Senryu Girl

I am enjoying this far far more than I could possibly have imagined

It's great.

I can't handle the cuteness


Prez a best


Her sports festival win was great, but her obsession with the romantic development of her juniors is a little weird.

Aren't you interested in the romantic development of her juniors? Surely that's the reason people read this.

I don't like Eiji's childhood friend girl. strikes me as kind of annoying and a bit of a thot.

Was totally thinking that after hitting 'post', but I guess I mean in-universe. Like, her bailing out of the theme park visit just so she could stalk them from afar is funny but still pretty kooky in a Daidouji kinda way.

I'll dump the latest chapter here then.









I like it, but it's going a little too far into the "Hey here's another cute girl!" territory.

Thankfully it's completely avoided going into the harem or even love triangle territory, which means it's still better than 99% of the crap out there nowadays.

Prez a best.

the slutty onee-chan is the best.

I dunno, the sketchbook girl has me a little wary we may be headed for a love triangle.

She's the obligatory yuri-bait character.

I'm not worried about it at all, considering there was specifically a chapter that took up all the apparent setup for pointless triangle nonsense and then subverted it. This author's other manga (the one with the old detective and his assistant) almost entirely revolves around firmly subverting tropes for humor, so I don't have any reason to believe he'll go back on that move either.

The way this author draws hair does things to my dick

Forget the hair. It's the wide smiles that somehow does not make the girls resemble toads.