Darling in the FranXX

Why does she say Darling?

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Because he's her Darling.

Post the slower one.

because it's hot


Because shallow waifubaits like 02 need some kind of quirk


Pretty much this entirely. She's trying to get Hiro to give her the best dicking of her life by really getting his balls going.

She wants to be cummed inside.

Because that's what 01 called her

I want 002 to jump on my chest and step on me with her tights-clad feet!

Same but with her pilot suit heels.

Because it's cute.

I want this pink Oni to wear bikini

she doesn't

she says DAHRIN

Anyone else think this show is a metaphor for abusive relationships?

It is, pretty obviously imo.


Darling in the Franxx - Karling in the Franks?

/his/friend here.

I've got this particularly bizarre theory. Darling in the Franxx is based off of the story of Charlemagne and Desiderata, where Hiro is Charlemagne and Zero-Two is Desiderata:

> "Desiderata, or Ermengarda[1], was one of four daughters of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, and his queen, Ansa. She was married to Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 770, probably to form a bond between the otherwise enemy states of Francia and Lombardy. The marriage was annulled in 771 and this hurt relations with Lombardy, presaging the war of 774. She had no known children and her ultimate fate is unknown."

The Lombards are the Klaxosaurus. Hiro is Charles before he becomes Charlemagne. He "marries" Zero-Two, a Lombard/Klaxosaur princess and eventually throws her away to invade Lombardy/conquer the Klaxosaurs, eventually becoming Holy Roman Emperor/God-Emperor of Mankind.

Furthermore, what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image who look suspiciously like Zero-Two. They are the other "three daughters of Desiderius".

What we see is that Charlemagne had at least one illegitimate child, Pepin the Hunchback. This may be interpretated as insinuating that Hiro will engage in sexually unbecoming behaviour in the future, siring a bastard child, who, like Pepin will attempt to rebel against him.

Notice additionally, that the Capetians who succeed the Karlings, had a floral coat of arms - we see very clearly the floral symbolism in Strelitzia and Delphinium. Thus Hiro/Charlemagne's successors will also be floral and might have something to do with the fleurs-de-lis.


Thank you for reading my crackpot theory.

So if normal operation of the mechas requires doggy style, is missionary while holding hands a limit break?

Yeah I thought it was pretty obvious too, just saw no one talking about it in most of the threads i've been in

christ almighty

Are honey and darling the only petnames in Japan? I've never seen anyone use babe or sugar or anything like that

based /his/ poster


>Darling in the Franxx - Karling in the Franks?
alright ya fucking got me with that one

Yeah, everyone is so obsessed with 02 they can't even think about the shows themes honestly.

I thought it was banned in china or something?

Is it still abuse if you like it?


Threadly reminder that she is evil and the final boss.

Well, Hiro and 02 don't have a safeword, and Stockholm Syndrome is a thing that exists, so I would say yes.
>sh- she didn't mean to give me a tumor, she just got carried away!

Urusei Yatsura reference?

There's nothing abusive about their relationship. Zero Two doesn't hurt other people willingly. She's had a shit life so she stopped saying no and lets the people who only think of using her get hoisted by their own petards. She genuinely loves Hiro because he not only is a chance for her to get a permanent partner, but he also likes and cares about her and isn't afraid of saying it and acting on it.

Upfront and authentic, yet still willing to keep fighting for the people that hate and use her even when she's faced with death. I think she's a beautiful person.

Ok, no need to play dumb, 02 is and has been controlling her output damage to her partner from the get go. She just doesn't give a fuck.

delete this


Should be obvious from the very opening lines of episode 1 that Zero Two wants a permanent partner. Idolozing a symbol of two partners having to support each other only to have your other half die every week is probably whats made her so cold.

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Me on the bottom.

Mitsuru wanted to be just like Hiro. He got what he asked for.

Sure, she's pitiless to most people, but that's because most people outright reject her or think of her as an achievement. The only one she's been a straight bitch to was the P26 squad leader, and that's because he thought she was a monster and had no other way to deal with it. Should she have said she was sorry for being born a monster? She closed up a long time ago.

I love 02

I don't even think she was that bad to the P26 guy, certainly not as bad as she could have been. She was just mostly indifferent.

This is why waifufags are cancer, she is just as unlikable as Ichigo.




shill time

I think it's 9, user. Or 8 hours and 50 minutes now.

isn't it 9 hours left

oh fuck my computer clock is wrong

I really hope this episode ends this piloting arc. It's time to move the overall plot forward.

They guy was obviously losing his shit. Still, she must have gone through same way more times than he did. Don't forget riding together melds your minds, at least emotionally. Who knows what someone dying on you feels like.

She's not my waifu though. She's my goddess.

Probably because Dr. Weinstein says it

Because that's her darling.

Hey, Dr. Franxx hasn't tried to jack off into any potted plants. Yet.

god damn i hate 002 and all her fans that post here so fucking much, anyone with any sense can see ichigo is superior and wants what's best for MC, but yet another case of worst girl winning. i really hope 002 kills MC so ichigo can at least move on to someone more deserving of her affection.


Analysis of ep.5 by Nearly On Red is out!

Dumb strawberry poster.

uh oh the little strawberry is angery

what if we timeskip

alright, that's enough shilling.

Here, don't spend it all in one place.

Why does she say Darling?

I love 002 and Ichigo :)

Fuck off rarity


Ahhhhhh I wish 02 would peg me with her thick, long horns .

but 02 is a hornlet

Mitsuru was treating Zero Two as if she was a piece of dirt or a worthless object, just as Zerome did for Miku in episode 2.

Because she's a clone of eternal best girl

Just gotta unleash the Oni.


Neither are unlikable, I really don't know why people are pushing this narrative.

Doesn't change the fact, she can regulate the damage output at will.

>ichigo is superior and wants what's best for MC
Wrong. Ichigo won't come clean about her feelings for Hiro because she knows it can't be, so she plays the leader card to meddle with his life even though she's clearly has other intentions.

The guy was feeling it after what 30 seconds? and that was against shitty level 1 mobs, if it was against the worm for example do you think Mitsuru could have seriously kept up?


Also, the P26 leader was terrified when he found out that Strelizia would also participate in the operation and he didn't want Strelizia participated in this operation too, and when he was going to attack Zero Two, Hiro appears right in front of the 16 leader and said he was Strelizia's stamen, he just gave up, so it calmed down and has accepted the situation quite easily.

is Hiro seen as some new kind of messiah and Zero Two as a demon?

She doesn't deserve it.

Does anyone?

those eyes

there's something about those eyes that makes them so mesmerizing

Hiro has a good reputation among other plantations so that probably helped to dissuade the guy. Obviously 02 has her own reputation that follows her.

Hiro and 02, Fatty and Kokoro

>She can't even be piloted by the guy she likes

What a loser.

Nice headcanon, beta waifufag


What do you expect from this upcoming episode in terms of character interactions? It's an action episode but there must be at least 3-5 minutes of talk before they sortie

It¡s been well established that 02 transfer the damage to the stamen, nice going, speedwatcher.

Irregular eyes are pretty hot.

Same with different colored sclera.

Obvious there will be conflict between the two teams, and Hiro's fate will determine the episode after this one once he survives the third time.

Somebody must die.

Thats pretty fucked up to say

No it wasn't.

You think it's gonna be an asshole character or an extra jab by killing a likable character?

Nice argument.

Mitsuru has enough death flags

But he's getting better.

It's going to be Goro
Ichigo fucks up and Goro gets dead, Ichigo loses last bit of hope she didn't know she still had

There's nothing to argue against, what you said was false.

>the whole squad starts bullying Ichigo too