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Is this actually happening?





wew lad

Of all FKMT series, that was the last one i was expecting an anime adaptation

Well, that was unexpected. Still, I'm looking forward to this.

Funny how you don't really see his forehead.

Tonegawa deserved better

Madhouse somehow has fkmt rights now? Or is it because it's a spinoff.
I'm happy, even though I don't give a fuck about Tonegawa. Maybe it opens doors for new fkmt anime.


Why? Who wanted it?


Tonegawa was a good villain though. The fact that he put his money where his mouth is by roasting his forehead quite shows that he still had more dignity than your usual fkmt villain.

Hell, what Ichijou did in the verge of defeat was embarrassing in comparison.

Ive never read the manga since i dont think it was even by fukumoto, what was it about?

Why couldnt we have gotten kurosawa

Too long to get animated and adapting only a part of it wouldn't be good, the ending is a defining part of what makes the manga so good

Tonegawa is a good character overall! I just didn't care him for much, definitely not enough to read his spinoff. But I'll be damned if i don't watch a fkmt anime in this god given 2018.



>cucked by that gambling anime with ugly girls
>now by Tonegawa
How will Kaiji ever recover? Can he survive that one

It's not by Fukumoto, although he does supervise it.
It's sort of a prequel to Kaiji with all the behind-the-scenes stuff the black suits and Tonegawa had to deal with, but it's done realistically comically, like The Office or 30 Rock of sorts except with corrupt Japanese companies.

What are the chances we'd ever get Fukumoto works in English? I'd love to own Akagi or Kurosawa but I think they'd be difficult to sell.

Genuinely what I yelled when I saw this! There's hope for another season of Kaiji!

>When supporting character getting new anime, but main lead will never get season 3
Kaiji was in despair before, but jeez — this sure has to feel really bad.

We'll surely get 17 steps after this

wtf, why?
just give me kaiji season 3 not spin off shit

the excuse "the are aren't making season 3 because it wouldnt be profitable" makes no sense when they are making spin off shit that will be even less profitable

[x] genuflect

Who's that in the middle?

I think the fact we're getting a prequel gives hope that we will get another season.

17s steps was already animated and voiced in case you didn't know. pachinko

As in, as a pachinko machine, or pachinko was animated?

The bitch from Kurosawa that tried to kill him


Ten adaptation after, right? I want to cry again

I already know.
My rage towards pachinko grows stronger each day.

>tfw no tonegawa father figure
>Snatched money from Kaiji, becames and MC.
He can't getting away with it.

What the fuck

>kaiji spinoff insteaf of kaiji s3
I bet S3 will never happen because it already exists in pachinko form. Fuck man.

What kind of reason is that?

Can pachinko animation never be put into an anime, or something?

Kaiji is overrated and can't even be understood unless you are an expert in all of the games.

I was really confused when the balance beam came up, had to do extra readings of regional rules and high level strategies just to understand it.

Are there people here who didn't read Kaiji part 3 anyway?


if anything this gives me hope, if this is successful Kaiji has very high chances of getting his well deserved third season

brainlet detected

Oh fuck, it's happening.
Is the composer for Kaiji out of jail yet?

Doesn't the mere existence of Kaiji getting a spin-off anime give it a good chance? Maybe in the next couple of years we'll see a third season?
Also, what games do Parts 3, 4 and 5 have? I know Mahjong is in one of them. How long should it take to learn that game?

And also, is Part 5 the final Part, or is there more to come?

He was for a while now, but I heard his career is pretty much finished now, which is pretty sad since his music was fucking great.

Fuck this cheating fuck. and fuck kazuya.

Tonegawa's manga is actually more popular than Kaiji.

Part 3 is mahjong, but simplified. Instead of 4 people drawing and discarding tiles to build their hands, it's a 1v1 kind of mahjong where both players start the game with a hand ready to win, and they have to discard their spare tiles but without discarding the tile their opponent needs to win the hand.
If you want to learn mahjong, play it on and google yaku (the list of winning hands). You'll need maybe 2 hours to grasp the basics, what takes time is memorizing all the yaku but you don't need to do that to read Kaiji or Akagi.

Part 4 is an alternate take on prisoner's dilemma, part 5 is poker

Kaiji cheats just as hard as he does, at least Tonegawa has honor unlike most of the other villains

>TFW no Ten Anime
>TFW no Gin to Kin anime
>TFW no Zero Anime
>only spinoffs of Kaiji.
this is suffering lads.

When did Kaiji outright cheat? He's ever only bending the rules a little bit.

He won 21 free days from his jailer
>You know Jailer, the dealer have to roll twice.

Holy shit.

>when did he cheat
when he lifted the whole damn building to get fucking pachinko tilt to win a metric fuckload of cash in Pt 2.

He tilts the building to make the whole game fair.

Yeah, unless whoever's directing Tonegawa specifically wants him to compose the music and won't take no for an answer, he won't be getting off that blacklist anytime soon.

Kaiji's not a rich bastard with mommy issues who tortures and kills for fun.


>zero never
>kurosawa never
>part 3 never
>ichijou as a cumbucket never

kurosawa doesn't need an anime

>30 rock
I literally do not know what those are.

>he doesn't know what the office is
you're either lying or are like 12 years old

This an anime board. Go back to Sup Forums you normalfag, why would I know anything about a 3DPD western show?

>it's real
Holy fuck

>only indulges in one form of media
You're a failure of a failure

there's people who don't watch tv and then there's people who are so socially and culturally reclusive that it's almost obnoxious

Man, Tonegawa's hot.

He's still essentially cheating, it's just that doing so cancels out Ichijou's edge.

Regardless, he only cheats if his enemy does, but he still essentially cheats.

>actually spends time watching inferior forms of entertainment
Why are you even mentioning a show that is off topic to the whole board? My hobby is anime and manga, not your shitty netflix series. The fucking state of nu-Sup Forums is horrendous.

I wasn't the OP, but you were the one who felt so compelled to just randomly announce that you didn't know what those shows were as if you're superior for not knowing about a popular subject
you autistic fuck

Sure is.

Did you already start living in the basement at the age of 5? Even I know what the office is, and I don't live in a place with burger channels.

>anime about old men watching moeshit

You reply to my comment I made 4 hours ago just to brag about how you see the world through a tiny tiny lens of anime and you are complaining about the state of mind of Sup Forumsnons these days

>actually watches and enjoys 3DPD shows

Old men can be cute too. Except the president. Fuck him.

>giving out hard truths to lazy NEET trash
>while also taking away their money

Tonegawa was doing Peterson's shtick before it was cool.

I'm down but fuck I would have infinitely preferred a season three of Kaiji!

>the president isn't cute

He meant Hyodou, but Trump is cute regardless.

not even him but trying to see the world through the lens of western pop culture is liable to make anyone vomit.

It doesn't need an anime series.
It needs a movie.
Released globally.

Ah, too much time on Sup Forums. The President is a very bad man. I dislike him intensely.

And I'm telling you the would-be show that the thread you're in right now will be basically the same thing

>There are people on Sup Forums this very moment looking down on people who haven't consumned shit western media like they did
Whose fault is this? Why couldn't we prevent it

Fucking sticky this shit

>Whose fault is this? Why couldn't we prevent it
Sup Forums was never the "mentally ill weeb" board.
Here's your place

Are you so upset about being called out for your shit taste that you've resorted to baiting and pretending to be retarded? Just have the decency to shut up

I make a civilized answer to a question about the show using analogies to some other popular media and a retard suddenly replies hours later going 'OOOOOOOH NOT JAPANESE NOT RELATED I'M SO MUCH MORE WEEB THAN YOU' and still has the audacity to tell others to shut up.

I'm a different user, I just felt like pointing out the obvious.
Deny reality all you want, it won't make you any less insane.

it really is not, besides the very basic and general premise of an office workplace comedy. the humor, which is the driving force behind both works is not the same at all. and yes I've actually watched some of the office and I've read middle manager.

hello newfag

You are aware that there's nothing unusual about replying to a comment hours later on this board, right? Where are you from retarded crossboarder?
The office and 30's rock are mediocre crap for easily entertained normalfags, that's reality

You realize that wouldn't have been a problem until you acted like not having watched your 3DPD shit is somehow a sin right?