Spoilers hopefully today.
What are your expectations and theories?

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Gappy makes me happy

Joshuu makes ME happy

Jobin actually using his stand

Jobin arc let's go!


Speed King making any sort of appearance. Face/upper body would be cool, full body would be amazing, spread would be magnificent.

return to og design and I'll suck my own dick

Jobin diddle arc when?


Doppio gets me Uppio

>all the figures are between 70-80 bucks
>except Jolyne
God damn.


I feel horrible
I have every jojo and every antagonist, including a joylne. I don't even want her, id happily sell her to someone who actually wants her but I can't for completions sake

Might be a good idea to get the Part 5 figures now before Part 5 gets animated or if it ever gets animated

I just found a ~50$ Diver Down and I'm incredibly tempted to get it, since he's my favorite Part 6 Stand.

My theory is that Jobin will be my husband


>loving a heartless maniac

Why are there so many JoJo threads? Does no one ever use the fucking catalog?

I've resigned myself to the fact that the only real JoJo thread is one where the subject says JoJo and the OP has a question.

Tsurugi fucking dies



>inb4 speed king's power is to make atoms and molecules move faster, and jobin is going to end up being motherfucking flash or a matter manipulator, thus contrasting all the time based villains, with him being a space based villain

I’d love to see all the villains with an “Over Heaven” style design.

this is true
>Kira ever being faithful to anyone

Post yfw he announces part 5 at the end of the chapter

Has he done that before??

Is Yotsuyu a guy or a girl?

he did that near the beginning of part 8 to announce part 1 of the anime

When will you jojofags move on to a better series?

meant for


I'm happy this ship is a thing

I'm not. Bruno is only for ME!

For the guy in the last thread who said that there's still no Steely Dan x Jotaro doujin, there is actually at least one Jotaro x Steely Dan doujin but as far as I remember not R18. I might be wrong, because I think I remember seeing the cover of a different doujin.

Don't reply

But it's so cute!

Mind giving a link?

You know what's cute?
ME and Bruno!


Post more Bruno art, then I might stop

I'm happy this ship is a thing

is abbacchio okay?

Stop it!

He's not used to the straight.


I doubt it's been put online. I only saw samples on Pixiv.

Why are you doing this?

What's so good about Bruno's personality itself? Why would someone want to marry him?

>Diver Down
diverdownfags, everyone

Why do characterfags name their images "[adjective] [noun]" all in lowercase?

I want more Bruno art.

He's kind, sweet, a true leader. He would never let you down. He's dedicated no matter what, and he fights for what is right. He is basically the perfect person for me!
Stop it, stop it!

Cucked from beyond the grave.
Shipping fags deserve to burn. They ruin everything.

I think I should re-read part 5 to get a better understanding of Bruno's personality.

Not him but you're the only one ruining anything here. Fuck off, this isn't the One Piece general.

I need MORE

What if I like both

I love posting Bruno, but why would you have this as an incentive? Stop it now!

This is worse than a Wan Piss general.

Isn't it like 4 am in weebland or something? where the fuck are the leaks?

Doppyfag doesn't

What personality? He's as dull as a brick. The protagonist version of Valentine.

Last one for now. But you should post more Bruno

Your opinion is as worthless as your existence.
Thank goodness. Don't post something like that ever again.

Don't insult Valentine by comparing him to Bruno.

Don't insult Bruno by comparing him to Valentine.

Found the 6fag

What's that? You want more??

Goes up from time to time on mandarake for 7k yen, and there's one right now for 10k. Got my pink one a couple of months ago for 6k yen, which should be about 50 USD.

Don't know where you buying from but it's not that good of a price


What did I tell you!
Delete this right now!

At least we don't have shipping wars.

Diego shipping is my favorite shipping~

The real question is, do I hate SO or do I love it?

Okay, user. I respect that.

You sure about that?

Are you Kakfag? I missed you and your wall of text explanations in writing


Apparently Speed King's new ability will be called "Runaway" a song from Misfits Project 1950

Doc, is it really you?!?!??!

Wrong tweet?
And I won't believe you until you put on your trip.

Remember to post more Bruno in other threads! Or I'll get the art!

It can't be. He didn't put on his trip.


Don't do this to me, going to garbage threads is against my code of honor.

You have such nice art! I just wanna see some of it.

My husband only deserves the best.

Why is Trish such a slut?

>Gappy beats Baby ozone babd in 3 - 4 chap
>jobin finds rokakaka
>gappy is like give it back fag
>jobin is like no fuck off
>gappy and jobin fight
>gappy wins
>holly gets rokakaka
>she tells use some stuff idk what
>most likely tribe of the rokakaka
>then second half of jojolion happens

I'll go to bed and wakeup and in the morning the spoilers will be out and I'll finally get to see Speed King again, right?
That's all I want.
I feel like a kid going to bed and waiting for Santa to come.

Just because she has a hot body for a 15 year old doesn't mean she's a slut.

Because her fathers are massive sluts.

She's best with Bruno or Mista

She's not
credits role

It can't be
doc is dead

Who's best with Giorno then?

Nobody. He has no emotions

Is Diavolo into dudes?


With me, for I LOVE GIO