent, no autismal SSRage Trunks or Zamasu being uber strong despite weak fusion components
>no asspull powerups like SSBKK or SSRage or MUH BACKTINGLING
>even Kale is shown to be powerful in base rather than relying entirely on some unexplained meme Broly transformation
>deep lore and subtle connections between various plotlines rather than goldfish-memory shit TOEI does, the Zamasu-Babarian analogy couldn't even be comprehended by their simplistic brains
>designed 6 of the GoD's himself, and 2 together with Toriyama

There is no recovery for TOEIpablos anymore.
The sword of friendship finisher from the Trunks arc apparently wasn't enough evidence of literal Fairy Tail tier writing they have going on, so they doubled up on the homages and had Goku literally become Erza and have his impossible achievements since episode 111 when he was limping around pile on and on "Because he is Goku"
Goku even has healing powers according to the anime """canon""". Always had them to begin with since the BoG arc but of course it isn't ever heard of again, and in the Roshi episode Goku heals him with SSB anyway. But who cares about that when you have infinite stamina given how wasting stamina on stamina draining forms is what is making Goku restore the stamina he lost fighting Jiren? Goku might as well be a Dr. Gero android right now.

>Goku has a single digit IQ
>O My Rage powerup
>O My Spirit Sword
>powerup inflation
>Zamasu fuses with the Universe for no reason
>Vegeta is a super jobber and gets cucked weekly
>Boring for the most part
>Frieza does nothing
>Back Tingles
>17 and Kale are Blue level, then they're not.
>Toppo is a jobber
>Dyspo jobbed to a plant
>Jiren has no personality
>Fake tension and no hype
>Tournament is 90% fodder
>UI is a transformation with unexplained powerup and plot hole mechanics (must sell more merchandise)
>GoD is some kind of transformation, hakai is a shitty ki blast you can tank and punch through

>Goku is competent and smart, but not too smart and still keeps his Z personality
>Trunks is helpful, and not retarded with his powerup
>Healing powers were foreshadowed
>Zamasu multiplies which makes sense given his regeneration
>Vegeta is on par with Goku, fulfilling his rival role
>Hype and interesting moments like HAKAI, Toppo one shotting SSB Goku, and Vegeta unlocking God form
>Good fight choreography
>17 is around SS3 level like he should be
>Toppo is beyond mastered SSB level, an actual threat
>Dyspo didn't job his first appearance
>Jiren has a clearly defined set of goals and values
>Tension and no shitty humor or holding back
>UI is a technique that is 100% in line with how it was initially described
>God ki works the same for all godly beings, nothing special about GoD's. Hakai works as it should and can't be tanked.

>SSB is genuinely powerful and remains powerful throughout arcs. It has downsides that need to be mastered first
>CSSB isn't achieved until end of Zamasu arc.
>SSB is completely mastered the moment its achieved, instantly becomes a useless jobber form afterwards.
>Goku needs SSBKK to beat Hit and its the measuring stick for all future opponents, making Vegeta look worthless in comparison until he gets a pity asspull form at the very end of the show (like in GT)


>y-you only like it because it's not the anime!
Sure thing, kid.
Also you missed the part of Goku and Beerus talking about using Hakai the second chapter of the same arc. You know, when Goku said he would never do something like that which is literally foreshadowing
>"In literature, foreshadowing is commonly done when a possibility is mentioned, but almost immediately dismissed or disproved. To some readers, they will dismiss the suggested possibility just as the unsuspecting characters do. More experienced readers will immediately call the author's bluff and know what to expect."

Based Toyo

>Hype and interesting moments like HAKAI, Toppo one shotting SSB Goku, and Vegeta unlocking God form
How is that hype or interesting?



Belongs to broly.


Because it was unexpected. In the anime we know Goku is going to win every fight and will only lose when he's "holding back" or staying in base form for no reason, the only exception being the final antagonist of the arc.

no foreshadowing? are you a brainlet that can't read?