Where would you color the colors, user-kun? Which color?

Where would you color the colors, user-kun? Which color?

Red in their secret base while the others are forced to watch

Good thread. Also yellow.


Me on the left realizing someone stole my stuff.

I want to headpat Yui non-sexually

Leave out the "non" part.

Why doesn't Saito just play along with the Colors like every other adult in the show?

Because he's stupid!

I want Red to wear bikini

I heard otaku are not buying this show because of the fear of being labeled as lolicon.

Oh yeah of course

>fear of being labeled as lolicon

Sounds like bullshit

I don't think that's needed. Lolis are very curious creatures, so they will willingly watch.

I'd color their wombs white with my semen if you catch my drift.


>Koto-chan will never verbally abuse you

All the guys are jacking it

Fuck off with your tryhard threat, Kotoha. Real adults could easily manhandle your tiny body.

Go back to your swords.

If they fear, they must have something to hide

Why are the colors so sexy

How can they possibly be sexy, they're children.

the colors are scientifically made to be sexy

Isn't anyone going to comment on how these three girls just jumped off a building into their impending doom?
How could we have prevented this tragedy?

By locking them up for more "coloring" of course.

I really really like this image

How did the Colors get micro bikinis?

Oyaji is testing out the best methods of catching Ueno's lolicon population.

And what's he going to do when Saito tells him the truth of the matter?
>No, Pops. You are the lolicons.


Stop enjoying it.

No? See Loli Shogi, it's even beating VEG. Nobody is buying the colors because they are not sexy.

If they aren't sexy why do I want to fuck them?

>Not Colour.

Low standards.

Can I save it?

I really wish they showed Nonoka's panties...

The correct term is kawaii

All yours my friend

no Colors here

This is like powerpoint the anime

Micro Bikinis are shit


They did that to save the city from themselves.

Yellow looks cold.

yeah, that surprised me too

They're at the banana stand.

I want to dress Kotoha with short pant.

I want to dress kotoha with no pant

I want to split all their bottoms

Reminder to everyone who likes Kotoha

Yui is so cute that Saito should lock her away to keep the peace.

I like it too

Here's pops

Now, I understand why he doesn't want take off his glasses.


I can't tell if I want Saitou doujins or Oyaji doujins more.


Don't worry bro I've got this covered.

Yui is a unsexy crybaby.

Picture has a good dynamic

Stupid sexy loli

Sorry bud but she is the sexiest and smartest loli on gods green earth.

So smart she can't even beat level one after days of constant trying.

>cutest show of the season
>Shit sales

Explain this

Hate to say it bub, but anime wise, Kotoha beat Yui in moustache dandiness.

>Being a salesfag
Explain this.

Kotoha is precious

Red is more precious.

More precious than this?

But he does. He plays the part of their antagonist, since he knows their secret society would be meaningless without the presence of a villain.

Deep in his heart he loves the colors more than anyone else. His acceptance of the ungrateful role bestowed upon him and his patient endurance as their punching ball is proof of his love. No-one else would be prepared to sacrifice his own personality and immerse himself into their childish universe to such great extend.

When they're grown-ups, the Colors will finally realize that Saito was their best friend ever.

We've seen yellow's mum, but what about blue and red?

I just want to see Kotoha's ojousama house and her maid(s).

Do you think she likes younger guys?

Not him but
More sales = more likelihood of a season 2

Don't know about the age thing, but she's ready to stop dwelling on the past and move on now

>being Sacchan's dad
Literally the worst fate possible

>Oyakodon with Sacchan and her mother
>Anything but the best fate possible

He has to use the bathroom after Sacchan. Poor man probably has a few screws lose.

Yellow one, in her poop.

They're homeless.

What is this statue in the center? A kappa?

But he does. More than is good for him.


All I want is for a loli to step on me.


When will sacchan stop talking about poop

Same here, satan. Also disappointing that there's no fanart of Nonoka's pantsu.

Saito is too lenient to Kotoha, considering she's the most naughty of the three.

What do you want him to do? She's not his child.

>Tfw no giant loli gf