What has went wrong with elves in anime? They used to be graceful...

What has went wrong with elves in anime? They used to be graceful, beautiful and respectable but now all we have is them being used for eye candy and lewd debauchery.
Will we ever see a return to form of the noble, graceful elves?

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Tolkien did it better

No, now elves are for lewd and orc cock. Elves like Deedlit are a thing of the past.

Elves were always cocksleaves, unless you're talking Tolkien, where they were homosexual. However this is mostly because Anglo-Saxons are the third most homosexual race.

Pretty much all non-human chicks have gone down this path.
Almost anything with monster girls is isekai and/or haremshit now.

Everything is fetishized and sexualized now. If it's not fappable, it's not selling.

Also, Deedlit is perfect.

>Meanwhile kemonomimi is still going strong and one of the better shows of season has them in spades
Feelin fine

Tolkien isn't anime tho

>tfw no bossy elven gf


Blame the furries, now it's normal to have an ear fetish

Elves were always shit and attracted the worst kind of people. Turning them into cumdumpsters was an improvement.

It's not that they fell from grace, people are just realizing now that Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters are boring as hell.

We can see a lot of this going on on character archtypes like how when unrealistic manly characters like Goku and Kenshiro turned into more relatable characters like Ranma, Spike, and the self-insert harem MCs
Females too went from damsel in distress into something actual useful characters.

Every single person with a brain hates elven characters because Tolkien lore dictates them as the annoyingly overpowered, overcultured, and over important characters who controls every turning point of the plot. If you are looking for graceful, elegant, and respectable characters, then they won't be elves anymore, but some random Hime-sama or Kami-sama archtype


You can tell that elves really are distinct from humans because the dark skinned ones are actually superior to the light skinned ones.

Nasu and Takeuchi seem to love Lodoss Wars as they mentioned it a few times in their early interviews.

Corruption of an elf or two to turn away from the rest, with their civilization left behind as human technology advances is better.

You ask "what went wrong" but I think the better question is what did Lodoss War did right. I've never seen an elf in anime like Deedlit before.

Absolutely this

>elf saber
might as well die now because this is as good as it's ever going to get


built for anal

Elves were never good. Even in DND they were holier than tho faggots, usually played by roleplayers,moralfags or combination of two. Real minmaxers play nonfaggotry shit

>usually played by roleplayers,moralfags or combination of two
isn't that the whole point of DnD


>a role-playing game is player by roleplayers
Well, aren't you smart.

how does a girl manage to be so perfect Sup Forums?


Because anime fans are autistic tards who desperately want them as sex objects instead of them depicting in a good story

The secret is pauldrons.


What weirdo doesn't find this sexy?


I want my own young, fertile elf slave.

Nips liken elves to western women. Nice to look at but ultimately sluts.

Is there more to this?

Elf girls are for protecting and marriage, not slavery.

Slavery comes first, then marriage.

Elves are only good for two things.
_ _ _ _ ing and _ _ _ _ ing.


I like your thinking.

All elfs are a shit.


what about a potato elf?


I'll allow it

>tfw all this deedlit love on Sup Forums
I knew there were still anons that had good taste. Also now I want to rewatch the OVAs again.

Deedo a shit.
Piro a best.

Both are great. Actually Lodoss had plenty of great girls.

>realizing now that Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters are boring as hell.

Dwarf detected


They were graceful and respectable for a couple months, then Dragon Half was published.

So elves turning into bland sex objects instead of sexy well-written characters is due to budgetary reasons.

>tfw no protective elf gf

Feels bad man.




Speaking of these two, is the Legend of Crystania series any good? Isn't it supposed to be a spin off showing what happened to Ashram and Pirotesse after the events of Lodoss?


I want to fuck this mutt and make more interracial babies with her.

Deedlit is probably the best elf, followed by Aura


Lodos probably has the best elf waifus. It's a shame that the show itself is bland and boring.

>the show itself is bland and boring.
What's the matter, too DEEP for you?

They still are


>muhh elves equality

Fuck off, elves are only good at one thing. And that is being a cum dumpster.

there should be more stories about elf slavery.

Dungeon Meshi. Everyday Heroes translations. It's gods gift to fantasy and the mangaka is as cute as her characters.

What is this?

Dungeon Menshi has great dwarf girls.

Where can i find decent elves Sup Forums?

Then there's Lodoss War which is a classic. Also less good but maybe Goblin Slayer, T H I C C Elf, etc.


Not the one I was thinking of but still a quality choice. I was thinking of pic related or even that girl from the second tier party.

It's not even that they are sexualized, it's that people writing "fantasy" novels these days don't care about setting and world building. So the most of modern elf characters are generic waifus with knife ears.

In space

Overlooked as fuck OVA.

I would say anime hardly ever adhered to any elf stereotypes present in western fantasy because Japanese aren't as closely tied to it the way western fantasy is with Tolkien and D&D, for example.


Actually when not generic moeblobs, jap elves are straight up taken from ye olde DnD's, when dwarf and elf were still a class rather than race choice. Mystical, lithe, magical blonde nymphs, you know the works.

See the Mystara beat 'em up or Mahou Senshi Louie for example. It was almost always the same elf girl for years. The stereotype is still going strong, It's just...
Japan and their past 15'syear need to ante up the sexualization of EVERYTHING is to blame.

Personally, I like that nips still try to point out that elves are not humans instead of going the western route of Immortal Humans That Like Magic Watch Me Being Realistic!
But I might be just bitter for no reason.
But might explain why Marcille is the best elf since Lodoss

>unrealistic manly characters like Goku and Kenshiro turned into more relatable characters like Ranma, Spike
Dragon ball and ranma are from the same era.

>implying Rankin Bass isn't the best anime company

/r/ that study made by orc professors about how they found it impossible to ascertain which one is male and female when looking at elves unless they checked below, and since they don't know how could the common elf know themselves, so elves are homosexuals.


>Almost anything with monster girls is isekai and/or haremshit now
Which makes me kinda angry

Appeal to the lowest common denominator. Same thing as all anime and in fact all commercial entertainment.

post aura

scandinavian here. elves are not noble or graceful or respectable. they're a bunch of rapists who live in a hole in the ground and eat children.


I wonder if they plan to remake the porn too..

Retard alert lol

we couldn't stop raping them user

True but Ranma was a more influencial character archetype than Goku's naive do-gooder. Primarily because he was really realistic

>the mangaka is as cute as her characters.

I request proof


The key is making the animal come first, otherwise it just feels like a cosplay.

True kemonomimi is hard to find.


Tolkien had the abused raped by orcs elf too though. Elrond's wife was captured, raped and used as breeding stock. It was why Elrond's sons hated the orcs so much. Kind of ironic that they may have been killing their half brothers.