How much would you pay her?

How much would you pay her?

I never got what was so great about her.

My life savings...

She's probably the most realistic girl in im@s. She's the waifu for normies who get into the series.

>most realistic
>nearly perfect in everything she does

Most realistic would be Uzuki.

0.01248 BTC

Her standard rate is ¥500 for 1 hour, so ¥1000.

about 10 rin

I'd pay her by depositing my nut in her stank. Does that count?

$50 fucking evey single hole.

She has 10/10 design.

i don't pay for used goods

i love sloppy seconds, so hope i get a discount on her!

I already gave her two floors with souvenirs from all over Japan, what does she want from me?

Rin is worth more than that you scoundrel.
¥5000 for a night.

I want to lick her anus

50$ to play with her feet for half an hour, would you do it? She doesn't look too happy about the request though.

A punch to the gut would be more than enough.

I'll offer to pay her usual rate then refuse to pay her, prompting her to begin beating the shit out of me. While she's doing that, I'll drop double the agreed price on the ground as thanks and stumble off bruised and barely conscious.

I would prostrate in front of her and beg her to even step on my head

Nothing. I have severe phimosis, I'm scared of a girl literally ripping my dick skin apart.

3.49 USD

Why does she have small metal balls implanted on her collarbone?

The standard is about $20~ for 1 hour depending on the area, however those that are good looking and live in the metropolitan area charge upwards of $40~ for a session and as much as $500 for a night. So I'd be willing to pay her $500 if we can spend friday night at my place fucking until dawn.

I don't fuck cunts with autism

Pay for what?

Why is Rin so alpha?

Her "company".


The privilege of being allowed to be close to a woman.

Her protection.

what mango is this?

I've surpassed paying, all I need to do is chad x otaku my way into her pants.

I pay protection money to Rin but Shinka still beats me up and Rin does nothing about it! When I confronted her and told her I'd stop paying she beat the shit out of me and forced me to pay extra.

Why is shiburin such goals

Probably 200 - 300 USD for the hour.


you should have pay Shinka

>tfw no CG S2 or movie

Shiburin is old news. Hiori is the new hotness

I just wanted a movie with OG idol appearances.