What are some anime manga or vns in which girls get abused?

What are some anime manga or vns in which girls get abused?

Fuck, this pic broke my heart.

Euphoria VN.

you sick degenerate


That’s fucked up user.
>protective instincts activate

Why? It genuinely makes me smile every time I see it.
I dunno, Nemu kinda kills it for me.

I don’t wanna see a 2D girl who’s so innocent have her feelings hurt, I’d rather see her happy n shit.
It angers me to see a cute character grill whose delicate like her be abused and take it normally. I wouldn’t have so much conviction if she was a masochist but she isn’t, so I don’t like to see her hurt emotionally.

No one is innocent, user. On some level or another, we all deserve it.

>original sin
Fuck off Sup Forums with your Semitic disgisting ideas.

Cute punchable midriffs constitute original sin.

Do you really believe that a person who has never done any wrong exists?

I just want to make her happy

She does not deserve it.

Yes she does

She does not. The only reason you are saying that is your savior complex.

I shouldn’t have to put relatively innocent into my speech in order to communicate that she never did anything to deserve to be kidnapped as a child, sold into human traffiking, splashed(?) with acid and raped, beaten, etc. your opinion is shit tier if I have to specify all that user.

Does anybody not have a savior complex? Feel sorry for you

>Does anybody not have a savior complex?
Yes. Normal people.
I'm pretty sure you are thinking of another girl.

I can’t comprehend ryona or guro. You have a messed up brain if you wanna do anything but protect and shield girls.

You're pretty messed up if you are on either side of the extreme.

do you really believe that two wrongs make a right?

Just read something made by Nasu

Depends on what you mean by that.
Got any recommendations in particular?

Let me guess, you're that guy who hopes everyone in the world is miserable by default, right? Congratulations. YOU are. WE don't. So you can bring your edgy philosophy and wear your hoodie standing in the rain, son. We're actually human fucking beings instead of Uchiha Sasuke wannabes.