What the hell was his problem?

What the hell was his problem?

We just had this thread.
He has the same birthday as me.

he got hella laid then got nice boated like a champ before he got to the worst parts of life

if only we could all have been so lucky


There is no problem, all I see is alpha perfection.

Inbreeding. Lots and lots of inbreeding.

>We just had this thread.
link me

would you fuck his boypussy? something about fucking guys who get a lot of pussy seems hot.

Double yandere love is not a problem


Pic related was literally an even worse version of him.

He just wanted all the pussies.

Why the fuck have we not had a Shiny/Sumer Days anime?

He is cursed with his dad genes, but unlike his father he wasn't able to control his harem and was killed.
If we are speaking of the VN Makoto, same thing but he controlled his bitches.

It is when they're not loving exclusively each other.

Setsuna is best girl


/u/ hates School days though, for obvious reasons.

Because it's too good? Because it redefined masculinity for an entire generation?

too much testosterone

Reminder that Sekai is the reason everything goes wrong in the main game and anime, and is the most selfish bitch ever in Summer/Shiny Days

I remember watching this back in 2007 on crunchyroll and checking the comments: the vast majority of people were slagging Kotonoha and wanted a Makoto x Sekai ship.

Sekai is cute, don't bully please. She is only second to Otome.

i want another days

He gave his dick away too much, died as a result.

Sekai is definitely not cute with that personality she has.

She only tried to do the right thing.

I'd kill for another Days, or at least to have Cross and Island Days localized.

He's the incarnation of the brain-dead "alpha male fucks all the bitches" mentality insecure men aspire to, and got what he deserved over it.

>people deserve to die for having sex

He didn't follow the harem lead guidelines.

There's a reason these people refuse to acknowledge the existence of sex.

If he was such a chad he wouldnlt have let a woman kill him

They do when it's not me

>Sekai is the reason everything goes wrong in the main game and anime, and is the most selfish bitch ever in Summer/Shiny Days
>he hasn’t played Bavarois or To My Children through choosing to stick it into Kotonoha at the end of Two Lovers

Way to entirely miss the point.

He's a selfish, easily manipulated, and horny teenage boy who later realized he had "options" but didn't know how to properly control his own sexual urges. He got greedy, and was in way over his head by trying to have his cake and eat it too. Like any boy his age, he was thinking mostly with his dick.

Also he made the mistake of sticking his dick in crazy. Sekai was a walking red flag from the get-go. Any smart man would have realized that a girl who goes out of her way to set up you with another girl, then immediately tries to get you to cheat on the girl with her, is messed up no matter how you slice it.

Wait, what? I thought Crunchyroll didn't do streaming in 2007.

What is "the right thing" again?

He was a virgin that tried to be a chad.

With another different protagonist. Mostly milf routes.

I always found it funny how he gets shit on yet Taisuke gets away with everything. In one ending, he even impregnated Kotonoha, Sekai and Hikari. With Kotonoha and Sekai getting impregnated through rape. Yet she's friendly with Taisuke at the end while Makoto is rotting away and Sekai still on the loose after killing him.

Unironically this