I remember this show

I remember this show.

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Me too.


I love this Meme.

>MC actually ends up with his cousin

Many nuts were had.

I remember the best.

Crazy girls

I member.


>nasu and shaft

I remember dropping it after one episode.

Pretty right on the mark.

Erio still the most adorable girl in all of anime.

Are you homosexual or just a woman?

>implying difference

Sauce? In one of the alt ending thats the case, but its an alt ending for a reason.

The author wrote two "epilogue" stories after the LN series ended where Niwa confirms he is dating Erio and the other where he has a daughter with her.

Man "denpa:Every girl has autisum the show" was great. Also

>darkess corner of Sup Forums
Man where has the time gone?

>Sup Forums

Try "the internet".

I also remember THAT show

Can't remember who was my fav girl, pretty sure the blue hair wasn't.

Love Erio!

I love this show. Maekawa best girl.

I remember the footservice.






one of the darkest corners of the internet

>Make side girl better than main girl
why did they do this?

Ryuuko has one of the best character designs in all of anime, FACT.

>her seiyuu destroyed her career with tweeting a picture of her and Shinbo


what does this mean

You wouldn't have made this thread if you didn't remember it, retard.

Side girl gets the MC, though. Or is that only in the anime?

Mai Fuchigami never voiced another Shaft character, which is quite uncommon. In fact she was even pretty close of being blacklisted in the industry.

Without the miracle of Girls und Panzer she would have quite voice acting.

Ok, this might be crazy, but follow me here, how about reading the thread?


Who is shinbo, a guy?

Damn newfags, here, have at thee.


>some faggot in the broadcast station got to put his waifu in national television

Lucky bastard.


No wonder cousin is plowing that (former) virgin field.

ami a best meme

Great OP and ED

Shaft rarely uses as obscure people as her in notable roles, so comparing her to the usual Shaft regulars is pointless. In general the careers of seiyuu are really fickle so blaming a single studio, work, or happening for their lack of success is pretty stupid.

Omigawa is about the only exception as a rookie who got tons of Shaft roles and in her case she at least had had a main role in a popular long-running series (ie. putting her above other random rookies in marketability) and her voice/acting is pretty unique (whether it fits her characters is a different story).

>he plays dumb

This is the one with the hot aunt, right?

She's okay.

la la la la la la la la

The anime didn't get the doujinshi it deserves



What do you mean? Didn't she voiced the mc of assasination classroom?

Wish this series had more hentai.

The few doujins it has are still god tier though.

Didn't Erio dissapear for a few months?

Yes, she was raped by a group of gaikokujin and abducted.


So goddamn lucky

I'm just going to leave this here.


Why her?

That was the capped thread that appeared in the CNN story. More so she was picked randomly.

SHAFT has good Memes

>no one posted the opening yet
this is a disgrace

The Sup Forums girl anime.

No she's cool.

I need more epic Memes

Brats are loev.


baka wa hitori



It wad actually her who made me fall in love with Ai Nonaka's voice, not Kyoko or Kafuka.

I want to Meme's feet.


is this a meme girl?


What's with the old hag worship in this thread?

Same. Kaze hikuno kaze hikuno.

Maekawa a best
Ryuuko a worst

The story went to shit after the first volume when it became generic romcom haremshit and especially when space loli showed up to ruin the ambiguity of Erio's situation.


Thanks to this thread, I've come back to Earth

was this confirmed in the LNs or just head canon?


Son what happened to Erio during those months she disappeared?
What was the problem of OP's girl with Erio that made her hate her and refuse to meet her?

The OP was better than the show.

>What was the problem of OP's girl with Erio that made her hate her and refuse to meet her?
She was an average cunt who didn't want to get bullied for getting close to the ostracized kid, and then later she recognized that Erio was her rival in love and continued to be a cunt.

The OP matched the show for the first 3 episodes, then it was better than the rest of the show.

Cuter and better than autistic blue ayylmao.

Why did that girl wear a helmet? Why was she kinda slow? Was she suppose to be retarded?

>What was the problem of OP's girl with Erio that made her hate her and refuse to meet her?
Gave her a slave name and it caught on.